Andrew Anglin: I am a Russia Cheerleader

Andrew Anglin is ALL IN with Russia.

I’m pretty much the nuanced centrist between Greg Johnson and Andrew Anglin on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Daily Stormer:

“I’ve yet to see anyone other than leftists, Jews, neocons, and satanic neo-Nazis actually “Standing with the Ukraine.”

I’ve seen some allegedly “nuanced” takes on the Ukraine intervention. People seem to want to make themselves feel smart by saying “I understand Putin’s motivations, but I’m not going to support either side.” This isn’t really nuanced, it’s just someone who is either milquetoast, or wants to feel like he’s smart because he doesn’t just “automatically take the opposing position.”

I don’t think this is smart at all. It’s the big-brained centrist meme, basically. It’s pretending to be smart by claiming to have some vague higher level of understanding, which is never explicated. …”

Here is a rough outline of my position.

I will expand on this later when I get home. I’m currently on the road on my smartphone.

1. First, I have never supported American involvement in wars in Eurasia. I have never supported NATO. I don’t want to be entangled in any kind of alliance which seeks to dominate Eurasia. This is where I am coming from. I wouldn’t want to be involved in any other war there whether it was Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. If India and Pakistan went to war, my position on it would be the same, which is to say, we shouldn’t get involved.

2. Second, I don’t like war and basically agree with paleocons and libertarians on the issue. War fuels the growth of the state. It leads to a loss of freedom. It wrecks lives. It brings out the worst in people. It fuels militarism. It is nothing to celebrate. It has massive unanticipated consequences. I’m not a cheerleader for war. I think it is awful that the war in Ukraine has become a meat grinder. I am biased against war which tends to lead to negative outcomes.

3. Third, I strongly believe based on my understanding of history that World War I, World War II and the Cold War caused the racial and cultural decline of our civilization. Those wars psychologically shattered previous generations and shaped everything that followed in the post-World War II era. History has shown time and again that wars between Europeans are devastating and contrary to our interests. Nothing was the same after the World Wars. Look at France after World War I. The nihilisitic attitude that nothing mattered is why degeneracy exploded there. Look at the entire West after World War II. The war propaganda made “racism” and nationalism taboo.

4. Fourth, I have always had a positive view of Russia, but a positive view of Ukraine as well. I didn’t have anything against Ukraine before this war erupted. I don’t think it is our place to decide questions like who does Crimea or Donbas belong to. It is a matter which should be left to Ukrainians and Russians to sort out. It is crazy that we are even involved in settling this issue.

5. Fifth, the war has displaced millions of Ukrainian refugees, which is a human tragedy. Once again, it is sad and nothing to celebrate.

6. Sixth, I can’t blame Ukrainians for fighting to defend their country. It is understandable why most Americans sympathize with them. Regardless of what we might think of the Zelensky regime (I am against it), you can’t fault ordinary Ukrainians for defending themselves.

7. Seventh, we shouldn’t be wishcasting and projecting our own alienation from our own government on to this conflict. It is not about us and our situation here. It is a family quarrel between East Slavs. It is sad, but distant from us. It shouldn’t be our fight.

8. Eighth, Americans are deeply ignorant about the rest of the world and know very little about what has been going on over there. We are getting nothing but CIA propaganda in the media. We don’t have strong ties to Ukraine. We don’t have any vital interest in Ukraine. We also have a track record of shattering complex societies like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq that we barge into and try to impose our own way of life on. We don’t really care about Ukraine. We should be honest about our level of commitment to Ukraine. Therefore. It is best to stay out of it.

9. Ninth, the injustice that Americans and NATO inflicted on Serbia by ripping Kosovo away from that country should cause us to pause before getting involved in this war. The Serbs have exchanged roles as Autobots and Decepticons over time and it has usually depended on who is in power in Washington. The Serbs were the “good guys” in World War I and World War II and became the “bad guys” when Yugoslavia fell apart. The only reason countries like Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia ever existed was to reward the “good guys” who had fought on our side in the World Wars.

