Secular Talk: How To Deradicalize The Alt-Right

I share a lot of Secular Talk videos here.

I do this mainly to spotlight the takes that I agree with on issues like censorship, civil liberties, foreign policy and social democracy. We agree on a lot of those issues and share a lot of common ground, but not on modernism or social liberalism which defines the Left these days.

None of this, of course, is anything new with me. I’ve hated the neocons and liberal internationalists since the Iraq War. I have always disliked censorship. I like to read and consider the widest variety of sources and opposing viewpoints and make up my own mind. This has been my view since the days when I was running The Phora in the early 2000s. It is why I mostly default to giving people free reign to say whatever they want within limits (we can’t host violent content) in the comment section. Finally, Alabama is like the capital of rightwing populism for reasons which go back to the early 19th century.

Kyle talks a lot on his show about the New Deal. Insofar as there was ever anything resembling social democracy in the United States, it was because Southerners in the early 20th century voted for FDR four times. It was Southerners like Huey Long who pushed FDR on the issue. It was Southern and Western populists who were the critics and opponents of Eastern capital who were responsible for the laws and policies which leveled out regional divisions in income inequality and industrial development.

As for the Alt-Right, there were people with all kinds of viewpoints who were involved with it who disliked mainstream conservatism for one reason or another. Richard Spencer spoke for himself on a lot of issues which became increasingly clear as time went on. He has lately gone in a new direction which makes little sense to most people who used to be associated with him. Even at the height of the Alt-Right in 2017, the movement was mostly focused on free speech and civil liberties issues.

In the wake of that experience, many of us have carried on with our traditional causes, especially on censorship and support for civil liberties which came under unprecedented attack from the political establishment during the Trump era. Hostility to the American Empire has always been one of our defining causes before, during and after the Alt-Right era. It was Iraq which caused the Alt-Right more than anything else.


  1. Admirable sentiments, but if there’s one lesson from history, it’s that free speech benefits subversives whereas controlled speech is necessary for retaining power. The Jewish “our democracy” left knows and practices that every bit as much as Viktor Orban, Putin, and Xi Jinping – just look what happened at Charlottesville.

  2. “the New Deal. Insofar as there was ever anything resembling social democracy ”

    New Deal: a faint and lame attempt to copy Hitler’s 4 year plan, with commensurately lame results.

    • @Arrian Adam Green is scum and I suspect really Adam Greenberg. He was tolerable for awhile although he came across as low intelligence, then one day his focus became a war on Christianity. Everything was an attack on Christ and Christians as he brought on a Muslim yes man and some goombah moron named Angelo to just sit there and interject.

      Most White people are Christian whether they practice or not. It is the foundation of Western society from Rome on. Henrik and Lana are extremely respectful towards the Faith and I will stand with any Pro White pagan as my brother and sister. The moment you go anti Christian you are either a plant or a bad actor who i have no use for

      • Why should the various Christian denominations be exempt from criticism? Are you the only one entitled to express an opinion on religion?

      • “Henrik and Lana are extremely respectful towards the Faith and I will stand with any Pro White pagan as my brother and sister.”

        Cap’n. Sorry. No. A white pagan is 10 times more demonic than a mere Jew. Because both are covenant breakers. The first, recently. The Second, 2000 years ago.

        THEY BOTH END UP IN THE SAME PLACE. Eternally as well as Ideologically. CHRISTOPHOBES.

  3. The Democrats find a White Supremacist or terrorist militia group under every rock, the Republicans thing everybody is a Communist or Socialist, and I think both of them are ignorant. Perfect example of why I vote Third Party when I even vote at all. Deo Vindice !

  4. In order for any type of nationalism to work you need a homogeneous society,not a multicultural shit hole with different cultures, languages, religions, ideologies, etc.

  5. “It was Iraq which caused the Alt-Right more than anything else.”

    I don’t know. I’d be inclined to say it was the housing bubble and recession coupled with resentments for the anti-white rhetoric of the Obama years. The Iraq situation certainly exacerbated things, though.

    For me, though I was never an “occupy” movement supporter “as such”, I did have sympathies and learned quite a bit about the people behind the Federal Reserve and all their cohencidental ethnic names. mid aughts through 2015 was an amazing time on the Internet, lots of insight being shared among young men as we witnessed unbelievable changes that were damaging the economy, families, racial harmony, and threatening civil liberties. Some of my most revealing insights came through observing the far left as it took over the Internet via social media.

    My feelings about war certainly integrated with my feelings about other things, but I honestly can’t say it was a prime motivator.

  6. I learned nothing from this guy. The alt-right was a flash in the pan and now it’s over.

  7. I think it’s wrong to caricature the Alt. Right that way – as if it was just paleo-conservatism. The real defining characteristic of the Alt. Right was its willingness to challenge prevailing racial and otherwise egalitarian orthodoxies. This was something you never find in the paleo-conservatives. You found it somewhat in the early neo-cons and some early paleos, but they were ousted and joined the Alt. Right (as well they should).

