CNN: Ex-Russian Oligarch Condemns Putin

This is a war between democracy and oligarchy.

That’s why CNN continues to feature all of these ex-Russian oligarchs who pillaged Russia in the 1990s and who were sent to prison or driven out of the country by Putin and who are his bitterest enemies. They are the good guys.

We would never dream of doing anything like that here to the mega oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros who rule the roost in the USA and who buy off our politicians and who purchase the policies that suit their interests. Bloomberg tried to openly buy the Democratic nomination for president before he had to settle on Joe Biden.

This is what we call “democracy”: meaningless formal elections which determine which band of oligarchs get the spoils.

Note: Russian oligarchs are bad, but good when they criticize Putin. The important thing is whose side are they on.


  1. For certain “rightists”, the good oligarchs are those who want to keep the Gay Disco open past closing time. Putler wants to close the Gay Disco making all the racket next door so he’s evil.

  2. I remember when Vladimir Vladimirovich put that jewish rat in a cage. I have been pro-Putin ever since.

    • @Spahn,
      Regarding Candace Owens and Jessie Lee Peterson, my position has always been the same:- there are good non whites out there, but it doesn’t mean we want them as a majority in our nations. A glass of water is fine, but a whole river will drown us.

      • Candace Owens used to be a liberal. Then switched to being a “conservative”. Maybe more money or attention.

  3. Putin is effectively (if not intentionally) on the side of ordinary Russian people, and thus of all ordinary people worldwide, in all countries. On the other side are the enemies, and the system that is the enemy, of ordinary people in Russia and worldwide. Putin has always seemed to be a capitalist at heart but somehow, in taking a stand for the survival of Russia he is effectively taking a stand against capitalism that intends to destroy Russia, and the ordinary people of Russia love him for it. They love him like the ordinary French people loved Napoleon, and for the same reason millions of liberated serfs across Europe loved Napoleon. Until his later years (last ten years) Napoleon was revolutionary, and seemed to be a revolutionary at heart. I hope that in his last years Putin will become revolutionary and be revealed to be, a revolutionary at heart.

  4. Putin is no Stalin, contrary to notions of raving idiots in the west. Koba the Dread would have had this oligarch dispatched by an umbrella-man years ago. A Stalin-like figure would have been much more ruthless – using improved methods and training than Uncle Yusif’s sending some idiot Spaniard to Mexico City dispatch an enemy to its eternal reward with an ice-axe to the head.

    • “A Stalin-like figure would have been much more ruthless”:

      Yes, the U.S. (CIA) had a Galician insurgency going around 1949-50, but Stalin’s NKVD agents infiltrated the operation and liquidated them all. And that was the end of Khazarkrainianism for a very long time, but the Empire never gives up trying. The eggs for the current operation were hatched shortly after Stalin was gone, but grew very slowly at first, not growing big until Gorbachev’s time, and finally reaching full size and strength in the 1990’s to the present.

      Stalin also put an end to the Talmudists’ alternate homeland “Crimea Project,” and soon afterward, it seems that Stalin was put to an end. Khazarkraine/Nudelmanland really IS the Crimea Project.

  5. What did the oligarch do to be sent to prison? jews always tell you what has been done to them but never why.

  6. Harvard University had a lot to do with the Jews who robbed Russia. The Nation Magazine had a really good story about Jewish financial genius Sachs and Harvard’s roll in enriching the oligarchs. The Story was called “The Harvard Boys Do Russia” probably still available on the Nations website if you search for it.

  7. Democracy is promoted as if it somehow actually benefits us. It’s the bane of our existence.
    Immigration, corruption, wars, offshoring, trans teaching in schools, foreign aid, LTBGQZXY garbage, inclusion programs ad nauseam, Jewish influence that’s not proportional…………and you get all this regardless of who’s in power. And EVERY Western country is the same.

  8. They don’t want Russia becoming a major economic and financial giant like China. This is all about turf and money. They want to keep Russia hurting. Why don’t the “conservatives” in the news even see this?

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