NatCon Brussels: Churchill, Zelensky and the American Right

Everything changed on February 24.

It is time to get on board with Winston Churchill, Zelensky, NATO, the Republican establishment and the Russiagaters and neocons who are pushing for Cold War II between the “Free World” and Russia.


“There are people in the conservative movement who oppose and attack Mr. Zelensky. I understand their arguments intellectually. Some are ideological; others have to do with World War II; still others go back to Catherine the Great or to events as recent as the Trump presidency. I beseech them to recognize that as of Feb. 24 everything has changed, not only because of Mr. Putin’s invasion, but because of the brutal way it has been carried out. For all our sophisticated appreciation of realpolitik, we mustn’t blind ourselves to the fact that an evil man has done a terribly evil thing.

There are times when conservatives need to stand up and say things that hardly anyone wants to hear, that run counter to the overwhelming opinion of the world. Churchill himself did that over appeasement during his Wilderness Years. Yet sometimes I feel that there are some in our movement who enjoy being contrary for its own sake—out of perversity or a desire for attention—regardless of the cost to the wider movement and how it looks to ordinary people. They fail to heed the enormous damage done to the right in denouncing Mr. Zelensky and the favorable opinion that is strongly held by many millions, perhaps billions, of people around the world who have been profoundly moved by Ukraine’s plight.

Consider David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, who last month wrote that “we were already getting sick and tired of this Zelensky clown,” that “Zelensky should resign and make way for a collaborationist government that will sue for peace,” and that Ukraine’s government is made up of “anti-Russian fascists and oligarchs.” (At least he didn’t mention drug addicts.) Mr. Stockman went on to argue that Ukraine isn’t a real country and has no genuine sovereign independence.

Day after day, in their cities, suburbs and forests, ordinary Ukrainians are showing that it is a real country. They wouldn’t be fighting and dying if they did not believe that. The European Union isn’t a real country—no one would fight and die for its flag and anthem and leaders—but Ukraine has proved that it is one.

The martyrdom of Ukraine and the Churchillian leadership Mr. Zelensky and his people are showing has changed the political landscape. If we believe in uniting the right, and especially if we want to do it when the left is so disunited, now is the time for open-hearted and full-throated support of Ukraine and its leader. Mr. Zelensky was a comedian in an earlier career. In the one for which history will remember him, he is the kind of freedom fighter that conservatives should applaud.

Now is not the time to continue fighting the struggles that seemed to matter before Feb. 24. Just as many of the America First isolationists quickly and patriotically came around to the overwhelming need for the U.S. to join in the struggle against Japan and Germany—and thus largely escaped the contempt of history that would otherwise have been their lot—so Mr. Zelensky’s critics on the right should heed the courage of a people who are battling a more massive and naked display of barbarism by a great power than most people alive can remember.”

Right …

So, if you make a racist, homophobic or Islamophobic tweet in Boris Johnson’s UK, a Rainbow colored police car will dispatched to your house where a police officer will arrest you for “hate speech.” This is what we are being called on to defend and fight for in Cold War II.

Note: We don’t want to be caught on the “wrong side” of history.

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  1. I agree that Zelenskyy is a great example of “Churchillian leadership.”

    Like the drunken Jewish puppet Churchill, Zelenskyy shows zero regard for the interests of people in the country he rules over (not “his country” because Zelenskyy is not Ukrainian), instead using them as fodder for advancing the interests of his own global Jewish people. Very Churchillian.

  2. The Right became a rudderless ship in 2017 when Trump showed his true colors – Putin assumed the role of being the next safe harbor for that ship to reach and now here everyone is. Putin could care less about all of the crap that goes on in the West and with the West’s culture but he makes these token remarks and gestures that echo Trump’s 2016 campaign and he adds a dash of Christian righteousness and the Right falls all over themselves believing that Putin is the West’s Messiah.

    • Who cares. The Left supports child trannies, pedophiles, and gay anal rim jobs. Not that kikes such as yourself ever had a problem with that.

  3. “Free World”

    Antiquated term, if there ever was one. Our so called leaders are all mentally still stuck in the 1980’s. In the Cold War.

    They need to go to old folks home.