10. Tenth, we don’t know what the outcome of this war will be. The war has strengthened NATO. It is shaking up our politics. Things might end up changing for the worse in Russia and the United States because of this especially if the situation escalates into a full blown war.

Those are just a few reasons that spring to mind why I am not willing to go ALL IN in backing Russia in this war. We should stay neutral in the conflict, provide humanitarian assistance and engage in diplomacy with the aim of deescalating the war and resolving the security situation in Europe for the benefit of all parties.

Note: No one gets richer or more powerful though off of serious good faith efforts at diplomacy which is why we will not choose that path.


  1. I support Putin crashing the “Federal Reserve”. I couldn’t give give a rat’s ass about Dumbass and Dontask.

    • Stopping the shelling of civilians is worth supporting though. Removing Zelensky would probably achieve that.

      • That’s right. Certainly, I’m not for globohomo and it’s globohomo, jew world order, whose main thrust is spreading homosexuality, and it is globohomo who is doing everything it can to get this war going.

  2. Even Heimbach support Russia. A lot of people said he is out of white nationalism, he is no more involved in white nationalism and (ridiculus) he flipped on the global left political side. Heimbach ( i ‘ve never had a simpaty for him) is still a white nationalist, the only change that he did was to switch totally to national Bolshevism. And i’m not sure that this is a change, because he always supported communism and socialism for white. On his radio he’s still supporting white people, anti wokism, nationalism and condemning lefty and jewish globalization. I repeat only bipolar people or mentally weak people can be brainwashed and flip on the other side, only Picciolini did it.

    • “Heimbach (…) is still a white nationalist, the only change that he did was to switch totally to national Bolshevism. And I’m not sure that this is a change, because he always supported communism and socialism (…) he’s still supporting white people, anti wokism, nationalism and condemning lefty and jewish globalization”:

      Correct. You understood that perfectly.

      • Do you think i did a wrong statement? I know it can seem a nonsense talk about a communist or socialist that is an anti jewish white advocate, but can you deny my statement?? Go on the Heimbach radio podcast and then you’ll understood what i wrote.

  3. “War fuels the growth of the state” sounds very much like the famous “War is the health of the state” quote of Randolph Bourne, who opposed WW1 and was wrong about everything else.

    But Lenin said “There are wars and there are wars.” Most wars are reactionary but some are revolutionary: “Our aim is to achieve a socialist system, which, by eliminating the division of mankind into classes, by eliminating exploitation of man by man and nation by nation, will inevitably eliminate the very possibility of war. But in the war to win that socialist system we are bound to encounter conditions under which the class struggle within each given nation may come up against a war between the different nations, a war conditioned by this very class struggle. Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility of revolutionary wars, i.e., wars arising from the class struggle, wars waged by revolutionary classes, wars which are of direct and immediate revolutionary significance.”

    Which kind of war is happening in Khazarkraine? In capitalist Russia versus the capitalist U.S. in Khazarkraine we see an ethnic or ethno-nationalist struggle on the surface, but the capitalist system is the underlying cause and driver of the conflict. One cannot be truly anti-war and not oppose “free market competition” and greed that is the cause of wars.

  4. “It is crazy that we are even involved in settling this issue”:

    “We” (the Anglo-Zionist empire, including we the electorate who give our tacit consent) have CREATED the “issue” (Khazarkraine) and are sustaining it. It would settle when the we stop, but the logic of the system requires it cannot stop, until history ends it, someday.

    “you can’t fault Ukrainians for defending themselves”:

    Russians are defending themselves from the U.S.

    Being nuanced means you vacillate between both sides so that nothing can be known or accomplished, and view foreign policy (war) as separable from, and less important than “domestic politics”? Being populist (capitalism lite) is also a nuanced position.

  5. Anglin is playing on the same team as Rinaldo Nazzaro and both are in on the promotion of transnational white supremacy. And transnational white supremacy will be used by the Jews to attack, persecute and torment innocent white Christians. Unless you can come up with a moral justification for supporting Putin’s actions it is better not say anything. I do not see a moral justification in Anglin’s words do you?

