Zelensky In High Heels

I can see why liberals are swooning over Zelensky.


  1. Hillary Clinton:”make my friend Zelensky President of Russia!!!….My friend Zelensky represents Clinton Family Values.…And this is why I want the People of Russia to worship me———-and Lindsay Graham…and Pussy Riot….”

  2. He is not rooted in the soil of southwest Russia like a peasant but a rootless global-cosmopolitan capitalist who owns residential properties in different countries, including of course, the U.S. He sold his Italian mansion recently; perhaps because it was too small: https://globalhappenings.com/opinion/15391.html?msclkid=09026d83af8111eca7de2f315d144af1 He has a bigger, 34 million dollar mansion waiting for him in Florida, one of many rewards for all the “good” acting he has done – making him a certain Nobel Peace Prize nominee, or winner, and a “modern Maccabee” hero: https://www.heritagefl.com/story/2022/03/04/news/zelensky-is-a-modern-maccabee/16299.html?msclkid=78deeb1faf8111ecaf06da0ca068cef8

  3. Dear Tucker Carlson

    You call Vladimir Putin a thug every night……But what was Vladimir Putin suppose to do? Continue to let the homosexual pederast Zelensky to keep murdering Slavic Russian Infants in Donbass…?

  4. The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
    — Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

  5. So what exactly are……Democratic Family Values?

    The Democratic Party

    The Party of Men who exchange their torn bloody diseased bowels

    In an Protestant Church

    Reverend Lindsay Graham:”‘I now pronounce you——-Husband and Husband..”

    Democratic Party….Family Bowelues!!!

  6. Gonzalo Lira’s talk on Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) was quite thorough, except he did not mention any reason why the pogroms, which her grandfather is said to have fled, took place: Unarmed Orthodox Russians were being attacked routinely by armed Talmudists, so the alleged persecution might really have been defensive! Read accurate history. The Catholics (Uniates) always opposed Orthodox Russia, but Talmudists were the most dangerous enemy.

    • Yes. As I recall Solzhenitsyn provided the details of the “pogrom” in Kishinev in his final book which is effectively censored in the “free” USA, Two Hundred Years Together. The so-called ‘pogroms’ were always in reaction so Talmudist criminality of one type or another. The Talmudists have not been expelled from over 100 different countries because they’re such lovable folks.

  7. Zelensky is the perfect ZOG puppet dictator, the ideal promoter of Globohomo. I’m not easily offended but those video clips of that FAYGELEH are truly revolting. Could you imagine Vladimir Vladimirovitch debasing himself like that? Could you imagine any white Southern boy in the Marines or Special Forces fighting over there to keep that creep in power?

  8. “Liberals” have a super attraction for, if not a love affair with, the perverse and unnatural.

  9. DIdn’t JEW know this, HW? I’ve been posting that video for weeks, now to show deluded MAGA-tards, what they ACTUALLY are supporting.

    Per AA. Thanks, but no……

    • Yes, I saw it weeks ago, but I wanted a follow up post of Zelensky playing the piano with his dick

  10. The Ukrainians are committing countless war crimes. There’s videos of Russian soldiers calling the mom’s the deceased Russian soldiers to rub salt in the wound, then there’s the largest mobile doctor unit with 500 doctors ordered by the owner to castrate all wounded Russian soldiers and finally surrendered Russian POW’s being shot, some killed no doubt. Here’s some of the video of the latter example of the war crimes:

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