1. Nobody cares about crap like the Oscar award anymore. Thankfully, this kind of 20th century jewish-american celebrity culture has been abandoned by the youth, along with the jewish-american culture of sportsball and the jewish-american culture of Zionist-Christianity.

    • He openly assaulted another person. How come he wasn’t arrested? Is Rock going to sue him? It all seems rather fake, since everyone there just acted like it was nothing.

    • Will Smith was being groomed to succeed Morgan Freeman as the official “Numinous Negro.” Turns out he’s just a typical black hothead like you see getting themselves in trouble on the local news. I suspected something was up with our elites when in the late 90s I saw Morgan Freeman play that black president in that comet movie. I then knew big Hollywood liberals wanted a black president to send a social message to Americans, I didn’t know about the ethnicity of Hollywood at the time, but I knew they were very socially different from the regular population watching how they pushed things during the Clinton era.

  2. It’s now official – the OscarsÂŽ have been completely Africanized. The era when stars like Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Grace Kelly attended that event are gone forever.

    • That era was a white face on a Jewish industry so it’s better that it’s gone. The modern version is the Jews showing their true colors.

  3. I was reading in articles about this that Smith and his wife are in an “open relationship” where they publicly screw around with other people.

    This man and his wife are in their 50s and they aren’t able to behave publicly like respectable human beings, either through their marriage being a model for others or through their temperament.

    Yet these are prime examples of the people who pontificate through their skewed access to cameras and public platforms.

    We do need a “great reset”, but not one overseen by this crowd of degenerates.

  4. It might be due to a tiny trace of chimpanzee genetic heritage, going back to an inter-species mating of an earlier hominid ancestor in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. However being very quick to anger and physically combative at a perceived slight is also characteristic of some Caucasian ethnicities, and families and individuals. Sociopathy and psychopathy also occur in all three races, but very rarely in China.

    • @Merthyr Rising, 1831 We can’t be the same species. If you look at the types of mankind, and you look at the animal world, it’s apparent. The “science” that says blacks are the same as us, except for skin color…is a joke. We obviously did not evolve from them, and the “out of Africa” theory is nothing but. Yes, the whole “ghost gene” lineage with blacks does point to them having some ancient admixture, and it’s not Neanderthal.
      So you think Chinese don’t do sociopathic things? How could you ever know that? Sociopathy doesn’t just mean murders.

      • The Chinese have both psychopathic and sociopathic traits encoded for in their genome. Otherwise, how could they cook sentient animals alive, so they die in agony for supposedly making them taste better, eating rodents and insects alive, pushing different species to the brink of extinction for “medicine” for aliments and increasing libido, which is ironic for the most populated nation on the planet.

        There is a hypothesis that the East and Southeast Asians do not have an ‘inner voice’ capable of introspection, and thus capable of incredible cruelty with little to no guilt. Anecdotal evidence suggests that both blacks and Orientals do not value human or animal life, unlike most Europeans.

    • They just eat all manner of parts from endangered species to obtain physical superpowers.

    • “Sociopathy and psychopathy also occur in all three races, but very rarely in China.”

      Good to know this spergy asiaphilia is still alive out there. People like Rushton (a pathological liar who apparently fucked a sheboon and has a half-nigger son running around out there) and Lynn (another old autistic charlatan who will be shown to be as much of a liar as Rushton when he finally croaks) did massive damage with this horseshit about east asians being a master race of baby-dicked supermen who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But they were far from the only ones who peddled and believed this garbage. It’s increasingly become obvious that much of the old-school HBD asian worship was a cover to avoid accusations of “white supremacy”, among other things, like yellow fever from all the libertarian weirdos and overlaps with philosemitism.

      I guess you were asleep for the past 10 years when things like all the evidence of endemic cheating and fraud in chinese culture and liveleak upended these fantasies of the chinks being our moral betters. Go watch some JAV with John Engelman, I’ve heard that raging aspergers case is still sucking chink and kike dick on Amren every chance he gets.

      • I wonder, the crack at his wife was so so tame and inoffensive, “see you in GI Jane 2” because she has a shaved head, whoopty f**kin doo, pretty overreacted, it’s not like he rightfully called her a slut or something. Chris Rock appears to be leaning forward in anticipation too. My money’s on it’s a ruse as well. If it’s not a stunt then Chris Rock should lambaste will smith and his clown family for the rest of his days.

  5. Yeah….

    I’m guessing Chris Rock will make more from the lawsuit over that than he was paid to host the show in the first place lol.

    The punitive damages alone….

  6. I can’t stand that jug-eared nigger with his dopey small head and stupid nigger scowl. He is one of the few people I hate just because of how they look.

    • Maybe there is a dedicated cadre behind the scenes pushing the negroes in order to wake up YT and start a pushback.

  7. A man in his 50’s worth tens of millions dollars behaving like a ghetto trash street nigger on the world’s stage.

    “Half devil, half child”, Kipling describes the nigger perfectly.

  8. Will laughed at the joke initially, then decided Jada was going to give him hell later, so he went black and let impulsiveness take over. Rock proved himself the better man.

  9. Chris Rock now has more material to use in future shows. Was it staged? Possibly. I mean, it drew attention back to the Oscars briefly. I wouldn’t have known it was showing otherwise. I haven’t sat through one in years.

  10. It used to be Oscars so white. Now it’s Oscars so black and it’s like any other ghetto get-together, full of violence and vulgarity.

  11. What percentage of American negroes have partial British heritage? They always look pretty pale compared to the Africans we get here in Australia. Just an observation.

  12. Don’t watch “sporting” events … sports is what caused racial integration here in the Yankee Empire in the first place …

    If only the coaches had not given up on white athletes winning games for them …

    For years, Bryant was accused of racism for refusing to recruit black players. (He had tried to do so at Kentucky in the late 40s but was denied by then University President, Herman Donovan) . Bryant said that the prevailing social climate and the overwhelming presence of noted segregationist George Wallace in Alabama, first as governor and then as a presidential candidate, did not let him do this. He finally was able to convince the administration to allow him to do so, leading to the recruitment of Wilbur Jackson as Alabama’s first black scholarship player who was recruited in 1969 and signed in the Spring of 1970. Junior-college transfer John Mitchell became the first black player for Alabama in 1971 because freshmen, thus Jackson, were not eligible to play at that time. They would both be a credit to the University by their conduct and play, thus widening the door and warming the welcome for many more to follow. By 1973, one-third of the team’s starters were black, and Mitchell became the Tide’s first black coach that season. In 1971, Bryant began engineering a comeback. This included abandoning Alabama’s old power offense for the relatively new wishbone formation. Darrell Royal, the Texas football coach whose assistant, Emory Bellard virtually invented the wishbone, taught Bryant its basics, but Bryant developed successful variations of the wishbone that Royal had never used.[citation needed] The change helped make the remainder of the decade a successful one for the Crimson Tide.
    — Wikipedia: “Bear Bryant”

    Dean Smith was one of the most prominent Democrats in North Carolina politics. Politically, he was best known for promoting desegregation. In 1964, Smith joined a local pastor and a black North Carolina theology student to integrate The Pines, a Chapel Hill restaurant. He also integrated the Tar Heels basketball team by recruiting Charlie Scott as the university’s first black scholarship athlete. In 1965, Smith helped Howard Lee, a black graduate student at North Carolina, purchase a home in an all-white neighborhood.
    — Wikipedia: “Dean Smith”

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