    • So you think the jews need an excuse to attack White people and Anglin’s giving them that excuse? LOL! If White Christians choose to not fight back, and most of them don’t, the shitZ on them. From what I can see, most White Christians are so fuckec uip, they don’t even worship Jesus Christ. They worship the jews.

      • Christianity is the export version of judaism. 80% of the Christian bible consists of the so-called Old Testament. And according to the Gospels Christ considered himself to be jewish. So did his family, his neighbors and the religious authorities who allowed him to read Scripture in the Temple to the congregation during religious services.

        • And according to the Gospels Christ considered himself to be jewish.

          Really? I never saw that, but I’ve seen plenty of Christians who believe that and also believe Christ was a jew. He was not. What I have read is that pharisaism which is judaism is not the Law of Moses and the Law of Moses is what Jesus taught, not judaism. Pharisaism is the religion of the Talmud which is called Judaism today. It was condemned by Jesus since it is the antithesis of the Mosaic Law and the prophets which is what Jesus Christ adhered to. For Christ’s crusade to upend this talmudic religion of evil, the Pharisees who are the direct ancestors of today’s jews, demanded he be executed.

          “The jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, FROM THE PHARISEES.

          Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature … and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism” – Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume VIII, p. 474 (1942)

        • @Spahnranch1970—-That is so retarded. Christ was not a Jew but was the Jew messiah. He was the only salvation for the Jew people and you killed him Christ killer, you killed him. What do the Jews want more than anything? It is to lead and to rule over human kind and how does a selfish deceitful conniving people come to lead and rule over human kind, only through Christ. And without Christ you are doomed to destruction by the hand of God almighty. You are nothing like us Christ killer, get it through your thick skull.

          • @Pilot—-There is an infestation, no doubt about it.

            Kyke is the Latin caeca which means blind. And you are blind if you do not see the truth in Christ.

        • No explanations needed for your recurring ignorance on display here. Ad hominen attacks mean you have no argument. Thus my words stand and your response is nothing but defamation. Apparently, you, and the jews, have a problem with White supremacy. It is the jewish nature to resort to namecalling and insult which is something jews have brought into White societies.

          • @DICARLO—-you need to be Moshiached up to your tonsils Christ killer. What did I say that was so funny Christ killer? Do you think I am in this world to entertain you Christ killer? I asked you a question boy.

          • @browning

            I can’t believe that anyone so ignorant would actually post proof positive of their absence of brain cells, but then again, you don’t have the grey matter to know better. I’ll bet you’re the type that struggles with facts.

          • He calls everyone “a kike”. If he is religious, he should know that it was God’s will that Jesus die by the Jews, who blame the Romans.

      • @Dicarlo I think the exact same thing. Christianity is about worshipping the chosen folks, and letting them take over our nations. Like we are supposed to grovel even more, so we don’t make them mad!
        In the book of Timothy (I forget the verse), it says that Christ came to save the House of Israel. You can’t get more tribal than that.

        • @Pilot, yes, Christians find every excuse they can to defend the jews.

          You must remember, however, that in the buy-bull, the house of Israel means the house of Jacob.

          You probably remember bible stories about the brothers, Esau and Jacob. In the bible, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Take note that the Bible refers to Jacob as both Jacob and Israel even after his renaming much of the time. Hence, when Jesus was quoted in the Bible as saying, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24), he wasn’t talking about either the sleazeball jews in the Middle East of today, or the Pharisaic priests of his day, or the modern day country of Israel. He was talking about the descendants of Jacob / Israel, the twelve tribes.

          • @DICARLO——-Why aren’t you asking WTF is a Moshiach?You know Moshiach, right Christ killer? How am I ignorant retard? Because I am not blind like you Christ killer? Because I see you and I see your hate for Christ, is that why I am ignorant?

          • There’s a lot of people who think they, as Europeans, are from the “lost tribes” or that the modern day Jews are not the OT or NT jews. But they are. They are semitic people who didn’t suddenly appear there. There’s no hidden stuff about it.

