1. The entire domestic policy agenda of the GOP is cheap labor. The entire foreign policy agenda of the GOP is endless war. The party has no redeeming qualities at all.

    • Neither party has any redeeming qualities. For every crazy position the GOP takes that the Democrats seem more reasonable, there’s a nutso position that the Democrats take that makes the GOP look rational by comparison. This is why, by and large, normal working and middle class white people, especially southerners, vote GOP… because at least with the explicitly “hate whitey” positions of the Dems, a large swath of the GOP at least tends to soften the rhetoric and occasionally signal sympathy with whites (example: CRT).

      Bottom line. Both parties do a waltz together that ensures nobody but the rich actually benefits from anything.

    • “policy agenda of the GOP is cheap labor.”

      To quote erick Thomson,
      “There is no such thing as cheap labor, you will pay for it, one way or another.”

      Our.ruling fools don’t understand that America has lost its WHITENESS.
      As a consequence the productivity will crash, as will the national wealth.
      The ruling fools have never.done honest productive work, they haven’t seen
      how POC ‘work’, they don’t understand how efficiently WHITES produce things.

      • Cleanliness, general societal trust, lawfulness, and safety will also greatly decrease. Hooray for us!

  2. Soon nothing will be free for the vast majority of the U.sury S.ystem’s homeland population (not a people). Everything must have a price tag or rental fee attached. The majority must live on credit as the tax of inflation destroys workers’ attempts at saving. The workers will never finish paying for the ever-expanding “national debt.” Freedom exists only for the elites who can afford to pay for it, unlike socialism that provides the greatest possible freedom for all, the essentials of life free for the people. But the U.S. population is not a people.

  3. Rick Scott is a toxic moron that fully encapsulates the dumbest aspects of the GOP. I remember Trump endorsing him at some point. Trump constantly rails against the GOP but then endorses all the right morons that undermine him and keep the party firmly within Ryanism.

    And that is the kosher sandwich. Toxic incompetence from the GOP and toxic evil from the Democrats. The GOP makes brouhaha about obvious social issues that’s been destroying this place for decades, does nothing and then continues hollowing out everything without balancing any budget. Whatever they want to save they want to turn around and hand over to their donors, the Pentagon, the Beltway Industrial Complex. Fiscally they’re complete frauds. The Dems are massively toxic socially, engineer the economy for galloping inflation, and then do their part to ensure the further hollowing out of everything like the GOP.

  4. The entire establishment needs to be destroyed from top to bottom. We are slaves with the illusion of freedom.

      • He’s done more damage to it than the Gay Old Pedos and Zion Don ever did. Anything that destroys or weakens the empire is to the benefit of whites enslaved by Globopedo – which you (a non-white Schlomo) support.

  5. “needs to be destroyed from top to bottom”

    In a nation of POC, what do you think would replace it, Cuba , Venezuela ?

  6. Krusty,

    Rick Scott is one of your religious types. He’s worth $220 million, and wants to empty the pockets of the working poor. Classy!

  7. Well, we can see what the Gay Old Pedos will do when they take over the congress after the 2022 midterms.

  8. Problem is they can’t say what they really mean, they want to go after minority welfare leaches. So the thing will have to be ambiguous and will end up targeting the working poor. It is really bad, we have this huge parasitic black underclass incapable of survival in a 1st world economy without whites paying their way. How do you deal with this within this stupid electoral system so celebrated by the constitutional fetishists? You can’t. Good luck even nipping it around the edges so many people are on the dole and they vote. Heck, they are even running polling places in our state prisons and homeless camps. I don’t see any way out of this cleanly.

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