Greg Johnson: The Case for Ukraine

I’m not persuaded.

Greg Johnson has always supported Ukraine though. He isn’t doing it out of butthurt narcissism. I want to amplify different points of view which you are not going to find in the mainstream media.


“Nationalists in the West should support Ukraine against Russia in the current war. We need to distinguish two kinds of support: moral support and material support.

The case for moral support is simple.

As a nationalist, I support a world order of sovereign nations. Sovereign nations don’t answer to other nations. That’s what it means to be sovereign. Ideally, sovereign nations answer only to their own people. Sovereign nations have the right to differ with their neighbors. Sovereign nations have the right to choose their own friends and their own enemies. Russia wishes to deny Ukraine the right to align itself with Europe and America by launching a war. For nationalists, that crosses a moral line. From a simple nationalist point of view, Ukraine was operating within her rights as a sovereign nation, and Russia is violating those rights. Thus, nationalists of all nations should support Ukraine over Russia in the current war. …”

My position is that we should remain neutral in the conflict.

I don’t support NATO in the first place and think even less of expanding it to include Ukraine and being ensnared in a conflict with Russia over Crimea and Donbas. The only compelling national interest that America has in either of those places is avoiding war with Russia over them.

We don’t get anything out of mutual security pacts with Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. These security pacts only ensnare us in ancient blood feuds in the region that ought to be of no concern to Americans. They embolden the Poles, Balts and Ukrainians to saber rattle against Russia and gives them the false sense of security that Big Brother America is going to ride to their rescue in the event of war. This concern about NATO expansion has already resulted in disaster in Ukraine. Neville Chamberlain handing out a security guarantee to Poland was the major cause of World War II.

Do Americans even know or understand that parts of Ukraine like Crimea and Donbas used to be part of Russia while other parts used to be part of Hungary and Poland? The vast majority of Americans didn’t care about Ukraine three months ago and couldn’t identify Ukraine on a map. The only reason we care now about Ukraine is because the media is pointing its cameras there and virtue signaling and saying that caring about Ukraine makes you a good person like supporting BLM or wearing a mask. No one cares about the wars in Ethiopia or Yemen because the “journalists” aren’t even covering it.

Americans live on a different continent on the other side of the world. Unlike Russia, we don’t have strong historical, cultural and economic ties to Ukraine. We don’t have any dog in this fight except for an abstract commitment to “democracy.” We know very little about what has been going on there. Mexico is far more familiar to Americans and the violence there is far closer to home. And yet, we aren’t willing to plunge into the war between drug cartels in Mexico and punish the evil doers there in the name of democracy. We’re able to coexist with Mexican corruption and it shares a 2,000 mile border with us.

I’m sure Ukrainians have valid grievances against Russia, and vice versa, going back through any number of episodes across history like the Holodomor. You hate to see them fight because it is a family feud. I don’t see why any of that is our business or should be our problem though. There is nothing to gain and a lot for us to lose by getting involved in the conflict. American meddling has only destabilized the region.

I could continue by pointing out the obvious – the sort of government that is in power in Kyiv/Kiev, the economic cost of the war, the threat of nuclear war – but any one of these points ought to be sufficient by itself to deter us from getting more deeply involved in this conflict. There is no upside to it.

Who benefits from this war? Who is leading the charge to get more involved in this war? Neocons and Russiagaters. For that reason alone, we ought to push in the opposite direction.


  1. Bizarre. Sovereign nations aren’t ruled by zionist dictators. Sovereign nations don’t seek to make military alliances with violent zionist golems like the American regime.

    • Uhh… yeah I second this unfortunately named commenter. Ukraine is just not a sovereign nation. Of course, neither is the US.

      I feel bad for the average Ukrainian Joe who thinks he is fighting for “his people” when in reality he is just a pawn of The Jews. It’s a situation I understand well.

      I hope the Russians win in Ukraine. I also hope they glass DC.

      • I am a patriotic American, and I also want Russia to win in Ukraine. Fighting for Ukraine is to fight for globo-homo, social atomization, promoting degeneracy and reducing humans to nothing more than passive drones, consuming product and becoming excited only to consume next product. (A Ukrainian victory would be a victory for so many of the social ills that currently plague the West.)

