1. When inflation was this high forty years ago there was bank interest for workers’ savings and other mitigating factors that are mostly gone now.

    In the Reagan years the U.S. was increasing military spending, then as now, causing inflation, impoverishing workers. “Defense” (imperialist war) -related stocks and corporate profits are booming now, as they were then.

    • Bank interest was 17%, cds offered 19%.
      Now, 2% or less.
      Totally manipulated markets, by USZOG.

      I disagree, welfare to the worthless is the biggest drain to our economy , sec 8, EBT etc. Spending 25k a year to ‘educate’ ghetto chimpz, paying hoochie mamas to welfare produce future felons.

  2. Again,
    Notice how none of the major media does an investigation into the fake inflation numbers and the resulting impoverishment of most citizens. Totally in bed with the USZOG agenda.

  3. The skyrocketing price of diesel will cripple much of the economy if it isn’t arrested.
    Typical trucker is now using over 100k$ in diesel per year.

    Biden to release 180 million bbl from strategic reserve, absolute fool !
    US uses 20 million bbl per day. His solution is only the most temporary and drains our resilience in case of a true emergency.

    Tomorrow Russians will demand energy payments in rubles, ruble has rallied strongly in recent days.

    • The USD is terminal now, at least as a reserve currency, it’s too late to fix it.

      As loathsome as Dementia Joe is USD problems go back decades as previous administrations, both Republican and Democrat spent the country into oblivion, flooded the U.S. with Third World wogs, crippled business with counter-productive regulations (e.g. so-called “Civil Rights”, EEOC), waged pointless wars then sold off the industrial base starting with Pres. Reagan. The parasites on Wall St. were encouraged to pick the country clean as long as the ruling class got their fair share of the loot.

      The clock has run out on the USD. The “Exorbitant Privilege” of the USD as Reserve Currency of the whole world, backed by not one grain of gold since Aug., 1971 is coming to an end. The scumbag politicians, lapdogs to their master oligarchs, have abused the dollar’s status by printing it without end causing massive inflation and now crippling international trade by denying certain unfavored countries use of the USD.

      A stupider, more self-destructive policy would be hard to imagine. Only if the USD were sound i.e. not burdened by domestic debts that will be paid back through inflation and the U.S. produced what the world needs could such a reckless policy have a chance of success. Instead the U.S. Government’s sanction policies will drive countries away from the USD, towards other currencies such as the Ruble and accelerate already high inflation.

      Dementia Joe and soon, Cackling Kamala as Mr. President will be the bag holders for this fiasco. Good, fuck ’em, they deserve it. The destruction of the USD will thoroughly discredit the current U.S. GloboHomo Shopping Mall regime worldwide and make the evil plans of GloboHomo impossible to implement. Unfortunately, it will also cause the country, such as it is, to plunge into long term poverty worse than the Great Depression although this time it will be through inflation, not deflation with the added burden of millions of wogs who weren’t a burden in the 1930’s.

        • Neither do I but we can’t stop it, only prepare for it on an individual level. Border states are going to get it the worst because of the open border. Houston has been gone for a while now, Dallas is mostly colored with some wealthy Whites who believe their “liberal” politics will save them from the dusky hordes.

          It’s the same throughout states with huge wog populations like California, they will have the most disorders when raging inflation destroys already shaky supply chains.

  4. From 3-2020 to 2-2121(Trump’s final year) the M2 Money Stock(basically how much cash money there is) was increased by 1/3. All of that money printed in 2020 took about a year to get into a system as big as the US economy and that is where the inflation we are experiencing now sprang from.

    • Yes, rural peasants are beautiful and natural, worldwide. Away with cosmopolitan commercial influence! In most countries, proletarian cultural revolutions are needed, to re-educate and re-connect morally-degraded urbanites to their native soil and a natural life.

      Russians sing almost as well as the Cymry (Welsh people). I always liked Russian folk music.

      The Anglo-Zionist empire is killing these people, and many other nations. “Nuance” amounts to ignoring it, which amounts to tacit consent.

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