1. There is no such thing as Jew morality. The concept of right and wrong does not exist to the chosen, all that matters is what furthers the goals and desires of the kyke people. Again—–

    what do they want—–Moshiach

    when do they want him——NOW.

    Why do they want Moshiach—-who TF knows.

    • Bingo. Their moral acid test is not “Is it true?” or “Is it right?” Their moral acid test is: “Is it good for the Jews?” When dealing with Jews, one must always keep that in mind.

    • Too bad for them, the “Moshiach” does not exist. That won’t keep them from destroying civilization, though.

  2. Jews are trying to setback National Socialism like they did nationalism with Zion Don.

    If any Azov kosher mercenaries are still alive on April 15th, I suspect they will be observing Passover.

  3. Some Nazis are more equal than others.

    — Pope-Rebbe Nosferatu, Rainbow Church of Woke

  4. A secret report within the ADL: we have perceived a threat to shiksa production in Eastern Europe. The shiksas must flow.

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