1. So you are telling me that the Russians were roaming the streets sporadically shooting civillians and no one reacted and no footage made it to twitter or facebook??

    One day before the mayor of the town was taped saying all was fine and the Russians had left, and then all of a sudden after the Ukrainian secret police arrived the streets were filled with corpses

    How fucking stupid do these people think we are?

    either these are Russian sympatizers shot by the Zelensky goons or dead from the Ukrainian shelling that for some reason occured soon after the Russians had left

    Also note that most of the dead where tied up with white armbands likely the armbands they had put when the Russians came to show they where friendly

  2. Watching every Western institution slide into oblivion? Not enjoying. But it may be necessary.

  3. The U.S. and Israel, and Vicky Nudelman, created the Zelenskyy presidency. He was not really elected but SELECTED, just like the U.S. literally selected (at a high-level conference held in Louisiana last year) most of the current leadership of HAITI from the president down to senators and more. The U.S. removes or prevents any capable socialists from holding office or running for office in Haiti, and installs pro-business gangster puppets like this: https://twitter.com/madanboukman/status/1508265295575719941

  4. Perfect summary by Paul Craig Roberts

    “We come full circle. The American hubris created an arrogance that could not prevail over Russian, Chinese, and Indian determination to exist as sovereign nations. American globalism, Washington’s method of exercising hegemony, is collapsing. The idiots in Washington have themselves collapsed their ruling system by mindless sanctions that are driving the East out of the dollar system”

    • Washington is far from collapsing. How can that guy underestimate them? These people who think the leftist govt will just go and collapse have no idea how many agencies and bureaucracies are in DC.

      • Well if someone would know it´s sure would be Paul Craig Roberts, even at his age he have contacts and a insight very few have

        He worked for most of his life inside the beast

      • Doesn’t matter how many there are if most of the rest of the world decides to reject the dollar as the reserve currency.

      • Those agencies and bureaucracies are all dependent upon dollar dominance for their existence. Once that ends and their paychecks stop coming, they will all have to get real jobs.

  5. Time elapse photography suggests the dead in the street are from Ukrainian mortal and artillery strikes into Bucha. Notice the shell holes and the incinerated cars. That’s the basic conclusion that will be reached for the bodies strewn in that street. Executions would require bullets in those bodies. The dead are consistent with an accumulation of shrapnel and HE.

    • Indeed!

      Its likely that these are people killed by the Ukrainian shelling

      there is also signs of some of these bodies to have been moved the only one who can have done that would be the citizens or the Ukrainians (Uranians if you ask Brandon)

    • These so-called atrocity photos from Bucha in the Ukraine look posed. Some like they were dropped off of a truck at regular intervals.

  6. This also remind me of the Albanian KLA “atrocity” in Kosovo, where militants dressed their own dead in civilian clothing and called it an “Atrocity”

    It was done by the same people behind it and is very similar

  7. Did anyone listen to the debate between E. Michael Jones and Gregg Johnson about the legitimacy of Ukrainian nationalism?

  8. |The civilians who were shot were carrying emergency food rations issued by Russian Forces. Being hungry and accepting food from the Russians was enough to get you killed by the Ukrainians Forces.

  9. Did Zelenskii play the piano with his dick for the attendees?

    He and “Michelle” Obama should perform a piano duet together. She’ll take the lower keys. He’ll take the upper ones.

  10. Those bodies couldn’t have been out very long based on their condition, and the lack 9f decomposition of the murdered dogs the soulless monsters left behind.

    The jewsmedia, jewish NGOs, and shabbos goy political whores in the West are attempting to manufacture another Katyn Forrest Massacre type narrative again, but this time making the Russians the murderers, and Ukrainian mercenaries the innocent party.

    Don’t fall for it a second time.

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