          • @Pilot – the only point I made to you was simply that “Israel” refers to Jacob, and so as far as Jesus’ statement, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel”, again, he was not talking about the jews in reference to Israel. The jews/pharisees, as far as the buy-bull, were not of the House of Jacob/Israel. So, whether I agree with the points about the 12 tribes in your response or not, it still doesn’t change the fact that “house of Israel” means, house of Jacob. Christ did not say, or mean, he was coming to save the jews as your original comment implied.

  6. Again, Ukrainians are not fighting to “defend their country” at all. They are fighting to subjugate the Russian east and to integrate into the EU and NATO.

    If they really were about “defending their country,” then they would have accepted Russian terms to relinquish control over ethnic Russian territory and to remain neutral, which at least in theory results in retaining control over their own country, i.e. actual ethno-nationalism. This would have ended the conflict and resulted in defending their country. Nobody is doing that, though. No Ukrainians are fighting for nationalism. They are fighting to join NATO and the EU so they can move to Germany and get rich off EU gibs (at least that’s how they imagine joining the EU would be for them) and to drag ethnic Russians along with them while doing so.

    At least Richard Spencer is honest about this, that it is a European/American integrationist project, unlike Greg Johnson who dishonestly asserts defensive “nationalism” and “sovereignty” as a motivating force in the Ukraine conflict.

  7. And regarding #7, this is not a conflict between east slavs. It is a conflict between the USA and Russia. It is very much about us and the government that rules over us.

  8. The Ukraine is just a tool of Washington!

    WW3 have started and most don`t even know it…just yet!

    The sides are Globalism vs Traditionalism even if they don´t even know it…..just yet!

  9. Friends and fans of Russia should stop cheering them on, stop pretending they are “winning”, and tell them to “STOP!”.

    Do they want Russia to entirely bleed out on the Ukrainian knife in their belly?

    And isn’t it scary to think that now that the world knows Russian Forces are a bad joke, the only thing left for Russian Forces is to threaten with Nukes (or other weapons of mass destruction).

    I admire the Ukrainians fighting for their land and folk.

    But I don’t want the Russians to fall apart and become nothing but nuclear terrorists!

    Somebody get Vlad to call the former-superpower-suicide-prevention-hotline immediately!

    Not Joking!

    1. This is heading toward becoming an existential crisis for Russia.
    2. They need to stop going down into the grave the (((globalists))) have dug for them.

    Friends of Russia, Lovers of Russia — must stop enabling Russian suicide and help them to stop instead!

    • @b smith

      It’s not a matter of cheering Russia on. We all want this to be over. The Russians did not cause this. The corrupt US gov did and they need to back off. Do you think for one second that if the Russians had not taken this step that those ethnic Russians who live in Donbass or Donetsk would not continue to be murdered by the jew controlled Ukraine government? And what about NATO troops and weapons pushing right up to Russia’s borders? How would the US respond if Russia placed troops and weapons on America’s border? I’m thinking that you get most of your ideas and opinions from FOXjews. You need to turn it off.

      • Yes, Russia doesn’t want a NATO/EU nation at its border. It would be like the Cuban Missile Crisis.
        If the Ukraine was smart, it would get rid of the certain-ethnic leader, and stay under the umbrella of Russia, because if they get their freedom—the next thing will be hoards of nonwhite refugees coming in.

        • “the next thing will be hoards of nonwhite refugees coming in”:

          Didn’t you know? That’s what HAS been happening, ever since the color revolution and especially since the Maidan coup. They are attracted to Ukraine because Ukraine has the most liberal immigration policy for Africans in Europe. Thousands of Africans have been flooding into Ukraine (actually Khazarkraine, aka Nudelmanland) in recent years and they are now citizens with full voting rights.

          Black, Afro- Ukrainian citizens are among the one million or more refugees flooding into Poland and the U.S. with immediate acceptance.

      • @DICARLO—-you need to be bull fzxcked by the Moshiach, morning, noon and night, until their is nothing left but a huge huge stupid Jew smile.

