Viktor Orbán Poised For Big Victory In Hungarian Elections



Democracy dies in the darkness at the ballot box!

Note: According to Anne Applebaum at The Atlantic, Hungary is AT WAR with the United States.


  1. A Slavic shithole like Hungary reelecting their autocratic leader is the political equivalent of winning the DIII basketball championship.

    • Budapest must not have enough Gay Discos and young boys to keep a glownigger you happy, eh? BTW, the Magyars are not Slavs. Linguistically closer to Finnish and Turkish.

  2. Serbia voted also their far right Nazi Krenlin populists back. So double victory for autocracy.

    And more is coming. Soros fired everything he had on Hungary and lost. This encourages other autocrats Like in Poland, most bitter part is this that Empure fought with every weapon they had and lost.

    • Yes, the “freedom and democracy” cabal are in trouble. I expect they’ll get more aggressive as they get more desperate.

  3. Israel and the U.S. are preparing to remove the very popular Pakistan leader Imran Khan now. Imran Khan’s fire-eating anti-U.S. speech was even praised in India, and India was similarly congratulated by Khan for resisting the U.S.’s order to condemn Russia at the U.N. Try finding it now. The search engines’ algorithms have buried it.

    “They” failed to overthrow the democratically-elected leaders of Belarus and Kazakhstan in the last year, but They will never stop trying. I’m sure there is a plan to replace Viktor Orban with a better puppet if he wanders off the reservation.

  4. The biggest good news today is that the U.S.’s and Israel’s coup in Pakistan is failing. Never before did an entire national legislature chant “Death to America”! Imran Khan has shown irrefutable evidence of the U.S. and Israeli “regime change” plot, and the people are with him.
    But the Anglo-Zionist Empire has the Pakistani secret police and the chief of the military on its side (on its secret payroll) so it can still try a military coup or an assassination to remove Imran Khan and set up a puppet:–US-coup-failure-in-Pakistan-a-sign-of-Empire-collapse

  5. There is a big false flag operation – “the Bucha massacre” – being carried out in Western mainstream media and social media. By tomorrow it may dominate the news, if not already. If this one flies with the public the chemical false flag will be next.

  6. Hillary Clinton, the supreme autocrat, has the nerve to speak about fighting autocracy and defending free society’s, this coven Mistress, will soon be madam president of the united states…..

  7. Yes, Viktor is victorious tonight. And we are too. He is a great statesman, smart, funny and occasionally self-effacing. He is a very likable person and he works hard for his people. We love him!

  8. In the future international war crimes court, the most severe war crimes punishments must given to presstitutes (career professional “journalists”) who spread CIA-Mossad-MI6 false flag lies such as “the Bucha massacre” about Russia. That includes your favorite Murdoch Media (which was the first corporation to break the Bucha massacre story) presstitute, Tucker Carlson, who will tell the lie more subtly than others.

    Any half-truth is effectively a full lie. A little poison served with good food makes the entire meal poisonous. That is what so-called “fair and balanced” means!

    Free speech should be for the people only, not for superwealthy elites who cannot open their mouths without lying. But in this system the people’s speech is restricted and they are forced to listen and assent to, and repeat, and even “live by” the elites’ lies.

  9. After 40+ years of Soviet occupation Hungary knows all about “freedom and democracy”.

    • (1) Hungary was better off. That’s what preserved it for forty years from the rot of the West, that is setting in since regardless of whether a conservative regime is elected to slow it down.

      (2) A buffer zone (the Warsaw Pact) was necessitated by the West’s constant aggression and determination to destroy Russia.

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