1. Yep. People blame the tech companies, but it always was the government forcing them to censor. I wonder what laws they use to force them to comply?

    • She is not “a yiddish version.” Abigail Martin is not Jewish or of Jewish descent, though she has been in contact with many in journalism and activism.

  2. Tech Monopolies=The full expression of Hindu Race Power in America..

    Go back to the Toilets of the Punjab…

  3. Abby Martin is my type of chick. She looks for the truth, has fire in her belly, is pretty, but slightly too liberal. I think she could be brought around closer to our ways of thinking.

    • She has always done good work on imperialism. That’s why you will never see her on cable television

  4. This Abby Martin seems to be very honest, intelligent and also attractive – very similar to Tulsi Gabbard.

    The false divide between Liberals and Conservatives are increasingly irrelevant. You’re either with “The System” – New World Order, Military Industrial Complex, J media monopoly now supplemented by Indian high tech domination, resentments and censorship.

    Of course the Zionists, Neo COnservative, Christian Zionist, Military industrial complex want war war war and will use their huge propaganda monopoly to slander any White European nationalists in Russia, Poland, Hungary, France, Serbia and also Persian and Syrian, Palestinian Arab nationalists.

    The je*s and their goy puppets, slaves hate all nationalism except J*wish Zionist Nationalism, sometimes they give lip service that they are against Israel Zionist nationalism but nothing but words ever happens.

    The Obama’s like their $ millions and now have luxury estates in Washington DC Diplomat neighborhood, the Magnum PI Estate in Hawaii and just closed on a $12 million country estate on Martha’s Vineyard MA.

    Oh and the Obama foundation just stole a huge chunk of Chicago Lakefront Park in Jackson Park in my old Chicago neighborhood for a god awful cult of personality 23 story high rise Temple the Obama Presidential Center. These as* holes are even going to have a traditional ex Presidential library anywhere it’s like a joke from a Chris Rock comedy routine that Blacks/Nig**** don’t read books, it’s like Kriptonite to a Nig**#*$#*.

    This beautiful woman seems very intelligent and very principled just like Tulsi Gabbard. Tucker Carlson is probably the last honest sort of Conservative guy on Cable News – and the ADL creatures have targeted him for elimination.

    • “This Abby Martin seems to be very honest, intelligent and also attractive”:

      Abby Martin has the courage to go to Palestine and confront the Zionists, and NOT go to the Wailing Wall and put on a cap. This is she in 2016:

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