        • Ukraine, like Poland and Hungary, is a very sensible society. Having it in NATO and the EU would help decent countries push back against the West. But the Made in Moscow talking points repeated by people like Enoch and Striker insist that Ukraine could only be defeated by this system.

          Well, if a nation with a far bigger and more serious nationalist movement like Ukraine has no hope, then neither do the likes of the NJP. Which makes me wonder: Do Enoch and Striker tell party members that the cause is hopeless when they take their money?

          If I ever decide that the cause is hopeless, I will step aside. Taking one red cent after that point would make me into a grifter.

          I know one thing that won’t defeat the American system: cheering as Putin’s multiracial empire trashes one of Europe’s whitest nations. That just makes you morally obscene.

          • Tell me, did you ever get upset when Ukraine was shelling civilians in the Donbass Region for eight years, killing over 14,000 ethnic Russians? Donetsk has been reduced to ruins, and the people there often have to live in cellars to escape the bombs, or the kill squads. I’ve noticed many people who support Ukraine are very selective in their indignation.

          • “Ukraine, like Poland and Hungary, is a very sensible society. Having it in NATO and the EU would help decent countries push back against the West (…) one of Europe’s whitest nations”:

            Khazarkraine is an extremely corrupt capitalist gangster-land crusader force aimed at destroying Russia. Having it in NATO (de facto) doesn’t make NATO and Europe any better than 100% White gangster-land Albania being in NATO does. Up to a third of its population is gone. Even many of the real Ukrainians (Galician) who speak the Ukrainian language as their native tongue have fled from the “sensible society” that is ethnic-cleansing Russians. Galicia was historically the most Jewish-populated place in Russia and Europe, and the plans for an alternate homeland in Crimea and the Black Sea coast remain.

            When you support the Khazarkraine project, you support capitalism which is not “a sensible society,” but an inveterate enemy of mankind, race and ethnicity, religion, morality, and peace. “Whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?” Epistle of James, ch. 4

    • You obviously think that sovereign nations have to meet your standards of behavior or they are not sovereign and presumably can be invaded at will. I don’t see much difference between that attitude and liberal internationalism or Neoconservatism, which also proposes regime change because foreign nations don’t measure up to the current year’s standards in the West.

      • It’s not about standards of behavior. Sovereignty in this case is a question of whether or not the people that make up the country control it through a government that works for them. The government of the Ukraine is controlled entirely by Jewish people, and works for international looters and groomers. Thus, it is not a sovereign nation.

        • By that standard, Russia and any other nation with powerful Jews is not a sovereign nation.

          Try again.

          • Wrong Baalam… The presence of Jews in a country, is not normally or exclusively an assumption of total control.

          • You are in error.

            US and Ukraine are **entirely** controlled by Jews and their henchmen. Russia, while having an active infestation, is not.

  2. “nationalists of all nations should support Ukraine over Russia in the current war”:

    To the contrary, Imperialists (fake nationalists) of all parts of the Anglo-Zionist Empire (an empire not a nation) support Nudelman Land (aka Khazarkraine) against Russia in Operation Nudelrossa.

    Nudelman Land (Khazarkraine) is not a real nation. Nudelnationalists are not real nationalists. The Talmudo-Nudelistas (aka Zio-“Nazis”) are not real Nazis either.

  3. There’s a very good chance that Ukraine will descend into a civil war after Zelenskyy ratifies and recognises Russian possession of Crimea, Melitopol, Kherson, Mariupol and Donbas. The problem is that Ukraine was a failed state already. It’s now got 4 million people who’ve left and it’s lost substantial territory along with a collapsed economy. It’s western facing population will feel betrayed by the Brits, Americans and Germans and anyone harbouring Russian sympathy will be inclined to act quite violently. Putin will seed the remainder of the country with chaotic factional leaders and we will see Ukrainian militias like the Freikorps take over places like Cherkasy. The Dneiper will go up in flames while the Russians blockade the river estuary. All kinds of refugees from Donbas will flee to the capital and fight it out with rival groups. The result will be very much like Germany after ww1 in an obvious way but also it’ll look like Ukraine in 1919 and the scenes depicted in Bulgakov’s The White Guard. Roving bands of murders hacking at each other. How do you have such powerful radical nationalists and a Zelenskyy as premier in the same defeated/humiliated political space? In 2019 Ukraine was seen as a failed state. 2022 just proved it can’t protect itself.

