How Putin’s Actions Affected Me As a Russian

Less freedom.

More censorship.

Higher prices.

The return of the specter of nuclear war.

I can relate … in varying degrees, this is how ordinary people all over the world inside and outside of Russia are experiencing the war in Ukraine. Also, it is worth emphasizing here that none of us have any control over our foreign policy. We are all just along for the ride.

Note: I’m going to miss English-speaking Russian YouTube when the Iron Curtain of corporate neoliberalism comes down and squashes the voice of everyone who lives there. We get nothing but the standard Russiophobia from corporate media here in the U.S.


  1. That is not an “ordinary person,” not in the sense that he is representative of the average Russian. He is a homosexual Russian shitlib. He represents a minority of westaboo Russians.

    Like many Slavs, he has an inferiority complex in relation to the west and wishes that he had been born in Germany or UK. That is why he speaks English and makes youtube videos for western audiences. Most of these people will probably end up moving to west Europe to be with their fellow homosexuals.

      • I’m glad I left the pro-White movement behind because of guys like you calling Irish and Russians “niggers”. The pro white movement is overwhelmingly controlled opposition imo. Anybody who really knows what’s going on, and is smart will stay far away from it.

  2. These two Westernised urban cosmopolitan traitors to Russia are even more disgusting to watch than Fox “news” and other Western mainstream media. The “brain drain” that one of them referred to will be very beneficial to Russia. These “better” Russians should all emigrate to the U.S., which is their ideal homeland with all the entertainment and fast food they enjoy, and no restrictions on what they can buy with their credit cards so they can get the best prices and the “best quality things that are not made in Russia.”

    The vast majority of the working class of unfortunately-capitalist Russia does not think like, and would not follow these blogging cosmopolitans. Look at real Russian social media (use Yandex search and translator) and you will find an entirely different story.

    • and no restrictions on what they can buy with their credit cards so they can get the best prices and the “best quality things that are not made in Russia.”

      I wonder if they realize that everything here is made in China? Seriously, where I work we peddle some cheap Chinese knockoffs online. I mean serious JUNK, strange Shenzhen knock off brands that fall apart in 6 months. We have had people from Korea and Russia order our stuff and pay a fortune to have it shipped to them with comments of how they want “good American brands” thinking that stuff they buy from America on Amazon is actually made in America. They are pretty clueless that it’s the exact same Chinese junk they can probably get in their own country. These are the same type of foreigners who come here and waltz straight into the nearest ghetto to get carjacked and seem perplexed that such could occur in golden paved streets of America they know from Hollywood? As I’ve said before, with foreigners America is like watching a foreign movie with the subtitles turned off. They see all the flash and action, but don’t have a clue as to what the actual plot is. It’s like what Woody Allen did to that Japanese flick and re-dubbed it into a quest for the perfect MSG recipe and released it as “What’s Up Tiger Lily.”

  3. How did I know that this Russian would be a queer whose mission it is to destroy his homeland???? And what he describes is literally no different then life for conservatives in America or Canada. The State wants people like us to constantly live in fear of retribution while fags like this guy in the video destroy the society that’s been built. He’s just mad that Putin has flipped the script and is doing it to him instead.

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