RT: Medvedev: New World Financial Order Is Coming

ZOG declared Total Economic War Against Russia (TEWAR)


“A new financial order will be negotiated in the world, and the West won’t have the main say in it anymore, ex-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed.

The “hellish” sanctions imposed on Russia by the US, EU, and their allies over the conflict in Ukraine have failed to cripple to the country, but are instead “returning to the West like a boomerang,” Medvedev, the former Russian president who is now the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, wrote on Telegram. “This is hurtful for our ‘friends’ in Europe and overseas.”

But while the West continues its “fruitless efforts” to restrict Russia, “the world is gradually moving towards a new logic of global economic relations; towards upgrading the financial system,” he said …”

Russia is about to cut off the gas to Europe which is refusing to pay for it in rubles.


  1. The historical evidence of 1492, 1933 and Andrew Jackson would suggest that the economy of Russia is about to take off like a rocket. Shlomo must be freaking out.

  2. Wallace and the rest of the Putin Simps better be careful what they wish for – being the world’s reserve currency comes with many privileges.

    • “Putin Simps better be careful what they wish for – being the world’s reserve currency comes with many privileges”:

      “Privileges”? You like stolen money, don’t you? You mean that SOME of the loot of imperialism inevitably trickles down, through the filthy hands of the truly privileged (the Elites) to the masses who “really don’t deserve” the “privilege” of sharing the loot. But the Elites are getting better at recovering that trickle of wasted loot. The only “privilege” that will be left for the masses is to pay the interest on the ever-increasing “national debt” for the expense of endless imperialist war that enriches the Elites and to a lesser extent, the bourgeois upper-middle (or lower-upper) class that is allied with the Elites.

  3. Russia pumps 1/8 of the world’s oil.
    A major if not only supplier of critical materials.
    Russia is not some banana republic that can be starved out.

    We are ruled by fools, self-centered fools.

    • We wouldn’t need Russian oil or oil from any other foreign country if we used our own oil. We have more reserves than most countries have oil including Russia. The self centered fools know this while getting rich off the oil they deem evil.

  4. BRICS rising. Expect a number of the allies of BRICS nations to join them, and all drop the dollar at once. Russia is now demanding Rubles for oil and gas, confused customers are trying to work with them. It is interesting that only a few days after Saudi Arabia agreed to sell oil to China for Yuan, one of Saudi’s largest oil refineries just happened to get hit with a missile, just a coincidence of course. This will not end well, the Dollar’s domination is nearing an end, this will affect us all in unforeseen negative ways.

  5. Cut the jewS’ EU whores off, “Putler”. Freeze them & shut down their gas-dependent industry until they grow the balls to stand up to Bully Shmuel.

    • They need to be impoverished for their own survival. Who wants to pay for brown invaders if they’re shivering in their homes? Our prosperity has enabled much foolishness.

  6. As compared to the American media where it says Putin is soon to be removed or killed as his popularity is at an all time low among his people. A new financial system may be to the beneficial to any future White Ethno-State that might arise in America. Everything in the international and domestic area must be viewed as whether it is beneficial or detrimental to our race.

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