Michael Lind: The End of Citizenship

If anything is true, the right liberals have been even worse than the left liberals over the last month. Hannity wanted to take out that Russian column which was headed toward Kyiv/Kiev which in retrospect appears to have been nothing but a feint intended to tie down the Ukrainian army.

Tablet Mag:

“In the spring of 2022, speculation in the commentariat that partisan rivalries were bringing the United States to the verge of actual civil war abruptly came to an end. With few exceptions, Americans of left, right, and center rallied around the national colors. Postmodern multiculturalism and anti-Enlightenment paleoconservatism suddenly were marginalized by romantic nationalism of the 19th-century variety. As war fever swept America, progressives and conservatives joined in denouncing not only the enemy government but also the enemy people and their enemy music, enemy literature, and enemy cuisine. Americans displayed the national flag in every imaginable form and pledged undying hatred of the nation’s foes.

The nation that Americans celebrated was not their own, but rather Ukraine, following the brutal Russian invasion of the former Soviet republic. Liberal Americans who would have thought it vulgar if not fascist to wave the Stars and Stripes took selfies with the blue and gold of Ukraine’s national flag. Democrats and Republicans who routinely demonize the leaders of the rival American party engaged in a kind of sentimental, uncritical hero worship of Ukraine’s president, Volodomyr Zelensky, which would have been mocked had its object been Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Neoconservatives and centrist liberals used the Ukraine war as an opportunity to settle scores by accusing opponents in the rival party and rivals in their own parties of moral if not legal treason for less than total and uncritical support of a foreign country with which the United States does not even have an alliance. …”

It is not like we weren’t warned.

A huge red flag was the meltdown that conservatives had last summer when the war in Afghanistan ended after 20 years. Hannity and Mark Levin wanted to go back into Afghanistan and reoccupy the country.


  1. At the Mr. Fuel truck stop today I noticed the pay pad asked me if I wanted to give a dollar to Ukraine. The cashier said, “everyone just clicks no, but a lot of people get angry.”

    No one out here cares about Ukraine or has “war fever”. It does not exist among Americans.

    The Jews and their Sabbath Goyim in the Boswash might have war fever, but they always do. Always, but the victims differ over time.

    Meanwhile the winners of this war just set the price of gold, in Rubles, at about $1750 in dollar value.

    Good time to buy Rubles, if you can. Good time to buy physical gold too, if you can locate it. The Bretton Woods system is being demolished.

    If you cannot buy Rubles or physical Gold, the fact of Russia accepting payment in Bitcoin is bullish for Bitcoin. But honestly, I got cold feet and sold all my bitcoin months ago.

    The price of food is increasing very fast. I bought 200 pounds of whole rice this week. Its a lot of work to store rice properly, and I do not look forward to doing it. But it is good food, cheap.

    • Same here. I haven’t spoken to anyone that cares about it at all. Even people I know who are relatively liberal aren’t foaming at the mouth wanting to go to war with Russia like the media.

      Similar to the “backlash” over the Afghanistan withdrawal, “support Ukraine” sentiment only exists in the media and bureaucrat class. Normal people aren’t on board with it as much.

  2. Hannity is as a so called “conservative”, as is Levin and everyone of fox. When it comes to Ukraine and many other forms morality, the conservatives are right there with the liberals.

  3. I heard a claim, and it sounds about right, that the US in our attack on Iraq used 5 times the number of cruise missiles, rockets and bomb, than the Russians have used in the Ukraine!

  4. I’m glad you are studying military strategy and tactics HW. We will need this historical knowledge from our future leaders, likely in application.

  5. “With few exceptions, Americans of left, right, and center rallied around the national colors. Postmodern multiculturalism and anti-Enlightenment paleoconservatism suddenly were marginalized by romantic nationalism of the 19th-century variety.”

    This never happened.

  6. I sense no real interest in the war or enthusiasm among the common people here in St. Louis, but there are the do-gooders, ready to take Ukrainian refugees, the public radio types concerned about “aggression”, and the talk show patriots. They are still uneasy about Biden and covid, and don’t want to fight a war, but yes, “Putin is a thug”, and “if Trump was here, Putin would never have done this or he would have made a parking blot out of Moscow. Gotta stop him or we’ll be speaking Russian.” Then there are the types happy to see Russians killed by gun users, equating Ukraine militias with the Second Amendment. “Gotta have guns, man!”

    I went to my gym, and it’s all confusing. One TV report showed Zelensky begging for more tanks from NATO. Then another report says Ukraine soldiers are happy and need no more tanks…they’ve captured dozens of Russian tanks abandoned by retreating Russians. Then I read on the internet where Russian troops show dozens of Ukrainian tanks captured in battle. On MSNBC, a “correspondent” simply gives a rah-rah about the victorious Ukranian troops, smiling at “all the bears they’ve shot.” This is reporting?

    Then watching crudely drawn cartoons on Nickelodeon with blacks, blacks, blacks. Housing shows of people forking out hundreds of thousands of bucks to build their dream home or hire some cutesy couple to do it. Notice a lot more blacks and mixed couples, as well as gays, are the client.

    And Covid is sweeping Shanghai, with “millions” infected, so they’re getting ready for that again.
    I’m not depressed, but numb.

    I suspect Ritter is right, that envelopment and encirclement is in the works. The Russians are pretty good at that. Just ask the Wehrmacht. The other thread with Gonzalo Lira still on my mind, and very informative and sobering. I imagine Nuland with her coven somewhere in D.C, wearing a cloak and invoking the Golem to rise and go forth. I could see her sacrificing an infant to Moloch.
    I can imagine what it must have been like to be a minor Indian tribe in Mexico, having to offer another couple of dozen people to the Aztecs for sacrifices to keep the universe going, and just waiting for the Spaniards to come.
    And what do we have? “Ah, 2022 elections. Yes, yes, the election!” God, they’re baying for that on talk radio. Yes, the GOP will sweep in, and they’ll make the bad people stop.
    I’ll take the Spaniards.

    • @drgason – Yes, we are living in an open-air insane asylum. Nothing embodies it quite like toiletvision. It is a litany of mundane horrors. Like many here, I gave it up decades ago. One occasionally does have it forced upon them in a public place. I carry super-strength ear plugs for this reason. Also to tune out the asylum lunatics when shopping for necessities. Mostly, I just avoid going out in public.

  7. “With few exceptions, Americans of left, right, and center rallied around the national colors. Postmodern multiculturalism and anti-Enlightenment paleoconservatism suddenly were marginalized by romantic nationalism of the 19th-century variety.”

    Only in the minds of PMC jounos and their moronic blu-cheka followers and the professional ‘conservatives’ in Republican campaign HQ.

  8. Michael Lind is an overrated blow-hard with a sneering contempt for racially conscious whites (he’s a good Fox News style “race blind” conservative). Don’t give a platform for his convoluted circumlocutions which consistently talk around & ignore the racial realities clearly understood & cogently explained by smarter men like Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire and even that ancient warhorse, Pat Buchanan.

  9. That Scott Ritter thread sounds is just BS. Echoes of ‘Trump is just playing 4D chess!’. Reality is that the Russian invasion was a fiasco and they’re now spinning it as having been the plan all along.

    And not just a fiasco in terms of failing to topple the Ukrainian government, but in exposing the weakness, incompetence, corruption, and backwardness of the Russian military, the reputation of which Putin has spent years and huge mountains of cash painfully trying to restore. E.g. they literally aren’t capable of conducting sustained complex air operations.

    • I agree. They’re just making excuses. The incompetence and disorganization is stunning.

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