  10. My own position is that Russia is doing what is in Russia’s interest. This is what real countries do. Contrast this with the fake-and-gay country of Ukraine, who has been waging war on ethnic Russians in Dombass and Lugansk for seven long years, killing around 10,000 civilians on behalf of their Globopedo owners. The Russians are not the aggressors here. The Judeo-Nazis armed and controlled by the empire are the ones who initiated this war. The only rational position of a Ukrainian nationalist would be to not join the Globopedo mercenary army but to get the best deal they can from Russia – who is winning the war.

    I am opposed to the evil empire and its campaign to rule the planet. The puppet-regime in Kiev is part of the empire and anyone who supports it is supporting Globopedo whether they comprehend this or not. Russia, China, Iran and Syria are the only countries actively opposing the empire. They have their own systems of government which are not western in nature – nor should they be. The notion that the entire world should live under “liberal democracy” – which as has been pointed out many times is neither liberal nor democratic – is evil. Other countries (India, et al) are not completely controlled by the empire and are viewing present events as a possible path out of its clutches. Even Mexico has stated they are neutral in this matter – indicating that they too are open to a path out of the hegemon’s control.

    I note that nobody who opposes the Globopedo empire’s war in Ukraine here is volunteering to sign up and fight for Putin or advocating that others do so. This is as it should be. Putin is Russia’s leader, not ours. Xi is China’s leader, not ours. We don’t have any leaders as the empire has declared us to be targets of extermination and rapidly destroys any possible leadership. In contrast, supporters of Globopedo (like Greg Johnson) are urging white boys to go and fight for Globopedo against Russia. Johnson is proved the liar here. He claims to be a white nationalist but supports a completely fake-and-gay regime who serves Globopedo. As for Ukraine being “the whitest country in Europe”, a full 30% of the “Ukrainian” refugees are not Ukrainian but consist of Middle-Easterners and Africans positioned in Country 404 by NGOs run by Soros, Schwab and other Jews. Russia is a type of empire as well, but patterned more on the old Roman model. Muslims, for example, have formed a significant component of the Russian empire’s population since the 1500s.

    The bottom line is that there is no possibility of any western restoration absent the collapse of Globopedo. There is no reforming of this evil empire. Vote moar harder gets you nowhere. Globopedo must collapse before anything can arise to start rebuilding. Putin is not going to send in the Chechens to save us from Gobopedo’s stasi-polizei here, nor will Xi send in the PLA and even if these were possibilities (they aren’t) the downsides would soon appear. Both Russia and China have more than enough on their own plate. There are no ideal choices here so the only logical course is to withdraw any support – even tacit support – for Gobopedo. Hopefully it will soon be weakened to the point where we can simply refuse to pay taxes which will accelerate its demise that much more. The collapse of the EUSSR and NATO (both components of Globopedo) would enable countries like Hungary and Poland to achieve real independence. Only in such a context could a truly independent Ukraine emerge.

    • One more note: South Ossetia will be holding a referendum to join the Russian Federation, as will the two Donbas republics, and apparently also the Kherson region north of Crimea.

      Orthodox Armenia, being small and weak and under constant attack by Israel, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, should also re-join Orthodox Russia. The Russo-phillic Carpatho-Rusyns in the far west of Galicia bordering Hungary may also want to re-join Russia. This is the power of nature – ethnocentrism at work – asserting itself like the law of gravity, hard or impossible to resist.

  11. Note: The U.S. is desperately trying to rescue some VERY important people out of Mariupol. Two more helicopters trying to rescue them, flying very low over the Azov Sea to avoid radar, were shot down today and another two were turned back. Who will the Russians find there?

  12. Anyone who claims to be pro-white and hostile to the jews has to support Russia’s military operation in the Ukraine, otherwise Zelensky, Biden and Nuland will win. Putin may not be the savior of White Western Christian civilization but he’ll have to do for now.

    • TRUTH! The major transformation of Ukraine to Western “democracy” has been the promotion of homosexuality and sexual degeneracy. The new jewish government that the State Department installed – jewish neocon Victoriai Nuland, specifically – immediately started a campaign to normalize homosexuality and fight against “homophobia”. I think this is even more important to these jew degernates than racemixing. The jew US gov needs to back off. No more wars for the jews.

