1. The US govt and their western proxies don’t care about the destruction this war will cause because if they did they would avoid it at all costs. Wars not only destroys the losers but it also has impacts on the winners. You would think they would learn from history.

  2. America did similar for Russia in WW2. They supplied them with everything they needed to fight the Nazis, and saved Russia’s ass. If America First had won out back then, Russia wouldn’t exist today. Putin would likely never have been born, and Russia’s territory would belong to Greater Germany.

    • US assistance was very small compared to Red Army consumption and arrived only after Hitler was stopped and all evacuated factories were already launched and in full power. Of course , little help is also help but this lend lease was like Normandy invasion. It shortened a war few months but nothing more.

      Hitler has only one chance to win a war. Rally up Eastern Europeans and Russians against communism. Those 100 million people could provide soldiers to destroy Soviet Union. But German supremacy and horrific behavior in East blew this only opportunity and the rest is history.

      Now btw is the same. Blind hatred against all Russians, canceling everything from cats to Tchaikovsky rallied all Russians behind Putin and Russia is winning.

      • https://ru.usembassy.gov/world-war-ii-allies-u-s-lend-lease-to-the-soviet-union-1941-1945/

        $11.3 billion, or $180 billion in today’s currency, the Lend-Lease Act of the United States supplied needed goods to the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945 in support of what Stalin described to Roosevelt as the “enormous and difficult fight against the common enemy — bloodthirsty Hitlerism.”

        400,000 jeeps & trucks
        14,000 airplanes
        8,000 tractors
        13,000 tanks
        1.5 million blankets
        15 million pairs of army boots
        107,000 tons of cotton
        2.7 million tons of petrol products
        4.5 million tons of food


        The dollar went a lot further in those days, because the technology was simpler.

        If Hunter Wallace was sent back to the 1930s, with his knowledge of future events, America First would win.

        If America tuned away from the world, the Nazis would have reached and held Moscow, because there would be no America at their backs attacking their supply lines, getting ready to invade Europe. A well supplied single front war against Russia, would have been a walk in the park.

        After the war, Germany would have been satisfied with its lebensraum, and would spend the next hundred years, making lots of clever blonde haired babies, that would invent a lot of valuable technology for the world.

        Since there would be no USSR, there would be no Cold War, and no international subversive leftistism funded by the USSR, that led to the toxic anti-whitism, and wokeism of today. Also, since there would be no fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, there would be no Putin desperately trying to rebuild it today.

      • The Russians had very severe shortages of some industrial materials which were provided by the US. Us provided trucks also played a huge logistical role. Kruschev admitted they would have lost without American aid. I agree that the Germans should have treated the locals better, though. They could have had millions more volunteers than what they actually had.

  3. I’m pro Russia but the reality is that they did not have enough troops for the plan and were exposed.

    A million men would barely be enough. Also, people don’t rise up if you tell them that your pen is literally hovering over the peace treaty ready to betray them to their government. The objective had to have been the permanent conquest of territory and the destruction of the enemy government. Putin fought a limited war and got limited gains. He showed quite clearly that he is not ready for a Big War. I would have called his bluff immediately and dared him to nuke Rome, London, Paris – capitols of world history. When he chickened out his career and life would have been over.

    If his opponents were real men other than Biden and Zelensky, he would have been crushed.

    Fortunately he is winning the True Prize: A Multipolar World. A few acres of Ukraine are nothing.


  4. You must have mis-typed that.

    You must mean that Jews will fight to the last goyim — yeah that is always true.

    But “the West”?

    Men of the west are flocking to Ukraine to help them fight for their land and their folk.

    …Not pretending to be neutral while propagating Russian propaganda.

    If it wasn’t for the Russian threat of nuclear terrorism “The West” would have already cleaned the surprisingly incompetent Russian Forces’ clock in Ukraine, and taken a hefty buffer zone for safety out of Russia proper already as well.

    Russian forces are revealed as a joke, low quality. And Putin is determined to destroy the quantity of that low quality by putting more of it into the Russian meat grinder that is that “non-existant” state of Ukraine.

    Jew-pet Putin will end up with nothing but nukes to threaten with.

    And if Russia forces the world to choose between Russian nuclear terrorism and a “world without Russia”, then the world will chose a world without Russia — and rightly so.

    Those who love the world, or even only love Russia, should want this Russian invasion stopped and rolled-back before La Putin does anymore damage to the people he presumes to rule and the world in which we all must live.

    • Reminder:

      Ukraine has a Jewish president

      Ukraine’s government is full of Jews

      Ukraine’s president is the puppet of a notorious, corrupt Jewish oligarch

      ZOG has declared total financial war against Russia

      On one side on this conflict, Putin has absolute control in Russia. He doesn’t answer to anyone. He drove out the Jewish oligarchs who took over Russia in the 1990s. On the other side, American foreign policy is being run by Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland

      Yes, it is sad what is happening to Ukraine. It is a captive state controlled by Jews much like our own country. It is a client state of the same forces that control our country

      • African Khazarkrainians, aka Afro-Nudelmanlandians aka Black Ukrainians:


        Mostly since the coup in 2014 that fully established Nudelmanland, this is more proof that Nudelmanland is not a real nation but a multicultural proposition “nation.” Furthermore, even the vauntedly anti-Semitic Zio-“Nazi” militias themselves contain Orthodox Jews as well as White Galicians and the Jewish soldiers say they have never experienced any anti-Semitism. Thousands of Anglo-Zionist “radical Muslim” Jihadis were also imported to fight with the Nudelmanistas to destroy Russia. And the root of all this evil is the love of money as the Bible says. It is another class war with an ethnic excuse and the lower classes pay.