    A talk show personality claimed that the modern Russian army is no match, on the ground, for the forty year old U $. Army.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  4. My country, the US, myself, my family and my friends are threatened more by the wide open southern border and the invasion coming across it than they are by the invasion by Russia of some corrupt s***hole country on the north shore of the Black Sea. My country is threatened more by the lack of accountability for its leadership irresponsibly launching wars for Israel over the last 20 years than by any invasion of Ukraine by Russia. My country is threatened more by its being run for the interests of Israel, a hostile foreign power, over the interests of the historic American people than by any invasion by Russia of Ukraine.

    Let our “leaders” address those more pressing issues first, then get back to us. Maybe then we’ll listen. Until then they can all go ***k themselves.

  5. Truth be told, Churchill and Zelenskyy do have something important in common, as they are both puppets for jewish oligarchs and international bankers.

  6. I beseech them to recognize that as of Feb. 24 everything has changed, not only because of Mr. Putin’s invasion, but because of the brutal way it has been carried out. For all our sophisticated appreciation of realpolitik, we mustn’t blind ourselves to the fact that an evil man has done a terribly evil thing.

    This is a lie. What happened on Feb.24 is that Putin, the elected leader of Russia with a far more legitimate claim to the title than Shitpants Joe or any puppet dancing in the various nominal countries who make up the Rotten Banana Empire (Globopedo for short), finally responded to the continual rejection (since 2015) of the Minsk agreement between the Globopedo puppet-regime of Kiev and the Dombass and Lugansk republics. Since 2014, mercenaries of Globopedo have built up the Ukraine military and the paramilitary Judeo-Nazis as a kind of NKVD and have relentlessly shelled both republics, killing 10,000 or more Russian civilians. By February, the Kiev-regime had moved a large force to the Dombass region in preparation for an invasion to conquer the two republics. Coupled with Zelensky’s threat to re-arm with nukes and the numerous Globopedo biowarfare labs in Country 404 (funded with Hunter Biden’s help), Putin was left with no choice but to intervene.

    Boyd Cathey has a reasonable overview of the events here.

  7. Being paid lots of money by Bernard Baruch and other top jews certainly helped Churchill endure his wilderness years, kept cosy, ready for his role as messiah of goodness in the titanic struggle between the forces of light against the forces of darkness.

    You Americans should remember Baruch. Presidents came and went but Baruch was always there.

    Nothing is ever what it seems.

  8. “still others go back to Catherine the Great”:

    Yes, conservatives would certainly do that. A German ruling over Russians, “great” Catherine is the one who added Polish Galicia to her Empire. Her son Peter “the great” tried to “modernize” (Westernize) Russia and he forcibly “reformed” Russian Orthodoxy. Most of the Tsars were very harmful to Russia, which is to be expected; it is the nature of monarchy, exceptions are as rare as hens’ teeth. Tsar Alexander was an inveterate foe of the French revolution, a vigorous defender of feudalism and serfdom. The last Tsar was actually one of the least bad, but he was still a butcher of Russians in WW1. Alex Dugin and his Eurasia Party insanely call for a return to monarchy. Conservatism makes no sense except that it props up the elites and supports their crimes throughout history.

  9. Re: the Gay police pictured above:

    Sodomites are not necessarily nonviolent, peaceful and kind. In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, they were as violent and warlike as Abraham who was allied with them briefly. It is reported that homosexuality is “rampant” in the Khazarkrainian (aka Talmudo-Nudelmanist) militias said to have begun as sports fan “homo clubs for those who cannot admit they are queer.” Mass rapes of ethnic Russian children have been reported in the past. Drug use is also reported to be endemic in the “Nazi” militias, and Zelenskyy himself is said to be an addict. It makes sense that they want to destroy Orthodox Christianity that is the conscience of Russia.

  10. There’s a common denominator between Churchill and Zelensky, one is a jew and other took orders from jews. Both are war criminals.

  11. Winston – drunkard, spendthrift, gambler, art forger & flasher – was the bought & paid-for whore of the Focus kikes, and all the CONservatards who still hug his nuts would know that if history wasn’t written by the kikes, too.

  12. Lots of easy things to say about this National Conservative conference in Brussels Europe.

    We can’t let Israeli Js dominate, lecture us, be gate keepers for White American, European populists/nationalists.

    All our efforts to try to work with more reasonable, more Conservative, more nationalist Js against Muslim invasions, Black crime, LGBT perverts have ended in failure. They simply take over everything like the J Neo Conservatives did at National Review.

    It doesn’t mean we have to obsess about “The Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews”

    Just know the snake, this is just yet another snake skin disguise. it’s the same J snake.

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