  13. The US should be the last country lecturing anyone on war. When another country fights a war to protects it;s survival from the evil empire, they are the bad guys. You can remain neutral and support a countries right to preserve it’s culture, borders and morality.

  14. The Ukraine does not have what it takes to be considered a “real” country, it’s basically a region of Western Russia and Eastern Poland/Hungary.

  15. Hunter,
    If you are going to put Russian Z propaganda on your website banner, at least get it right. Its not Z for Zorro, its Z for World War Z. The Russian military is very necrotic.

  16. Lots of comments on this one. I see The Biden has exempted Russian Fertilizer and some other necessities from sanctions. I also see the Europygmies are refusing to pay in Rubles, on contractual grounds. It seems the Germans will be allowed to pay in Euros, Putin backed down on that.

    Comment. There is no European NATO army worth squat. They are worthless. The only two armies in NATO are Turkey and the Amis.

    At the current time I firmly believe the American Army is incapable of fighting a mediocre power. Absolutely incapable of fighting a world power like Russia.

    The Biden has no options, except to keep using the idiots in Azov as proxies. Fight the Russians to the last tatted up drugged up Nazi. Then what? Russia can invade Poland if they wish. They can defeat NATO in a conventional or a nuclear war.

    Russia holds all the cards. The Biden has none, but it is stumbling into a big war it cannot win. 800 million more for Ukraine, The Biden just said. For our border, nothing.

    Finally, I sense that Putin is beginning to slip, he is beginning to lose power. Remember, in Russian politics Putin is a squish, a softliner. A moderate. If he agrees to give up land that the army won with the blood of thousands of soldiers, Putin will be pushed aside. The hardliners will take power.

    • “The Biden has exempted Russian Fertilizer and some other necessities from sanctions”:

      The U.S. is importing more Russian oil than ever. Check the statistics. Without Venezuelan heavy crude, Ural heavy crude is needed or there will be a severe shortage of diesel in the U.S. The U.S. does not follow the rules it imposes on its satellites that are required to stop buying Russian fossil fuels. The “rules-based international order” means the U.S. makes the rules for OTHERS, and says “do as I say, not as I do.”

  17. Yes, you wanted it over in three days, or was it two? Russia will conquer Ukraine in two days!

    Reality is that, unless the Jews guiding Jew-merica and Jew-Kraine governments decide to betray the heroic Ukrainian men who are fighting for their land and folk, and let the Russian invaders win, this will end when El Putina (or his smarter successor), accepts some level of humiliating defeat.

    The sooner the better for the Russian people and the World.

    The world already now knows that Russian forces lack quality. Keep invading Ukraine and they will soon lack quantity as well.

    Then Russian state will have nothing left but the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

    If Russia becomes a nuclear terrorist state.

    If the choice is between the survival of the world and the survival of the Russian state,
    then the world will decide to end the Russian state.

    That is where this path leads.

    Do you hate the Russian people so much that you require them to walk it rather than admit you were wrong?

    • The war is more or less over now. Russia has won. It’s just a matter of how many more Ukrainian soldiers are willing to sacrifice themselves for their Jewish-American masters to “bleed Russia,” as Biden regime officials put it.

      I don’t know what fantasy world you people are living in that you believe Russia has been defeated, or that “the world” views it that way. Only low information Americans and Europeans hold that false viewpoint. Lavrov just had a meeting with Chinese officials the other day to celebrate victory over the subhuman American stooges. He is meeting with India soon. Russia, China, and India together represent a much greater portion of “the world” than USA, Euro, and Anglosphere do. Especially when we consider that USA/Euro leadership do not even represent most of the people within their own countries (most governments in these “democracies” typically holding approval ratings around 30-40%).

      The next step should be for China to fund separatist groups in USA and Europe, to take advantage of the divided, atomized populaces that have been purposely created by the ruling class in these countries. Mestizo separatism in the American Southwest would be a good start.

