1. Perhaps the vehicles marked OSCE seen near the end of the video are affiliated with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

    When watching these simple, ordinary people in Ukraine describing the suffering and destruction the war has brought to them and that poor country, remember Joe Biden smugly bragging about getting a prosecutor who was investigating corruption fired; also the fact Burisma paid Hunter Biden $50k/month to sit on its board (and for a laugh, read the Wikipedia page Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory, and note normal plebs cannot edit it).

  2. The U.S., and Israel and U.K., must be forced to pay reparations for all this destruction because they are the cause of it. The entire U.S. population (not a people) is responsible because they consent to imperialism, thinking selfishly that some of the loot trickles down. If German people were responsible for Barbarossa, the rotten U.S. population is even MORE responsible for “Nudelman-rossa” because we have done these operations many times before, to many countries. The international war crime tribunal that is surely coming for this (although “the mills of God grind slowly” and “when sentence for evil works is delayed, the hearts of men are fully set in them to do evil”) will make Nuremberg look mild. Anglo-Zionists will make full restitution and do forty years of penance.

  3. Like I said in an earlier post, Putin has been driving the moneychangers out of the temple. I also think the Ukrainians abusing Russian POWs and some doctor threatening to have them castrated made me furious for the first time. And yes, I feel sorry for these ordinary people who are suffering, and nothing is said about them, only the Ukrainians suffering.

    As for Biden, he’s a total sleaze. Remember, Hunter is the only the bagman for dad.
    I agree with Hunter about being neutral, but more and more I think the Ukrainians, for all their nationalist and patriotic vigor, are asking for it. They may be good, but they’re being led by tarantulas.
    Much like us, n’est pas?

  4. Mariupol is a pro-Russian city where 2/3 of the citizens speak Russian – it would be akin to talking to some citizens of Atlanta in Oct 1864 about Sherman and the Army Of the Tennessee.

    • So why does Moshiach want Mariupol Christ killer? Because because because? Because of the wonderful things he does…… to your heinie?

  5. These are good videos.

    I didn’t believe the Anglo-ZOG lies about Russia and Ukraine. It’s no different than the lies that the same people tell about Dixie, or most any other country.

    The people of the English Speaking Union, especially the North American part, are deliberately kept in the dark about the outside world.

    The Chilean man in Kharkov is good, too. The coach red pill dude. He tells the truth, too. He even shows it.

    If the Ukrainians are winning, why aren’t there any reporters there, in the front lines, showing us the jubilant and victorious Ukranian troops, as they advance, persuing the beaten Russians back to Moscow?

    The only reporters actually there, seem to be reporting from the Russian/LPR/DPR side of the lines. If they can get fuel and ammunition past the Russian siege lines, into Kiev and Kharkov, and resupply the troops trapped in the Donbas cauldron, why can’t they get reporters and cameras in?

  6. Mariupol is a pro-Russian city where 2/3 of the citizens speak Russian.

    As is Kharkov, Odessa and basically nearly everything east of the Dnieper south of Kiev (which is slightly more Ukrainian, especially counting all of the “new Ukrainians” – Africans, Indians, Arabs, etc. – imported by Gobopedo NGOs who you support). In the far south (Black Sea coast), Russian speaking majorities extend all the way to the Moldovan border. Jew klown-puppet and his cronies have outlawed the speaking of Russian in these areas.

    In some interesting news, It seems some 4 choppers sent in by the Kiev regime to rescue high-value persons in Azov-Stahl holdout in Mariupol have been shot down. Nearly all aboard were killed but two survivors are spilling the beans now. All sorts of western “advisors” are embedded there, probably re-branded as “contractors”. They will be killed or captured soon. Globopedo thanks them for their service.

    • You are well informed friend!

      Can confirm

      Yes indeed we can expect a shitload of US and other SF and intel personel will be listed as dead in “fatal training accidents”in the near future

      another silver lining is that some CIA scums are also locked in the kessel at Azov-Stahl and those swine will have no mercy from the Russians! they will be considered “gangsters” and delt with on the spot

      The Russians are spring cleaning

      • @Exalted Cyclops

        “All sorts of western “advisors” are embedded there-”

        I’ve heard that they might be French Army, or British or U.$. advisors.

        At any rate, the Ukrainian army is defacto a NATO army, by training and doctrine. Which means that the U.$. and British armies are no match for the modern Russian army. And they know it in Washington and London.

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