Breaking Points: Biden Floats Billions More In Defense Spending

This is how “our democracy” works, folks.

Elites conspire to start a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. There is no public debate or input about it at all. The public isn’t even aware that there is a war going on in Ukraine or that our government is supporting it “to fight the Russians over there.” No one has ever heard of Donbas.

Foreign policy decisions that have staggering consequences for everyone who lives here are made by unelected natsec bureaucrats. The CIA and various NGOs go into Ukraine and foment a color revolution to topple the government. They destabilize the country and create a crisis there which eventually boils over. When Donald Trump tried to stop the arm shipments to Ukraine, he was impeached by Congress for going against the “official policy” set by unelected bureaucrats like Alexander Vindman whose mandate comes from the Deep State. The president doesn’t even control our foreign policy.

Now that our elites have maneuvered us into a state of war with Russia, we have no choice but to spend $800 billion dollars on the Pentagon. We might need to spend $1 trillion a year for the foreseeable future because of this crisis in Ukraine which our politicians stoked and created in order to continue to wash out billions of dollars from the American taxpayer now that Afghanistan and GWOT can no longer be used for that purpose. We need all of this extra spending for our own “security.” Trump was elected with a mandate to improve relations with Russia and reduce tensions and this where we are at in 2022.

“Democracy” is voting D for billions of more dollars on defense spending or R for even more billions of dollars in defense spending. The house (i.e., Washington) always wins. Bipartisanship is also flooding Ukraine with weapons and co-signing the death of thousands of Russian soldiers there in order to create the enmity that will last for the rest of our lives to ensure that this grift can get even worse and that it will go on for decades. Military spending goes up and up while the world becomes more dangerous.

What is the result of all this bipartisanship in Washington? A devastating war in Ukraine. Yet another refugee crisis like the one in Syria. An energy shock. Higher prices. More militarism. More imperialism. More censorship. More surveillance. Less freedom. Less room in the budget for social spending. The return of the specter of nuclear war. Have you noticed how this seems to just keep happening?

BTW, you now know why the “journalists” cried out in such pain after the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The end of the war in Afghanistan WAS WORSE than the war which lasted for 20 years and which had all but disappeared from the news cycle. How could we have continued to justify all that GWOT defense spending without Afghanistan? WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT A WAR???

Washington held out for less than six months. That comes for something, right?

Note: You may have noticed how much the Washington metro area has changed over the past 20 years. There is a reason why it feels like you are stepping into a parallel gilded universe when you cross into the metro area from Real Virginia and it has everything to do with the GWOT.


  1. President Truman said he “never hesitated” to atom-bomb Japanese cities, and douse socialist Korea with biological weapons, and carpet-bomb it until there was hardly a building left standing in the entire country. Russian socialism would have been atom-bombed out of existence by 1952 according to the plan, if it had not been able to create its own nuclear arsenal much sooner than expected.

    The Biden administration will also not hesitate to use all its weapons of mass destruction, and financial weapons and propaganda, to wipe Russia off the face of the earth, once and for all.

  2. Our great cities are literally falling apart, with tens of thousands of homeless schizos and addicts in LA County alone. Negro crime is soaring out of control. Forty million illegal aliens feeding off the system. Housing is unaffordable for millions of young adults. Trillions in public and private debt. But I guess some of those billions in increased “defense” spending will help out military towns like Lawton, OK. They’ll also create a lot of government workfare jobs, along with jobs for “defense contractors”.

  3. There is no “fighting them over there” when the adversary has nuclear weapons, an advanced airforce, intercontinental ballistic missiles, a blue-water navy, submarines, hypersonic missiles, and cyber-warfare capabilities. Such a war will always come home.

  4. There were reports five Ukraine planes were shot down yesterday. Did Biden’s Poland trip get those planes in to the fight? And is that an act of war?

  5. Khazarkraine might sign a peace treaty with Russia:

    According to the proposed deal, a rump Khazarkraine (without Donbas and Crimea) could join the EU, but not NATO. It must be fully neutralised and demilitarised, unable to have any foreign military assistance or connections, including informal alliances with IDF and NATO.

    With the big chemical weapons false flag event, and the U.S.’s NATO invasion and nuclear and biological attacks looming, Russia appears to be rationally considering that the best course of action for the benefit of Russia may be to stop the police action at this point. The filthy-rich Anglo-Zionist Empire with all its satellites marching in line is still stronger than poor (relatively poor) Russia fighting all alone.