      • Russia Lost. Was suposed to be over in 2 days, let alone 2 weeks or Months.

        Let’s support getting these White people back together.

        Or is “Owning the Libs” a more admiral pursuit?

  18. I read his piece and kind of fall into the “big-brained” camp but leaning toward Russia.
    The loss of life is horrific and I wish this had not happened, It was avoidable (see Stephen F. Cohen and John Mearsheimer).
    I have two young nephews just beginning school. In this country I worry some teacher may try to change them into girls. If they were born in Ukraine I would have similar concerns. Ukraine propaganda keeps repeating that they are fighting for European and western values. Do they mean free elections, like the one they had in 2014? Poroshenko was overthrown in a coup with the the help of the CIA because he was perceived as wanting better relations with Russia. Trump ran into the same problem just for saying it might be nice to have better relations with Russia, and was impeached.
    So what values are they referring to? Sodomy is now considered a western and European value.
    When Russia held the winter Olympics LGBTQ activists wanted us to boycott because Putin was antigay
    and had passed laws against disseminating gay propaganda.
    If my nephews were born in Russia I would never have to worry about them being turned into girls by some satanic teacher.

    • Whiteness is Wokeness, and Wokeness is Whiteness.

      Its the Aryan-Anal alliance.

      “The West” is the Rainbow Flag and the Poop Emoji.

      “Western values” are butt sex and child trannies.

      Nuke New York City. Nuke Washington DC. Nuke LA and Portland.

      God cleansed Sodom and Gomorrah. I hope he cleanses America and Europe.

      There was a story going around about how 62% of 4th grade students at an elementary school in Texas identify as LGBTQUIA. “The West” is where children get turned into homos and trannies. The White Race created homosexuality and transgenderism.

      Its our values. Its who we are.

      • Right? It seems as if we are not Strong enough to deal with anything anymore. Republicans have no other platform, as if we are so emotionally Weak, we cannot deal with “CRT”.

        I’m embarrassed at what we have become. We are Better than This.

  19. The reason I am not here as much are the contradictions.

    Anyone who discourages normal sexual relationships with White women should not be trusted regarding Russia.

    I believe and fight for the opposite of what this freak believes.

    The republican party is a scourage. I can only pray that what Trump said “We’ve got the blacks and hispanics” is true.

    Who voted against $35 insulin for my mother? Goddamn republicans.

    Woke can go Broke or whatever. Whites in Red states have never been so Poor without healthcare, but Medicare for All is socialist, so let’s Suffer.

    When we became polictical, we Lost.

    • White Trash has two types.

      1. Eats at White Castle. Scratches their butts. Smokes Pall Malls and drinks PBR. Watches college football and drives a pickup truck, preferably one that blows black smoke. Listens to country music. Has an American Flag and a Confederate flag. Was sort of a punk in highschool but is fun, down to earth, and loveable. Salt of the earth Whites.

      2. Smokes marijuana and gets drunk on hard liquor. Smells like a cross between a dog and a skunk. Never worked a day in their lives but complained about how the factory closed and the jobs are gone (it closed in 1972, before they were even born). Addicted to painkillers, or knows someone who is. Eats from the local gas station because White Castle doesn’t accept EBT cards.

      Most working class Whites fall into Type 1. You and your decrepit bloodline fall into Type 2. You deserve to get left behind with your face in the dirt, ass up. I saw that Biden wants to legalize recreational marijuana use. Good. The sooner you people kill yourselves off, the better America will be.

      P.S. Whites like you never had normal sexual relationships, so you wouldn’t be able to appreciate how second wave feminism destroyed sex and relationships between White men and White women starting in the 1960s. Sex wasn’t invented in 1964 like that one song claimed, it was ruined in 1964. Yes, Russia, China, and India are on the side of social conservatism and against social liberalism. You are against social conservatism because social conservatism doesn’t bail out your trash genetics.


      Lets Go Brandon

    • Actually, we need to be political. The government shouldn’t be in the healthcare business. They shouldn’t be taxing our pay for our whole lives, and then charging and still taxing us for it later on. You’re right about the Republicans.

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