1. Vote Recucklickin’ – because we need more boys for Lady G’s brokeback congressional clubhouse! Sodom-on-Potomac doesn’t have near enough Gay Discos.

  2. She knows if she had won in 2016, the war she was helping to prepare against Russia using the Khazarkrainians/Nudelmanistas as proxies would have been scaled up to the present intensity at least four years sooner, when Russia was not as strong and would probably have lost (it still might lose). The shock of the Trump election caused the temporary loss of Nudelman’s and some other Neocon’s positions who were specializing in the operation, perhaps saving the day for Russia.

    • McCain would have no doubt accelerated the US-Russia relationship by lobbing a few missiles at Moscow had he won in 2008.

  3. Hillary ???
    I thought she died when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her.

    ( “lethal aid”, she knows damn well that our arms supplies are fueling the conflict, bitch.)

  4. One of the foulest thing about the foul American ZOG and its acolyte media is the way it clings to evil hags like Clinton and Madeleine Albright: Clinton cackling like a lunatic over the gruesome murder of Gadaffi, and Albright giving a thumbs up to sanction-ciding half a million Iraqi kids.

    Todd is a Jew, and Meet the Press is produced by NBC News, which is run by Noah Oppenheim, also a Jew.

  5. In order to assist the war industry, troops and weaponry could be used on the Mexican border. Everyone would benefit, that way. Unarmed invasions of the West seem to be the most effective way of changing our societies long term.

  6. Were it not for that nasty b*** and the dirtbag democrats conjuring up Russiagate out of bitterness for the country’s rejecting the old hag in 2016, Ukraine might not now be in this mess. Such a cynical old witch.

  7. “New World Order”….gay-trans-sex for all, open borders, race-mixing,for whites, erasure of inconvenient history, all power and wealth to the one percenters.

  8. The late, great American Indian singer, actor, poet John Trudell called HRC “The Reptile Witch”

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