Peter Hitchins: The USA Wants This War … So It Can Drive Russia Back To The Stone Age

Ukraine is a client state, a battering ram, a “lethal cat’s paw,” a bear trap for Russia. The goal of our bipartisan liberal elites is to create an Afghanistan-style quagmire in Ukraine. Fake populist Boris Johnson is cheering for the war to go on until Russians are ousted from Crimea.

Daily Mail:

“This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia. It is a war between the USA and Russia, in which both sides are cynically using Ukraine as a battering ram. 

The people of Ukraine will gain nothing and lose much from being treated in this way. They fight and die or lose their homes and flee. We pour in more weapons and shout encouragement from a safe distance. Russia wrecks the joint.

What Ukraine actually needs is action to cure its festering, universal corruption. It would also benefit from the pushing to the margins of the ultra-nationalist fanatics who have far too much influence in its government and armed forces. The war will make these problems worse, not better.

As I once again find myself on the despised, hated and reviled side of the argument, I might as well do this properly. These are very cynical events indeed. I am sorry to say that there are people in the USA who will not be sad if this war drags on. …

It is this policy which explains the otherwise mad expansion of Nato, against the warnings of every qualified expert in the world. It also explains the taunting of Russia by President George W. Bush’s 2008 suggestion that Ukraine should actually join Nato. 

This came just a year after Vladimir Putin, still more or less open to reason, said very clearly that he’d had enough and that Nato expansion should stop. Then, of course, came the events of 2014, in which the USA openly backed a mob putsch which overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych. More responsible nations, including France, Germany and Poland, tried to broker a peaceful, lawful path. …

The elected president soon afterwards fled for his life, probably wisely, and was formally removed in a shabby procedure that fell far short of lawful impeachment.

This putsch was the true beginning of the war now raging, the initial act of violence which triggered everything else. …”

A peace deal is feared in elite circles in Washington and London.

Once again, effective diplomacy that resolves disputes costs nothing. If consumers are paying higher prices for everything and the military-industrial complex is eyeing a trillion dollar defense budget and there is more censorship of “disinformation” on social media, someone is benefiting from all of this.


  1. Every country the US tries to bring “democracy” to they end up destroying. Ukraine will be no exception.

      • Just remember though, “Far Right” Christians are worse then that. “Far Right” Christians want to ban abortion and homosexuality, and they want to force White women back in the kitchen. Jewish pedophiles molesting White children is worth it as long as “far right” incels are kept away from White women. Our values are self-actualization and ecstatic love.

        • DP84: We Christians don’t want to force women “back into the kitchen.” We do want to affirm that being a homemaker is a high and noble calling for women, far more noble than being a wage slave for some woke corporation. Without homemakers, society goes to hades in a handbasket.

  2. Russia just stepped out of the trap. The internal debate between short of long war is over because the short war obviously failed.

    So it will be long war and the permanent conquest of whatever they can take, hopefully all lands east of Dnieper and “Novorussia”, but it really doesn’t matter.

    A few acres of Ukraine here or there don’t matter, the true prize is the end of Western Hegemony and the creation of a balanced world which will be better for everyone, not least of whom are our own people here.

    • Yep. Break the Petro$ and we have a chance at freedom. Ukraine is just to bait Russia. I wouldn’t be shocked if Zelensky was even broadcasting kiddie porn into Russia like they do in Palestine.

    • All Russian wars are long wars. Victory means long term outcome with enemy permanently gone. Draining a Swamp also means entire system forever gone. This time white people have proper leaders who know what they do.

  3. The English want this war, but the Englishman Hitchens is going to tell you Murica wants it. The limey thinks we are stupid.

  4. As the American guvmint supplies the war effort in Ukraine, the southern border is being breached, daily. Some who live near the US/Mexican border could use some of those weapons to fight off invaders.
    A heads up, Vladimir:- the most successful invasions are unarmed ones, apparently. Maybe try that, instead. Paint your troops brown, take their weapons away, and give them a sob story to spin. You’ll have more success. Seems to work in the West.
    On the Ukrainian side, all men aged 18 to 60 must stay and fight the Russians. I bet if they tried fighting to keep Africans, Pakistanis and Jews out in normal times, they’d be sent to prison. But Russians? Oh that’s fine.
    Keeping Russians out:- patriotic fighters.
    Keeping diversity and faggotry out:- racist vermin!
    Notice how feminists had nothing to say about only the men being forced to remain behind?
    I’m just attempting to highlight all the hypocrisy. It’s staggering.

    • @Christop1970—–Saturdays are the best. You and Spahnranch are both at schul. When is Passover kyke and how many passovers have got to pass till you “atone” for the murder of Christ? How many kyke? A zillion?

    • Nonsense as usual. I think I agreed with one comment once, but it may have been accidental, like a broken clock…

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