  4. The main reason I give normies about not bashing Putin, as they have been subliminally encouraged to do, is that we are being subtly encouraged to do so and thereby ramp up war fever against Russia. These normies didn’t grow up in the Cold War, and have no idea what a nuclear war with Russia would be like.- a disaster of unbelievable proportions, Of course this is a wet dream of the tribe- 2 white nations killing one another off-. of course they’d like a 3d white nation, the USA, to join in the fray and cause it to go nuclear!The great white kill off of their dreams!

  5. Wasn’t he the one who railed against the “gay panic” in White nationalism? Thus, there is no need to be alarmed that Zelenskyy and other Nudelmanland-ian leaders and some of the so-called “Nazi” (Talmudo-Nudelista) boots-on-the-ground, actual killers and torturers are homosexual, because yes they can be real White nationalist and homosexual at the same time, he seems to believe. So no need to “panic,” it’s all good sovereign nationalism.

    • He also used to pretend to be a woman on a certain white nationalist website. He would write reviews of Hollywood shit from a ‘pro-white’ perspective and say how some Jewish poison was pretty good because it had a mostly white cast. Children’s movies too. Nothing strange about a gay man who likes to pretend to be a woman sitting down with 12 year olds to watch Spy Kids is there! No Sir!

    • @Merthyr Rising, 1831—The gays both in the closet and out, who purport to be with us are pushing white nationalist thoughts on us as Jew agents and on behalf of the Jews. The enemies of the Jews is not the white nationalist the enemy of the Jews is Christ. And the white nationalist pushing is a deceitful distraction intended to keep us confused. Do you know how you know what side the gays like Greg Johnson are on? They all hate Christ, just like their Jew masters and that diseased Irish filth. Wanna laugh?Google Cardinal McCarrick and gang bang.

  6. Ukraine is not a sovereign nation. There are really only a handful of sovereign countries in the world. None of them are in Europe.

    And even from a nationalist perspective, the east is Russian anyway, so the consistent position would be to fracture the fake state of Ukraine and return the east to Russian rule.

    As a log cabin republican, Greg supports NATO and EU because they make the world safe for his lifestyle.

    • “the east is Russian anyway, so the consistent position would be to fracture the fake state of Ukraine and return the east to Russian rule”:

      Imagine if all Slavs were united in one nation or confederation, and all Slavic languages and dialects began to evolve back to what was originally one Slavic language. They were divided and ruled by class inequality and usury – feudalism, monarchy, and capitalism – and by Catholicism and Talmudism. But they can be united again by ethno-national socialism.

  7. Greg Johnson is lying, his position on the war in Ukraine is motivated purely by self-interest. He views the retreat of the pro-homosexual western sphere of influence as a bad thing because if affects him personally. If Johnson was a true nationalist he would understand that the Ukrainian nation can survive a war with Russia. It can not survive 30 years of western liberal democracy.

    Queers, just like Jews, must never be allowed to infiltrate our political movements. They will always be enemies of blood and soil nationalism.

    • Bingo. He’s really much more in favor of Globopedo’s Gay Disco than he is in favor of any “white nationalism” (which has very little meaning outside the USA). E. Michael Jones has absolutely nailed it here with a question he should have phrased as a statement:

      Greg Johnson wants white boys to die for the Gobopedo Gay Disco in Country 404.

      I have my disagreements with Jones, a very smart guy who has made some profoundly stupid remarks on occasion – like how it’s possible for a negro to become Polish (a Vatican II Catholic version of the magic dirt theory promoted by Jews). The truth is a negro can no more become Polish than E. Michael Jones can become Chinese. To state otherwise is to slip into Neo-Babylonian lies which deny reality itself. Nevertheless, he can level very effective arguments against the kind of Satanic bullshit being sold by Johnson. Like Nuland, Max Boot, Lady G and other Spawn of Satan, Johnson won’t be signing up to go and fight for the Jewish run Gay Disco himself. He wants some trailer-trash whites from the South to do it for him.

      • That’s just normal papist theory, not Vatican 2. The satanic Vatican has always defined ethnicity in linguistic terms and advocated race mixing as a positive good, which is why Latin America is the way it is. Papist pseudo-historian and critical race theorist E Michael Jones is right about that.

        • Yeah, the Roman Papacy goes back to the days of the Emperor Constantine, who founded Roman Catholicism as a universal religion for the Roman Empire!

