Coldest Place On Earth

I’m going to continue to spread Russian disinfo like this.

We’re supposed to hate these people because of the war in Ukraine. It is their fault the war happened. Sure, we don’t control our foreign policy in the United States (it took 20 years and 5 presidential elections to get out of Afghanistan), but a bunch of YouTubers in Russia and everyone else who lives there need to be severely punished for shit they had nothing to do with.

Note: I should get on Twitter and denounce these people to show how good of a person I am.


  1. It’s good for Russians to be banned from youtube. The more Russians are on western platforms, the more they are exposed to western garbage culture. They can move to better platforms that aren’t run by Americans.

  2. Her name is Eli, and she’s a lovely, thoughtful young Russian woman who speaks excellent English — in her recent videos she has taken a fairly reasonable view of the Ukraine conflict (unlike a few other young, English speaking Russian YouTubers) — I urge everyone to check out her other videos, and perhaps subscribe to her channel.

  3. It takes a special kind of person to be able to live like that. You have to be self sufficient and dedicated.

    • We are here. Some of us recognize that the American establishment has become a cancer unto the world. It is the most powerful anti-white entity that has ever existed.

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