    • There’s 0% chance that the Ukraine would demilitarize or maintain neutrality after signing a deal like this. The USA would continue dumping weapons there, pushing for NATO expansion, sending in special forces to train terrorists to throw at Russia. The American empire does not let up or relent on this stuff. But it could be beneficial for Russia, allowing more time for the effects of American decline to set in, and more tume for Russia to economically integrate with the non-western sphere

      • The Russian general public is VERY upset by this news about a possible peace deal. Russians DON’T WANT IT, because they remember so many times in the past when Russian leaders and diplomats literally gave their things away – land, treasure and freedom that generations of Russian people had worked, sweated, bled and died for – for nothing but a slap on the back (figuratively speaking). But I don’t think the current Russian leadership will do that, and I think the U.S. wants the war to continue as long as possible, so in the end no peace deal.

        • Yes, Russia probably knows that all of these deals will fall through, that the Ukraine puppet government will not be allowed to take any deals. Russia is doing it for the optics, to show that even with reasonable demands the Ukraine govt is unwilling to compromise on anything and prefers to keep the war going as long as possible.

          We all know that any deal signed with the USA is only good as toilet paper. Russia knows this.

  6. Biden wants to impose a tax on American billionaires. Biden should impose a tax on people like Hunter Biden who get millions from criminal Ukrainian billionaires.

  7. More money for the war machine but nothing for the crumbling infrastructure. The US still had trains from the 60s while other 1st world countries have high speed rail lines

  8. Yeah, this is getting crazy, and the more we spend the less we get. This is like the billions in cash that disappeared in Iraq—whose pockets did it end up in? Probably some of the same TV generals you see on CNN, MSNBC and Fox lined their pockets in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Then the billions of dollars in spending on weapons that the DOD has done, but there are no receipts!

    Oh, I’m sure it we bitch, there will be another inspector general’s report, and then nothing will be done.

  9. You mentioned militarism, Hunter. Back in the 50s & 60s when I was growing up, militarism rivaled racism as a bad thing that America was against. In most history books, from the late 40s through the 60s, we had fought WWII mainly to eradicate “Prussian militarism” & “Japanese militarism.” Then it all changed, & WWII was all about stopping Hitler & the Holocaust. Now not even that is “woke” enough. At a recent historians’ conference about WWII (on C-span), the moderator – a gentile white Boomer male – proudly declared that we were fighting the same evils then that we fight today in Ukraine – racism & anti-liberalism.

    Back to militarism. Prussia at its haughtiest militaristic peak was a land of Quakers compared to the world of fawning infatuation, sanctimonious worship, unlimited pandering, & sheer masturbatory fantasy about all things military which characterizes today’s USA.

    • Back to militarism. Prussia at its haughtiest militaristic peak was a land of Quakers compared to the world of fawning infatuation, sanctimonious worship, unlimited pandering, & sheer masturbatory fantasy about all things military which characterizes today’s USA.

      So very true.

      • >“peaceful”

        The Greens want power more than they do ‘peace’ (meaning here lower defense spending).

        The Greens are a member (the second largest) of the governing coalition — others are the SPD (the largest number of seats), and the FDP — before such a coalition is formed, the parties negotiate and agree on some kind of legislative agenda; usually this involves comprises by all members — it also involves deciding minister posts.

        Everything proposed by the government now is agreed in advance by all three coalition partners, even if it was not part of the earlier negotiations — to stand in the way now, the Greens would risk a crisis, to the point of a Koalitionsbruch and new elections –having been out of power for 15 years (link), they would not risk that — these days the Greens in Germany are a very conventional, establishment-oriented party.

  10. linkWashington will fail in its scheme to put pressure on Beijing and Moscow and deter them, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a briefing Tuesday. Commenting on the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy sent to Congress, Wenbin said the report was ‘replete’ with ‘Cold War-era thinking’ and ‘bloc confrontation ideology’. “China and Russia are major powers. America’s plans and attempts to deter or pressure us will fail,” he said. The spokesperson added that the US needed to review its commitments relating to the crisis in Ukraine, stop ‘creating imaginary adversaries’ and ignoring other countries’ security concerns.

    As I saw it put: increasingly, the Russians and Chinese seem like the only adults in the room.

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