  8. What would you expect from a homosexual degenerate such as Johnson? He is supporting the homosexual degenerate war against Vladimir Putin who is the resistance against the homo norming of Slavic Russia….

  9. If you are a brainwashed liberal, you support Ukraine because you hate conservative Russia. If you are a brainwashed far right winger, you support Russia, because you hate liberal America.

    One thing I have noticed is everyone in politics lies, so I got the idea that if I want to know the truth about something, I go to the people who hate the thing, rather than the people who make positive propaganda about it, because the people who hate the thing, tell you all of its dirty secrects.

    Case in point:

    The far right makes propaganda that Russia is full of beautiful, white, Christian, farm girls in sun dresses, dancing in their wheat fields.

    This guy on the other hand does not like Russia’s government, and talks about all of Russia’s weakness. Like this for instance:

    “We don’t have aggregated data for the entire Russian army. But we can get some idea of who fights in Ukraine from this list of wounded Russian soldiers lying in Rostov hospital. More than half are clearly Dagestani. Magomed (Muhammad) – the most common name in the list of wounded”

    So the number one name of Russia’s soldiers dying in Ukraine is Muhammad.

    • From what I have seen, Russia and Ukraine are both full of beautiful women on YouTube. Ukraine is also known for mail order brides

      • >Ukraine is also known for mail order brides

        And for mass/factory/soulless surrogate motherhood:


        Ukrainian women become living “incubators” for foreigners due to poverty and unemployment, and our country is becoming one of the world centres of surrogacy. … This topic is again being heard due to the scandal with “living goods” stuck in Ukraine due to quarantine. Almost half a hundred babies born to surrogate mothers in one of the capital’s clinics are being kept at the “Venice” hotel on the outskirts of Kiev.

        I first saw stories about these ‘stranded’ babies during the COVID panic in 2020 — now you see similar stories again due to the war.

        How many of these babies are destined for homosexual male pairs in the West?

        The main company involved is BioTexCom:

        BioTexCom — center for human reproduction

        Its founder is Albert Tochilovsky — if you do an image search, you’ll see he’s repulsive (link) — while I could not find info about him specifically, I strongly suspect he’s a Jew (link).

    • “wounded Russian soldiers lying in Rostov hospital. More than half are clearly Dagestani”:

      Yes, Dagestani boys are over-represented, just like Southern boys tend to dominate the lists of dead and wounded-in-combat U.S. soldiers. Capitalist Russia has been following the example of the capitalist U.S. with an economic draft of a mercenary professional military, instead of having a citizen army and universal public service that is typical of real socialist countries like China and Korea.

      However thousands of young ethnic Russians are volunteering now, even begging, to go to the front. But only well-trained professional soldiers are allowed, or needed, for this very difficult precisely targeted special police operation.

      The autonomous Chechens are traditionally or culturally extremely martial – even more than the Don Cossacks and Dagestanis – and their force was finally allowed to join by cleaning the nests of Talmudo-Nulandista killers and torturers in Mariupol. The Chechens are actually less barbaric than the Talmudo-Nulandistas, taking prisoners alive, unstabbed and uncrippled.

    • >So the number one name of Russia’s soldiers dying in Ukraine is Muhammad.

      Actually, no, that’s not necessarily true — or one cannot infer that from the list, since the list contains the names of (wounded, not dead) soldiers in just one Rostov hospital — as you quote: ‘we can get some idea’ — one can imagine a number of reasons why it might be that a certain name dominates that particular list.

      So after complaining about ‘brainwashing’, you make an obviously false inference, and come to an obviously questionable conclusion, perhaps because it suits your own biases (‘brainwashing’).

      But thanks for the link — it looks like a good Twitter/Nitter account to check now and then.

