Tablet Mag: The New Authoritarians

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

In this war, the “liberals” are ironically the side calling for bigotry and xenophobia against Russians, who want to censor the internet, who want to silence the little guy, who do things like casually calling for their political opposition to be arrested on The View for disloyalty to Ukraine, who want to drive people into unemployment over the COVID vaccine, who want to crush our civil liberties, who support expanding the surveillance state, who want to disarm the public, who support militarism and imperialism, who demand absolute conformity to their perverse worldview both at home and abroad, etc.

What happened to liberalism?

Tablet Mag:

“After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, many Democratic voters felt baffled and betrayed. Pollsters and statisticians had predicted a decisive victory for Hillary Clinton, and her campaign had even attempted to elevate Trump because they thought he was the easiest candidate for her to beat. Conveniently, the Russian collusion narrative and allegations of white supremacy allowed the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign, and the media to avoid asking themselves how they had made such an enormous miscalculation.

In reality, their inability to predict or understand Trump’s appeal to voters was symptomatic of a class stratification that had been building for decades. From the 1970s until the 2008 financial crash, only the top 20% of the country saw its real income steadily grow while the real income of the bottom 80% stagnated. This top 20% consisted largely of affluent college-educated professionals who migrated to the Democratic Party, while large segments of the working class left it. In 1960, Democratic President John F. Kennedy lost the votes of white college graduates, but he won the support of white voters without a college degree by a 2-to-1 margin. For Joe Biden, the results were the exact opposite. In 1992, almost 60% of Bill Clinton’s supporters were whites without a degree, but the same was true of only 27% of Biden voters. By 2018 the top 10 wealthiest congressional districts were all held by Democrats.

The Democratic Party’s elitism problem corresponds to a long-standing trend among liberal professionals. For decades, they have been waging a thinly veiled class war against their perceived inferiors, which Christopher Lasch described in his 1994 book Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy. One of Lasch’s central arguments was that managerial elites had abandoned public debate and their basic obligations to the majority. The economic divide between the Democrat-affiliated upper-middle class and the rest of the country has produced a highly insular intelligentsia increasingly disconnected from reality and aligned with corporate interests …”

We’re not worried about Putin’s autocracy.

We live over 5,000 miles away from the front lines in Ukraine. Also, if you take Eurasianism seriously, Russia’s aspirations are regional and inwardly focused on the “Russian World” and encountering resistance in Ukraine. The real autocratic threat comes from the PMCs inside our own country.

In an ideal PMC world, you would be free to watch only trusted authoritative sources like CNN and MSNBC on YouTube. You would also be able to explore any gender identity or porn site that you want. You would be free to cross the Mexican border as you please or to join a mob and burn down your neighborhood. You wouldn’t be free to own a firearm or to eat red meat or to make your own personal health decisions or say whatever is on your mind and contradict the narrative due to the harm that is caused to others.

Liberalism 3.0 is at odds with Liberalism 1.0. It is focused on controlling speech and thought. It knows exactly what is good … things like antiracism, racial equity, intelligence agencies, vaccines, veganism, Ukraine or “trans” rights. Preferably, a combination of unbridled state and corporate power untempered by either constitutionalism, tradition or precedent should be used to crush all those who stand in the way of what is good as determined by Twitter whether it is Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Canadian truckers or Russia. Comedians walk on eggshells and tow the party line in the “Free World!”

In this respect, Liberalism 3.0 departs from Liberalism 1.0 which was suspicious of state power and Liberalism 2.0 which was suspicious of corporate power. Liberalism 3.0 celebrates authority and grasps for power like a man dying of thirst in a desert. It chafes under restraints. It us intolerant and loves a good witch hunt. It constantly appeals to the authorities to … DO SOMETHING.

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  1. ” the “liberals” are ironically the side calling for bigotry and xenophobia against Russians, who want to censor the internet, who want to silence the little guy, ”

    It’s the total hypocrisy that makes liberalism so repugnant. It’s completely inconsistent.

    I’m supposed to accept ‘integration’ , while they live in gated communities with private security patrols and video surveillance.

  2. Trump pushed things over the edge and now things are over the edge without way to go back. So the Swamp became self draining with Trump supporters safely away

    All hysteria is because they run out of ideas. They know that end of USD is the end of the Empire and their power and good life. But they do not know how to save the USD and the Empire.

    I think that smarter of them already morning that they picked up fight with Donald. They could lay low, treat Donald as normal president, sit out those 8 years and then turn everything back. But they choose to pick up fight with the wrong guy. As now with Russia.

    Stupidity destroyed also Soviet Union. Nobody had the courage to blow this monster off until communists brought tanks to the street and forced us to finally decide something. Without those tanks we probably still had Soviet perestroika and endless and useless reforms like North Korea with no end in sight.

  3. This kind of explanation is nonsensical, bordering on the idiotic. That which calls itself “liberal democracy” is neither liberal nor democratic. It is in fact an oligarchic empire ruled over by an unaccountable, unelected central committee who are bound by no law or moral force save whatever justification they invent. Their supreme commandment was best summed up by Crowley in four words: “do what thou wilt”.

    Opposing them are disparate groups: religious people (the largest part of the Orthodox world [Russia], swaths of the Muslim world, plus a tiny remnant of actual Christianity in the west), China, India, Iran, Syria and scattered countries and groups elsewhere. This opposition is partly autocratic in a sense, with two strong leaders acting in the interests of their nations (China and Russia) who enjoy considerable support of their people. The empire – best characterized as the Globopedo Church of Woke – is irredeemably evil and corrupt to its rotten core. This is really a world war. The Globopedo Church of Woke is sustained by usury, asset-stripping, war, murder and slavery. Those opposing it are doing so primarily to resist conquest by the evil empire.

    The interesting aspect of this ongoing battle (since 2014) in Country 404 has been the revelation of who is willing to stand in support of the Globopedo Church of Woke – including a number of supposed “white nationalists”. The objection to ‘brother wars’ is an entirely valid one in light of the dark history of the 20th century. However, the ones who started killing their white brothers in Dombass and Lugansk were not the Russians but the Judeo-Nazis. Russia’s intervention was to stop the ongoing slaughter of their people. Country 404 is merely the forward invasion depot for the Globopedo empire.

  4. Liberalism used to believe in opposing speech. “I may disagree with what you’re saying but I will defend your right to say it.” Today’s liberals are the complete opposite. “I disagree with what you’re saying and I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re censored.

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