Poll Watch: French Presidential Election Now Within Margin of Error

Liberal elites have been screaming Russia, Russia, Russia. The polls show, however, that it is inflation and gas prices which are resonating with voters.

Daily Mail:

“The gap between French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and incumbent Emmanuel Macron is now too close to call, with a new poll showing a victory for either hopeful is ‘within the margin of error’.

The nationalist candidate captured 48.5 percent of voter intentions in the poll of a potential runoff against Macron, the highest score she has ever notched. …”


  1. If she gets elected I bet the first thing she does is go lick fermented jew jizz off the “wailing wall”.

  2. I don’t see a victory even if La Pen wins. The govt is the problem just like it is in the US and other countries. A band aid just covers the infection. The infection is still there underneath.

  3. The fake-socialist Communist Party of France and its presidential candidate Fabien Roussel are terrible. The democratic socialist Melancthon is probably the least evil choice, but there are no good candidates which is why the most committed Yellow Vests are abstaining from voting. The best choice is not to vote at all in this (s)election! By showing up at the polls you give tacit consent to the system itself.

  4. Emmanuel Macron has just denounced a French farmer who shot and killed one of four burglars who invaded his rural home, as the farmer was alone with his age 3 daughter.

    Classic ‘anarcho-tyranny’ … you have four intruders in your home, who may possibly kidnap your child for unknown horrors … but Macron says you should be passive and just file a police report later, if you live.

    Americans tend not to know this, but there are actually a lot of privately-owned handguns, shotguns and rifles in Continental Europe, maybe 75-100 million. Europe doesn’t have easy carry laws, but does have a lot of guns, and some rural French have guns to rival rural Americans, France and Czechia being some of the biggest gun-owning states. There is more bureaucracy in buying guns, but even so, Europe is the second-most private citizen well-armed continent after North America. Website gunpolicy org has the stats by country.

    ‘I am opposed to self-defence’ says Macron


    • 20 euros to join a gun club and you can have it delivered in 2 weeks or something like that. No AR’s or AK’s but you can get a decent gun if you want one. It’s probably going to come down to food but having a gun and some ammo will probably be nice when the time comes.

  5. Between this, Orban’s landslide victory in Hungary, Elon’s frontal assault on the shitlib blue-check Twitterati, and the Brandon Admin about to go 100% all-in on forcing Mrs. Urban Liberal Goodwhite to let trannies play with her daughter on the soccer team, I can’t remember a time when the newsflow has been so amazingly positive. What a change from 18 months ago.

    It’s too much to hope for Le Pen to actually win, but miracles can happen.

  6. It’s a shame the way the cities are scattered in Fwance. Secession would be difficult. All immigrant infested shitholes now. I haven’t been to France in over 10 years but I’m pretty sure everything that sucked is much worse now.

  7. The riots that will ensue if she does win will make the 2020 George Floyd mayhem look like a vicar’s tea party.

  8. I saw a picture on twitter today of Macron and Trudeau embracing. And by “embracing,” I mean “its obvious they are lovers.” Their marriages with women are just a front. Macron and Trudeau are sword swallowers, and if I were to guess, Maple Syrup Boy is the bottom.

    I’ll bet most of our White, Western leaders are all in on a secret orgy with each other, which is both used as blackmail to keep them in check, and as a way of expressing their own inherent perversions and degeneracy. We are literally ruled by the most awful people in the world. Is it any wonder White Liberals vote for these insects and monsters?

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