      • Hunter you are wrong, but do you know you are wrong?

        Ukrainians are fighting for their family, folk, and land, not for Jews — yet you conflate them with their parasite overlords.

        It is like saying the KKK was fighting for blacks and damn yankees because jews and damn yankees had installed blacks to rule over white southerners.

        (Or blaming Americans for Jew-S foreign policy.)

        Jew-pet Putin was created by (((Oligarchs))) and annointed by Jew-Pet Yeltzin.
        He remains cozy with (((Oligarchs))) to this day and has close relations with those “men in hats” the (((Chabad))) as well. He upholds the lies about Nasdap Germany and the HOly-Hoax which are the prime weapon behind the demoralization of our folk and of white genocide.

        You could know this if you dared — just some research and courage to know.

        La Putin is a jew-pet who got uppity and was easily led by (((Globohomo))) to throw his nation onto the gutting knife of the Ukrainian nation.

        He is little more than a bad Shab-dog getting punished at the expense of Innocent white people of Ukraine and the future of the Russian people as well.

        Putin is a judeo-philic, anti-white, delusion of grandeur incarnate.

        He is not good for white people.

        You will regret supporting him.

        • No, I have made a distinction between the two in several posts including in the response to Anglin. I don’t like the Zelensky government, but don’t blame Ukrainians for fighting to defend their country. Ultimately, I want nothing to do with the conflict though.

          • How are Judeo-Nazis shelling Russian civilians in Dombass / Lugansk (killing over 10K) “defending their country”? The war started in 2014 and the aggressor here is not Russia, but servitors of Globopedo. Russia has if anything been far too patient. B. Smith is either a Jew troll or a retarded boomer. Note also that American, EUSSR and UK military advisors are embedded in Jewkrainian military along with Judeo-Nazis to ensure total obedience. Like Judeo-Nazis and B. Smith, they serve Gobopedo. Your own position – staying the hell out – goes against serving Globopedo so B. Smith demands you bow the knee and support a Jew klown druggie who plays piano with his dick.

        • B.Smith,

          You’re a better Anal-Pedo shill then ChristopKiller70 or whatever the kike’s name is, I’ll give you that.

          The conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are “all in on the act” was parodied brilliantly today by Anglin:

          The Ukraine conflict has been faked by the globalists and the Illuminati in order to divide and conquer the masses. However, many people have considerable trouble understanding the secret mechanism through which the West, China, and Russia are all controlled by the same group of people, and are therefore able to stage a massive geopolitical conflict in order to confuse people on the internet.

          Russia, China and America are all allies, part of the same bloodlines going back to the Illuminati mystery schools of Babylon, and now their agenda is coming to the fore, as they create a fake war in order to confuse fringe internet posters.


          Here’s a more plausible synthesis of your concerns with what we are seeing unfold before our eyes: The Jews know that the White Race is on the way out, and the future of world affairs lies through Russia, China, and India. This would explain why Israel sided with Russia and tried to work out a peace between Ukraine and Russia.

          Unfortunately for them, Jews will not directly dominate the world in this new paradigm. Their influence will be more akin to what they had during the Medieval Era: The role of “Court Jew” that has the ears of Monarchs, Aristocrats, and Clergymen, has privilege in certain sectors, but is not able to run their usual satanic operations without incurring richly deserved pogroms.

          Jews want revenge on Russia for daring to oppose them multiple times over the centuries, and they want to cleanse China and India of their traditionalist cultures because any sort of tradition or social conservatism is anathema to Jewish sensibilities, and is perceived as a “threat” to Jewish existence.

          They don’t welcome the New World Order that is unfolding before our eyes. They want “The West” to stay on top and continue to dominate the world because, like the stupid young French cook from the 2007 movie “Ratatoullie,” they’ve been controlling Whites by the hair for centuries. We are their bitch. Their bottom boys. The Aryan World is united in condemnation of Russia and support of Ukraine.

          Aryans support Ukraine because they want to make the world safe for butt sex, transvestites, child trannies, orgies, drugs, etc etc. Make no mistake: The Russia-Ukraine war is another Culture War, and this time, the insects and monsters might actually lose. That is reason alone to support Russia, even before we entertain conspiracy theories about Putin’s actions being “All Part Of The Plan.” (what plan? To confuse internet anons?)

          • So the Country 404 support of those like Christop1970 and B. Smith all really boils down to their personal passion to keep the Gay Disco open – same as with Greg Johnson. Your argument is one of the more logical ones for the strange pretzel-logic we’ve seen in these folks in the last month. There could be financial incentives too – a la Hunter Biden.

        • “Ukrainians are fighting for their family, folk, and land, not for Jews”

          This is false. If they were fighting for their “family, folk, and land” then they would have started fighting years ago when the USA staged a coup to install a Jewish state department government that has been pursuing policy designed to destroy all of those things. They didn’t, therefore it’s safe to conclude that they are not fighting for their “family, folk, and land,” but are in fact fighting for Jews.

  5. Time for the Yankee Empire to go now…must let Ukraine get their brains beat out like all the other countries the Yanks have thrown to the wolves over the years. It won’t be over til its over over there…and its almost over…

    Some changes are in order for the Yankee Empire:

    Replace the current “racist” flag with the queer flag.

    Replace Uncle Sambo with a character resembling Harvey Weinstein.

    Get rid of the name “America” in the name — The People’s Republic of Obama might do. The name “America” is named after a slaver and only true Southerners who are descended from those in the last true, real American government, the Confederate States of AMERICA, are worthy of the name America and hopefully the South will secede soon and take the American name with them.

    I will have to let others add to the list, I have to go to work so I can pay my taxes to Uncle Sambo…

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