1. What is recruiting looking like for football for Bamers and Barners in the great state of Alabama? I live near Tuscaloosa. That is what most folks of our great Aryan race seem to care about here. I mean who cares about the Great Replacement and the Ukraine? Roll Tide! War Eagle! Any comments, Hunter?

  2. Lancaster is just one of several on the Russian side of the lines. He’s good. I don’t think that the residents of Mariuopal are lying when they say that they hate Zelensky and the Ukranian government. Gonzalo Lira is another good one. He’s inside of Kharkov, and he shows what’s really going on there. Apparently, despite the wonderous victories of the Ukrainian army, the Russian artillery gets closer to Kharkov, every day.

    What I wonder about, is why there are no reporters imbedded with the Ukranian army, showing us all of these fabulous Ukrainian victories that we keep hearing about. Surely, if they can get supplies and fuel to the surrounded and cutoff Ukrainian troops, they can get some reporters in, too.

    Yesterday evening, on WBAP, Dallas, Chris Krok(of shit) claimed that the Russian army had run out of fuel and ammunition, even though he’d reported, in the previous sentence, that the Russians had intensified their artillery fires in Kiev, and in the Krematorsk cauldron. Then he went on to claim that Russian airborne troops had gotten lost, because apparently they can’t read maps, or use GPS. Neither of which were mentioned by Krok. Finally, he said that the Russians don’t have precision guided munitions.

    But interestingly enough, as Russian Victory becomes more obvious, and harder to cover up, or lie about, the USZOG media are starting to back away from the subject of the Ukraine, and talk about it less and less.

    • Chris Krok is pathetic. He attends FBC in Dallas and has Robert Jeffress on his show regularly.

    • Wait until the 60-80K Ukrainian army in the Dombass Cauldron start getting seriously hammered. It’s now becoming apparent that stage one of the campaign was indeed as described by Scott Ritter – a maneuver war. This is how “cauldrons” were created. Those inside the cauldrons get no reinforcements and no re-supply. They either surrender or die. The Judeo-Nazis and Western “contractors” kill those who make any attempt to surrender, so the Ukrainians who finally decide they don’t want to die for Globopedo might elect to start killing those who are enforcing these rules themselves. Oh, and the stage one intervention only involved 80K or so Russian army (plus Dombass and Lugansk militia). Russia has plenty in reserve – including nearly all of the top-tier units. Waiting for NATO to jump in I expect.

      • “Waiting for NATO to jump in I expect.”

        Correct! They are readly, locked and loaded for this to happen!, this was in their contingency plan all along!, they the Russians know WW3 have started and obviously planned accordingly

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