1. Can he, in fact, change the platform’s speech policies? I wonder what that depends on, as to whether or not one can determine such things. Number of shares?

    • Typically you elect a board by share number voting. Shlomo is sneaky though. The public shares might be non-voting. Musk needs to actually do something or we need to move on. Trump feels really over to me also. Don’t care. Not listening.

    • I think the problems at Twitter (and other big tech companies) run deeper than the board of directors. One thing is that almost all of their employees are woke, along with the pool of potential employees able to replace them. It would be difficult to run a free speech company when the entire class of people qualified to work there are opposed to it. Another is pressure from the government, finance, media, and orgs like the ADL. Combined they have the power to make things very difficult for any company that doesn’t toe the line.

  2. It doesn’t matter, he will not change a thing. If you’re pro White and anti-jew he will ban you as fast as the rest of the moderators.

    • “just trying to shut down the twitter account that is tracking his jet”:

      Trying to increase personal wealth, power and fame. It is easily understood. He must do it. The free-market (capitalist) system has a rule of competition: “If he doesn’t do it, somebody else will.” Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

      The Elon Musk takeover of Twitter corporation is a relatively unimportant, trivial subject and a distraction from thinking about the extremely (most) important subject: the global war being waged by the Anglo-Zionist capitalist empire.

  3. Jimmy is an Irish from Chicago, that Tracey guy is an Irish from New Jersey. The Irish are the only ones who can stomach being around their own kind. Nobody else can. Jimmy is an atheist too.

  4. Musk probably has a broom stick greased up for the Hindoo known as coloreds in the former South Africa.

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