63 House Republicans Vote Against Resolution Affirming Support For NATO


It is better than nothing.

NATO was created to contain communism. The communist threat no longer comes from Russia. It comes from within on American college campuses. Today, NATO exists to subsidize the security of Western Europe and mire the United States in ethnic conflicts in Eastern Europe.

Business Insider:

“More than 60 Republicans on Tuesday voted against a resolution expressing support for NATO and calling on President Joe Biden to strengthen the organization’s committement to defending democracy.

The resolution, introduced by Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, was backed by a majority of the GOP caucus and every Democrat who voted.

Citing the threat posed by “authoritarian regimes” as well as “internal threats from proponents of illiberalism,” the resolution calls on the Biden administration to uphold NATO’s “founding democratic principles.” It also advocates the creation of a “Center for Democratic Resilience” within NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, with the center providing member states assistance to strengthen their own democratic institutions. …”

Washington Post:

“Among the few Republicans to comment on their vote was one of the party’s most anti-NATO voices, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.). He called NATO “a relic of the Cold War” and asked, “Why should Americans pay for Europe’s defense?”

Massie is correct.

The EU is large enough and wealthy enough to handle its own security and to deal with any threat from Russia on its own. We have no business being involved in wars in Eastern Europe.


  1. Do you see how regime is crumbling. This is open revolt what few years ago could be unimaginable.

    This was empty declaration not something important to pick up the fight. Normally people agree with such garbage. Nobody rejects declarations for supporting children, flowers, small ,animals unity, goodness ,Nato or whatever feelgood wordsalads.

    So no reason to get yourself in the hot water for nothing. Declare support of some holy cow and after a week this garbage is already forgotten, so nothing to lose. But they choose kick holy cow ass. Interesting, why ?

    • “NATO was created to contain communism.”

      Exactly !

      Now, in the wrong hands, it’s a provocation to war.

    • a congressman and several others were bitten by a wild fox on Capitol Hill, it was captured and discovered to be rabid.

      Can we start breeding foxes for delivery ?

  2. This vote was 100% partisan in nature. If Trump was in office the Republicantards would be advocating World War III against Russia while our roads, bridges, and everything else crack and fall down because of 30 plus years or lack of funding. Deo Vindice !

    • Best news of the day. If he was out of uniform and serving as a “contractor” they could just execute him. That would be sad …. but I doubt they would actually do it as he’d be worth more to extract info in exchange for his retarded life.

    • A Yankee General huh?

      Hang him or make him help in rebuild East Ukrainian farmhouses he is likely a “mason” already so it´s fitting

  3. 143 Republicans agreed with the democrats in keeping NATO. The one party system is alive and well.

    • And the votes against were just for show so that the moron normies continue to think there is some thought process going on in the 100% antiwhite US gov.

  4. Mr. Massie is very ill-informed or he was disingenuous when he said “Why should Americans pay for Europe’s defense?” The purpose of NATO was always domination, not “defense.” The Empire was never interested in defending people, only elites and their big businesses and banks. Isolationism is a mirage in this system.

  5. >63 House Republicans

    linkBREAKING: The main non-profit group run by billionaire Charles Koch says the US should drop virtually all sanctions and push for a resolution that includes a partial “victory” for Russia, according to an internal email obtained by http://popular.info

    Read the replies — for every one of those Republicans, it appears there’s half a million NPC cat ladies with Ukraine flags and pronouns in their Twitter profiles screeching for a hardline stance to the point war with Russia.

    The EU is large enough and wealthy enough to handle its own security and to deal with any threat from Russia on its own.

    Russia is not a threat to the EU — judging by Brexit (and the sanctions levied on Poland and Hungary), the EU is its own threat/worst enemy.

    • “the EU is its own threat/worst enemy.”

      True. If the EU got its act together, it would be a power the equal of the USA. But it has too many leaders with their own agendas, so it can’t unite.

  6. NATO is an alliance founded on democratic principles? What exactly does that mean?

    “Defending democracy” = promoting American imperialist aggression.

  7. Europe would be better under Russian occupation. Belgium is just about gone and The Netherlands maybe 10 years behind.

  8. Russia just showed what it could and could not do. Decent missiles. Army is useless in the age of drones and missiles and sensitivities about civilian losses in cities.

    The Azerbaijani Armenian war shows the future. Either you have infantry guided drone missiles or you are dead. Strange that Putin decided to go with the Rumsfeld Doctrine Minus in this setting.

    What really matters is that the Unipolar Moment is over and we will have The West as a large force, but not the dreamed New World Order. We will have Eurasia. We will have Africa and South America playing one against the other for breathing room. No more Western physical wars, just Wars of the Spirit between “authority” and “freedom”.

    We may ultimately thank Putin for bringing peace to the world.

  9. Exactly Hunter Wallace, today the liberal-marxist culture doesn’t come from the east but from the west. As you said universities, media are the tools for spreading leftism everywhere.

  10. Meanwhile in other news it looks like the soft on pedophiles, affirmative action judge is one her way to SCOTUS.

  11. We indeed need to fight Communism……….in our schools, universities, press, government, entertainment and publishing houses. They are all anti white and anti traditional.

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