      Note: for those who’ve noticed that Twitter now limits how much of a timeline you can view without logging-in, you can use Nitter to get around that — just view the same Twitter user name/handle on

  10. Johnson is deceptive and self-contradictory about the ‘sovereignty’ idea, he is treating it as if any nation’s current borders have some kind of absolute moral stature … Johnson is in fact ‘anti-nationalist’ in arguing that no one has any secession rights, regardless of how oppressed a national, ethnic people may be

    This is obviously wrong, nationalistically, morally, and even in terms of international law such as the United Nations charter, which directly refers to the “self-determination of peoples’

    This UN ‘self-determination’ principle was directly used by Nato and the West in supporting the Muslims of Kosovo to split from Serbia … in that case the West supported secession, an example much cited by Russia

    Russia’s talk of self-determination upsets their Chinese friends, nervous about independence for Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan … and it is also hypocritical of Russians given what they did to Chechnya and Dagestan, populated by Muslims who wanted to secede from Russia, and who will likely do so after Putin is gone

    A nation that oppresses a minority region – as Ukraine did towards its Russians – loses the moral right to control that minority. An ethnic minority native to an area, has every ‘nationalist’ right to secede, both morally and under international law. Not to say that the US or Nato etc should meddle when this happens.

  11. If you agree with the jews, the antiwhite US gov, Biden, Pelosi, and the DIMocrats, the do-nothing for their constituents Republicans, both CNN & FOXjews: both fake news, Globohomo, faggotry, and transexualism, you should support the Ukraine gov.

  12. I go to Countercurrents and my stuff has been published there. I think it is a fair site and has a diverse range. I do take exception to the Ukraine support, especially when I get internet reports of Azov atrocities, and the thoroughly filthy corruption in Ukraine, as well as it being used as a Jewish/U.S. base to take out Russia. There isn’t much disagreement over that. On one CC thread, a pro-Ukrainian woman was on, and there was no pretense to offer both sides, and one post was simply ranting against Russia, almost shouting to invade Russia, take land, destroy Putin…not exactly balanced, but it does capture the fanaticism and hatreds of the Balkans. I remember in WWII in Yugoslavia, the nationalist groups were usually fighting each other more than the Germans.
    Andrew Anglin said the war is a clear case of our side versus theirs. If you support white people, you support Putin. if you support trannies and Jewish dominance, you’re for Ukraine. Simplistic? Well, Zelensky displayed perverted behavior as an “actor”, and putting someone like that in charge of a country, even if (obviously) a figurehead, settled the question for me. I Agree with Hunter that, in regards to American involvement, we have no business in Ukraine, and I am proud of his evenhandedness in running this site.

    • Russia is a multiracial empire with a fantastically corrupt oligarchy battling against one of the whitest nations of Europe that also is saddled with a fantastically corrupt oligarchy. If you support white people, you support Ukraine in this fight.

      • Only if you’re stupid and can’t see the bigger picture. You are stupid and cannot see the bigger picture, which is why you had to resort to this inconsistent, pseudo-ideological “true nationalism” argument.

      • Globohomo is currently infecting all white people with the LGBT/pedo/tranny agenda. This removes our connection to God, and marks us for a physical, spiritual, and cultural death. I cheer on any army that seeks to dismantle a globohomo regime.

      • @Greg Johnson—-The Jew war is not against white people there Greg, it is against Christ. And the race national stuff is just a way of blurring the truth of the Jew hatred of Christ. That makes the promoters, the sellers of race nationalism, high profile big mouths like yourself complicit in the Jew war on Christ. You see why people hate you Christ killer?

      • “Russia is a multiracial empire (…) battling against one of the whitest nations of Europe”:

        Russians, who are white, happen to constitute most of the population of your whitest so-called “nation” that is trying to make Russians “Ukrainian” or get out or die. Destroying Russia is destroying millions of white people (Russians are white) which is what the Anglo-Zionist weapon I call Khazarkraine is designed to do.

        Russia includes a small percentage of Asian minorities but it is overwhelmingly white and over 70% ethnic Russian, about to increase to over 75% when parts or all of Khazarkraine return to Russia. Russia’s only problem is that it has adopted (since 1992) the same backward economic system as your vaunted “sensible societies” – Poland, Hungary and Khazarkraine.

        Ethnocentrism is a natural tendency and race will take care of itself, in a socialist society, where race and ethnicity are naturally preserved.

  13. Anyone that sides with the govt media complex, liberals, conservatives, Hollywood elites like Sean Penn, pedo’s, etc. is not to be trusted.

    • I base my opinions on facts and my own intelligence, not on what other people think. Contrarians are just as dumb as conformists, because both base their opinions on either agreeing or disagreeing with other people, rather than looking at reality and using their own heads. It is shameful, really.

