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Tommy Robinson was separated from his children and deported from Mexico for booking a family trip to Cancun. Tommy crossed the wrong people in the British political establishment.

Daily Mail:

“Tommy Robinson was filmed being detained by police at Manchester Airport just hours after he claimed he was deported from Mexico.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, featured in video footage which showed a heated confrontation with two police officers at the airport this afternoon who say they were believed he had ‘breached security’.

In a Telegram message to his followers shared later today, the 39-year-old accuses one Greater Manchester Police Officer of trying to ‘bait’ him into a reaction so they could ‘arrest him legitimately’.

It is not clear if Robinson was arrested but the series of videos shared on Telegram appear to suggest he was detained before witnesses confirmed police had the wrong person, apologised and let him go. …”

Daily Mail:

“Tommy Robinson has claimed he is being deported from Mexico for ‘national security reasons’ after he says he was arrested while on an Easter getaway with his family.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has shared footage of him allegedly being arrested at Cancun Airport while on a half term holiday with his three children.

In clips shared to Telegram the 39-year-old films an interaction between himself and a man purported to be an immigration officer, while also showing off the ‘holding cell’ he is said to be held in.

‘I have been arrested, separated from my kids and now I’m being deported as a matter of national security’, he explains.  

In an interaction with Cancun Airport staff, Robinson is told the information about his arrest is ‘confidential’ but has come directly from the capital, Mexico City. 

After saying he is a journalist and pleading his case, he adds: ‘I’ve never broken a law here. All I do at home is talk about Islam’. …”

Mr. Bond has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for making music videos in Austria. He was identified and turned over to the authorities through his PayPal account.


“An Austrian far-right activist accused of posting neo-Nazi songs online, one of which was used by the perpetrator of an anti-Semitic attack in Germany in 2019, was on Thursday jailed for 10 years.

Prosecuted for glorifying Nazi ideology, “the defendant was found guilty,” Vienna court vice-president Christina Salzborn told AFP.

The court ruled that the 37-year-old man was “particularly dangerous”.

His younger brother, the administrator of an anti-Semitic website, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Both men can appeal.

The neo-Nazi rapper, who used the pseudonym “Mr. Bond”, was identified by investigators through his PayPal account PayPal. …”

Meanwhile in Slovakia, the leader of the People’s Party Our Slovakia has been convicted by the Slovak Supreme Court for handing out checks worth 1,488 euros to three families.

ABC News:

“BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — An appeals court in Slovakia on Tuesday dismissed a lower court ruling that convicted the leader of a far-right party for the illegal use of neo-Nazi symbols.

But the country’s Supreme Court still found Marian Kotleba guilty of sympathizing with neo-Nazism and gave him a six-month suspended sentence.

Kotleba, head of the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia, stood trial after he presented three families with checks for 1,488 euros ($1,633) on March 14, 2017, on the anniversary of the Slovak wartime state’s establishment in 1939. …”

In Slovakia, you can be arrested and incarcerated for 25 years in prison for expressing support for Russia on social media.

Note: In case you haven’t noticed, there is nothing “liberal” or “democratic” about “Liberal Democracy.” The “Free World” isn’t free. Also, the true purpose of NATO was never to contain communism. You can also be severely punished in lots of countries for realizing this.

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  1. Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon always names the symptoms but never the virus that’s destroying the UK.

    • @John “Tommy Robinson” is the biggest scam artist going. He grifts tens of thousands of dollars from followers only to make a documentary about antisemitism. He marches in countless pro Israel events and then they condemn him. He then goes to pro black and pro Hindu in England rallies for them to condemn him as well.

      He gets whatever he deserves

  2. Nobody likes a troublemaker. Tommy Robinson is an Irish troublemaker. And the Irish are diseased filth one and all.


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      Oh then, tell me Seán O’Farrell, tell me why you hurry so?
      “Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen”, and his cheeks were all aglow,
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      For the pikes must be together by the rising of the moon”
      By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon,

      For the pikes must be together by the rising of the moon

      “And come tell me Seán O’Farrell where the gath’rin is to be?”
      “In the old spot by the river, right well known to you and me.
      One more word for signal token:- whistle out the marchin’ tune,
      With your pike upon your shoulder, by the rising of the moon.”
      By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon
      With your pike upon your shoulder, by the rising of the moon.

      Out from many a mud wall cabin eyes were watching through the night,
      Many a manly chest was throbbing, for the blessed morning light.
      Murmurs ran along the valleys like the banshee’s lonely croon
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      There beside the singing river that black mass of men was seen,
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      And hurrah my boys for freedom; ’tis the rising of the moon”.
      Tis the rising of the moon, tis the rising of the moon
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      Well they fought for poor old Ireland, and full bitter was their fate,
      Oh what glorious pride and sorrow, fills the name of ninety-eight!
      Yet, thank God, e’en still are beating hearts in manhood burning noon,
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      • @Banned4Life—-Is the “white nationalist”,Greg Johnson Irish?