    Any attempts to move away from challenging prevailing egalitarian orthodoxies is a move away from “right” and towards the “left”, even if that move be couched in otherwise innocuous verbiage about “populism”.

    It’s religious liberalism which is our enemy, not some economic theory or this or that pragmatic allegiance with some corporation. We need to confront it with religious zealotry of our own if we ever want to be effective.

    • I was trying to distinguish the broader Alt-Right consensus – things like nationalism, race and sex realism, a non-interventionist foreign policy – from Richard Spencerism.

      There was a lot in there that was purely Spencerian like 1.) the obsession with Nietzsche and basing everything on Nietzsche and 2.) elitist Aryan Globalism.

  8. I watched about half of Kyle’s lecture.

    In many ways, I appreciate his “reasonable leftist” persona. He is basically what a normal leftist was circa 1999-2000, or maybe immediately after 9/11. Most normal, left-of-center leftists ~20 years ago didn’t exactly hate right-of-center conservatives. There was still a spirit of “consensus building”. There was also a spirit that healthy families were the bedrock of civilization, and even if families were tearing themselves to shreds, people still recognized that this wasn’t a good development and spoke openly about family values.

    Now leftists openly embrace surgically removing the sex organs of prepubescents.

    I do not associate with “the far right” because I’m a skinhead klansman. I associate with elements of the far right because even skinhead klansmen (bogeymen that they are) have stronger moral compasses than the extreme left.

    Kyle will criticize the extreme far left and the corporate left all day long, but he’ll stop short of calling out their radicalism with the same rhetoric that he uses on the far right.

    And when he talks of the “far right”, he doesn’t seem to want to engage with real ideas. Instead he cherry picks low hanging fruit like the problems with Ron Paul anarchocapitalism….while extolling Ron’s libertine views on drugs. This kind of thing shows how naive Kyle is. But that’s not surprising, as I am pretty sure he is childless and doesn’t understand the imperative of building societies around the healthy rearing of children.

    I do appreciate seeing the perspective of someone who isn’t aggressively hostile to my views, but sometimes I prefer those aggressively hostile people, because at least they don’t try to sugarcoat their insanity.

  9. “Even at the height of the Alt-Right in 2017, the movement was mostly focused on free speech and civil liberties issues.”

    What a crock of shit. The Altright was only ever concerned with the JQ. Worse than the Dissident Right 100%.

    Had things gone differently nobody in the Altright would have thought twice about curtailing the civil liberties of gays, blacks, Jews and probably women to a certain extent. And I wouldn’t have disagreed with it either.

    In White spaces, White interests should supercede those who aren’t White or who threaten the integrity of the race. If this means everyone else is a second class citizen to healthy White couples then fine. And this policy should be enforced with a heavy hand and a jackboot to the throat of anyone that resists.

    People don’t hate Whitey because he’s self interested. They hate him because he used to be better at it than them, but is now a cuckold race hell bent on vandalizing his own culture.

    • I was there at Auburn, Charlottesville and Gainesville in 2017 and all three events were preceded by First Amendment lawsuits.

      It was Jason Kessler, not Richard Spencer, who organized Charlottesville. The whole thing got started over a clash between Kessler and a local antiracist group called SURJ. The whole event from the beginning was about Kessler’s civil liberties. Kessler even had the ACLU of Virginia on his side. Kessler has literally spent years attacking anyone who brings up the Jewish Question. He still styles himself as a civil liberties crusader. He tried to get everyone to attend UTR 2 in DC.

      • While James Fields rots in prison for involuntary manslaughter. Just kidding. That’s the worst charge he should have faced.

      • That was just lawfare. Nobody on either side has believed in good faith the Altright was ever about preserving “muh cibil liberties”.

        Its one thing to engage in propaganda maliciously to make the regime look bad. I’m all for that and all other dirty tricks. This is war, and war is hell.

        Its another thing entirely to try and sell that crap to our own guys lol.

        • According to you, Jason Kessler organized the Unite the Right rally to make some point about Jews which Kessler has bitched about for five years. The topic didn’t even come up at the previous event in Auburn or the one in Gainesville that followed it.

          Spencer got the idea of his college tour from MILO and the Alt-Lite which had been holding free speech events in Berkeley and suing college campuses for a while. Nothing that Spencer was doing in 2017 was original. Even mainstream conservatives like Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro had been fighting the same sort of legal battles.

          • Cville was one of many attempts by e-celebrities of the dissident sphere to build their brands. It blew up in their faces in spectacular fashion. Condederate monuments and such were just a vehicle for craven faggotry by people like Spencer, whose since more than shown his colors.

          • Cville was a free speech rally that was organized by Jason Kessler to promote himself as a civil liberties activist. Kessler got the idea from the Alt-Lite which had held a whole series of free speech rallies on the West Coast. He has stuck with that type of activism down to the present day. He has been doing it for five years now

            I wrote on this blog before Cville that I was going there to support the monuments and to support Kessler’s civil liberties. That’s why we all went there. There were a bunch of other events around the same time about the same two issues

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