      The libtards are on the right side for a change. I congratulate them, and I hope they continue to improve. Maybe they’ll start caring for America’s borders as much as they care for Ukraine’s.

      • “Maybe they’ll start caring for America’s borders as much as they care for Ukraine’s”:

        They don’t care for Galicia’s borders (where the Polish-influenced Ukrainian dialect is the native tongue) either, wanting “Ukraine” to be extended almost to Moscow.

        They don’t also care for Yemen’s border or Palestine’s border at all, or Syria’s border, etc. Only Israel’s border, otherwise Capitalism is a borderless system.

        I’m sorry, “Maybe they’ll start caring” is ridiculous! The U.S.ury Beast will never, cannot, change its spots.

      • >The libtards are on the right side for a change.

        This is the side the ‘libtards’ (and you apparently) are on:

        Visit the website — the EU has ‘cancelled’ the domain of the Nordic Resistance Movement — note this text at the bottom:

        United in diversity, the European Union


        In addition the previous holders are now also pursuant to the amendments in COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2022/425 regarding hate speech, holocaust denial and anti-semitism disinformation among the Union’s Member States. Any breach of this regulation will be tried above the level of the Member States’ constitution and laws at the Court of Justice of the European Union and is to be reported to Europol (ECTC) upon no further notice.

        Make no mistake, this is (part of) what the ‘nationalists’ in Ukraine are fighting for: to fully subsume Ukraine in the EU.

        >Maybe they’ll start caring for America’s borders as much as they care for Ukraine’s.

        Yeah, ‘maybe’ — LOL — leaving aside your (and my) views about the Russia v Ukraine conflict, I have to ask myself: How disingenuous, or intellectually bereft and dishonest, is someone who writes a sentence like that?

        I think ‘Dart’ said it pretty well above (link):

        Only if you’re stupid and can’t see the bigger picture. You are stupid and cannot see the bigger picture, which is why you had to resort to this inconsistent, pseudo-ideological “true nationalism” argument.

        • Just to acknowledge something that ought to be acknowledged:

          >the EU has ‘cancelled’ the domain of the Nordic Resistance Movement

          This was a prank — an April Fool’s joke (apparently) — the website is now back.

          However something like that is entirely possible, as the EU has overriding laws every member state must adhere to, and overriding rules every state must follow, including about ‘hate’, migrants, LGBTQ, etc — both Poland and Hungary are being sued and sanctioned for resisting taking a quota migrants and implementing for not toeing the line on LGBTQ.

  14. Is a nation sovereign if it “chooses” to align with the most powerful anti-nation in history?

  15. What is sovereign? For a people to be sovereign they must control their own destiny and hence their future. By that standard White people are not a sovereign people in the United States. Nor for that matter are Blacks or Hispanics. The only group that is sovereign in America is the Judeo-Liberal Coalition which is why they dominate all. Read Putin’s declaration of war. One reason he gives is that he does not want degenerate Western culture to corrupt Russia. Who can deny that? Did you need see the Oscars as regards Chris Rock and Will Smith? TNB in prime time! As are jewelry commercials that feature homosexuals proposing to one another and passionately kissing.

  16. Johnson is a Nativist-Liberal nothing more he is also put his money with Zelensky because his regime support his own lifestyle…a narcissist as all his ilk then to be he is also an ant-Christian as his ilk also tend to be

    Gerg Johnson is nothing but a patriotard with a racial bias and he should not be taken seriously considering his “proclivities”

    I salute HW for his true un-partial and un biased take on all this mess, well done Hunter


    Deo Vindice

  17. Both heads of state of Ukraine and Russia have worn the kippas. Putin is not as homosexual as Zelensky but he’s still a jew at heart if not genetically. The only heroes in this story would be white Ukrainian nationalists that really were fighting for sovereignty and not the puppet CIA Masonic state currently headed by the gay dancer Zelensky. The United States and Russia, Oceania and Eurasia, are really one state of the New World Order. The war games are for the profit of the elite always. Bigger things are on the way if they have their way. I have begun to pray the Our Father everyday against their plans. I hope others will take up the practice.

    • Ukraine is the only country outside of Israel that is unambiguously and directly ruled by Jews

    • “The only heroes in this story would be white Ukrainian nationalists that really were fighting for sovereignty and not the puppet CIA Masonic state currently headed by the gay dancer Zelensky.”

      There are none of those.

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