        He went to Catholic University, just like Cardinal McCarrick, just like Jim McGreevey. Greg is a homo just like McCarrick and McGreevey.

        80% of the student body of Catholic University is Catholic.

        Greg Johnson has used the pen names of Lynch and Meehan, both Irish names.

        Greg Johnson earn a degree in Philosophy for Catholic University. A philosophy degree is a prerequisite to become a Catholic priest.

        Was Greg Johnson trying to become a Catholic priest so he could have sex with young boys? Or was he just going to Catholic University for the fantastic Irish gay scene and to get it on with all them highfalutin Irish fags?
        Which is it Mick?

        • @RB
          Since I do not belong to any organized church/religious organization and have never been a Catholic I don’t know anything about the people or university you are referring to.

          I have been humbled, brought to repentance of my sins by God, baptized, hands placed on me. I have professed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and I personally believe that there is only one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ and it is His shed blood and His shed blood only that will wash away all my past sins and this was pictured in the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.

          So where/how did you acquire your genocidal hatred for the Celts?

          • @Banned4Life—-Why do you hate Muslims Christ killer? I hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Why do you hate Muslims Mick? Uncle Ted loves you.

      • @Goose—-told you Gooser, they, them and those never took an oath to follow and obey Christ. The deceitfulness and the treachery of the Irish is most disturbing, do you not concur professor? Are Tony Blair and Jimmy Saville white nationalist leaders, or pose or profess to be? What say you on the Greg Johnson suppositions?

      • @Goose – The “man” is an absolute lunatic with an unhinged, hateful soul. Save your strength, dear Goose. You are one of the honorable men and a very worthwhile commenter.

    • You have problems Robert. Anytime anyone begins doing the “they aren’t white” or “Catholics aren’t White” nonsense i assume they are an op or just a nut

      • @Captain Shill—-you are entitled to your opinion. Why do I have “problems” just because I say things you do not like? Why do hate Muslims Mick? Look at yourself, why can’t you explain why you feel the way you do? Are you a retodd is that it Christ killer?

  3. Re: “the true purpose of NATO”:

    The old saying about NATO was: “To keep America in, keep Germany down, and keep Russia out (of Europe)”

    I would change the middle part to “keep Europe down.” And now, NATO goes beyond Europe to keep other countries around the world down, and it aims to do much worse than keeping Russia out of Europe. It is aimed at destroying Russia. Actually it always was.

  4. Ursula Haverbeck is back in prison. All David Coles Auschwitz videos scrubbed from Youtube with attempted rebuttals left. Madonna outcreeped Michael Jackson. Honk honk!

  5. In the German okrug of the EUSSR, you will get three years in jail for displaying or writing “Z”. “Free world” my arse.

  6. Europe is entering World War 3. And in Ukraine there is a Nazi Army of hundreds of thousands on the ground in combat. Of course they will crack down at this time. They will do it here, too. I always remain 100% within the laws. Always.

    So Zelensky just told Haaretz that Ukraine will be the second Israel. And with a soldier in every store and on every street corner. At what point will Azov wake up and realize they are the new Palestinians?

    I am following closely the NATO buildup on the Ukranian border. American troops alone have now exceeded 100,000. Weapons of all kinds being brought in.

    Putin’s free ride is about to end. They will enter western Ukraine any time now. And they will contest the Russian Air Force and Navy.

    And now Zelensky the comedian had said openly what the plan was all along. Ukraine will become the second Jewish State. He didnt state, but he means, a truncated Ukraine, the Jewish State centered in Crimea.

    The purpose of this imminent NATO escalation is primarily to contest the Russian Air Force. It will also free up Nazi troops tied down in the West to go East, to the big battle already going on there.

  7. Liberal Democracy is a “Reverse Oz” whereby the forces behind the curtain that control the illusion are not mild and meek like the kindly old man in the Wizard of Oz but instead are hostile and malevolent and determined to destroy the historic America nation after which they will endeavor our race extinct on a global basis!

  8. BTW Zelensky just said openly that The Ukraine would become a “new israel” in Europe he also rejected all European and progressive values outright
    This according to Breitbart

    I wonder how the idiots in the inclusive west will cope now

    Also congrats to Azov and all the other idiots indeed this is the first time a Neo-Nazi prison gang have helped in the forming of a new jewish state, no wonder Amerifats support the Ukraine now they have TWO israel to worship
    All those dead under the rubble of Mariopul and Kramatorsk died for greater israel

    The Fuhrer would be proud

    • “Non-inclusiveness” and racial supremacy are perfectly fine as long as it’s the jews doing them.

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