Alabama Passes “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Lately, we have focused exclusively on geopolitics and national politics, but a lot of positive things are going on at the state level. We passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Alabama.

Baltimore Sun:

“MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama lawmakers approved sweeping legislation Thursday to outlaw gender-affirming medications for transgender youths, as well as a separate measure setting rules about school bathrooms and prohibiting early classroom instruction on sexual and gender identity — a bill critics have dubbed “Don’t Say Gay.”

The legislation now goes to Republican Gov. Kay Ivey for her consideration as Alabama becomes the latest red state to seek legislation and policies aimed at trans young people. Ivey, who is running for reelection, has not indicated whether she will sign the measures. …”

I will be voting in the 2022 midterm elections.

I’m generally happy with the course we are on in Alabama. I was wrong about the COVID lockdown. The Alabama state legislature was right to reopen our state. As a result, we largely dodged the COVID mania which went on for years in Blue States. It could have been a lot worse.

Note: In case you were wondering, I will be voting for Mo Brooks in the Senate primary in May, especially since he was unendorsed by Dump for “going woke.” I voted for Jeff Sessions too. I’m not sure about federal races in November. I will take a closer look at the candidates in the fall.


  1. So according to Cheetohead, under whose regime the Church of Woke expanded in many areas, especially the military, Brooks has now ‘endorsed wokeism’ not because he thinks the 2020 elections were legitimate but because he thinks working on the 2022 and 2024 races is more important. Have I got that right? I doubt this would be enough to make me bother to participate in the faux-elections held even in AL, but it would at least make me consider it just to give an FU at Cheeohead the Clown.

  2. “I was wrong about the COVID lockdown.”

    I confess, I nearly stopped reading your site and curtailed my visits here during that period. Thank you for admitting your error like a man.

    • I did just the opposite. I stopped reading and lost respect for sites that opposed public heath measures and denied the pandemic.

      The fake lockdown was not an effort at eradication and not even a serious effort at mitigation (slowing it down). Capitalist lockdowns are mostly for show, to make it appear that the state “cares” about people’s health, and then to “prove” that since the fake efforts don’t work therefore “nothing can be done, so let’s give up trying.”

      But a real, scientific eradication policy (including real lockdowns) does work – in real nations! Just wait until an even more deadly contagious disease or a worse strain of Covid hits and you may finally learn.

      • Yes, it was pointless.

        It was thousands of jurisdictions each doing their own thing. A total joke and complete waste of time.

      • I did just the opposite. I stopped reading and lost respect for sites that opposed public heath measures and denied the pandemic.

        LOL — just mentally substitute ‘supported personal freedom’ for ‘opposed public health measures’ and maybe you’ll feel better.

        But a real, scientific eradication policy (including real lockdowns) does work – in real nations!

        So what exactly is a ‘real nation’? — or am I supposed to know? — use of dumb, undefined buzz-words and -phrases (‘scientific eradication policy’, ‘real lockdowns’) is mega effeminate — it’s a form pseudo-intellectualism that no one can take seriously.

        Here’s my message for people like you: come make me wear a mask — I want you to personally come and keep me from opening my business, from visiting a gym, etc.

        Idiots like you apparently cannot recognize a ‘slippery slope’ until you’re at the bottom.

  3. “… Republican elected officials are engaging in disturbing, cynical trends …”

    Obnoxious rhetoric that is intended to deny dignity to an opponent’s argument rather than to rebut it.

    PS Looking for something to read to your child at bedtime? Try “Grady Bear” …

    So sweet.

  4. >“Don’t Say Gay”

    FYI: this is the ‘libtard’ spin on this type of legislation — they want it to seem like such a bill is an attack on homosexuals (or transsexuals), rather than an attempt to protect young children from inappropriate sexual content in school curricula.

    So you may want to consider not using it.

    • linkThe purpose of the “don’t say gay” branding was to bait Republicans into attacking gays, as the Dems think they have a winning issue as long as they keep it on those terms.

  5. Ever wonder why there are so many sexual weirdo Roman Catholic priests, just look at the Bidens, Pelosi, Paski et al.

  6. “Covid” may be on the back burner right now because the new boogieman is Putin but it’s not over by a long shot. I believe the puppet masters will bring it back again during midterms.

      • There will always be a new “variant’ and “wave” as long as the people put up with it and continue to be slaves of the govt lies.

      • “it is being completely ignored”:

        Yes, it is being officially downplayed, so it is not even being given its own Greek alphabet letter designation, called instead just a subvariant of Omicron although it is very different from Omicron, being even more easily transmissible, perhaps the most contagious of all viruses known to infect humans, even more contagious than measles and many times more contagious than the original Covid that appeared in 2019; and it is much more virulent or deadly than Omicron, equal to Delta; and it escapes natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity to earlier strains.

        So the mass killing-off of old, weak and immune-compromised people before their time goes on at an even faster pace than last year, and it is “a welcome relief” for pension, social security, medicare and medicaid funds that are going bankrupt. The system has turned the pandemic to its benefit.

        • The system has turned the pandemic to its benefit.

          Quelle surprise! The bio-weapon developed with tax dollars by Fauci, Collins, Big Pharma, et al seems to be working as they planned. Blackrock’s (((owners))) will never suffer any serious effects, nor will any of the important people. Useless eaters will die.

  7. Mr. Wallace,

    I’ve seen others in the comment sections of previous articles here on OD jump you for your initial support of the Covid lockdowns in early 2020. They are in the wrong to do so, as its nothing more then ego stroking. What matters is that you and many others came around to the right position, and that’s good enough. I’ve been wrong about certain predictions and positions in the past, and bygones are bygones as long as we find our way to the correct position.

    This Russia-Ukraine war is playing out oh so similarly. Just like covid, liberals are in unanimous support of Ukraine and against Russia. Just like Covid, conservatives and right wingers were on the fence at first – in the case of this war, they were straight up drinking the kool aid the first two weeks – but they smelled bullshit in the air within the first month and called it out, hence why those 63 Republicans just voted against NATO.

    I live in Michigan, so I’m going to wait till this summer to scope out my local candidates and see who is running, but that said, I’m looking for any reason to vote straight Republican, as I believe we can have a degree of influence over the GOP in a way that is impossible with the Democrats and their College Educated PMC base.

    Besides, for all the problems with GOP economic policies, it is nonetheless a fact that prices for goods and services are generally lower when they are in charge. The Democrats are in thrall to the communistic “Green” agenda, something I’ve hated about them since 2005-2012 when I was a mainstream conservative.


    Lets Go Brandon

  8. The Baltimore Scum is no different from any other regime news outlet, they have that same rigid far-left bias that you can’t friggin’ escape from. “Gender affirming medications” my tuchas!

    • “,,,policies AIMED AT trans young people.”

      The commiejew tranny pervert filth is what’s being ‘aimed at” children, totally against the will of their parents. The lying, skewing judenpresse scum with their leading word choices cannot stand that anyone dares to fight back.

  9. Eh, as far as you were wrong about COVID, it was because America is a shithole country. It’s easy to stop COVID, you just need a competent government. The American empire doesn’t have border controls, so it was silly for any states to bother trying to save grandma, America would have killed her anyway.

    • Can’t even just blame the invaders. A very large number of Americans have no self-control and are very selfish. Saw it over and over again.

    • >Eh, as far as you were wrong about COVID, it was because America is a shithole country.


      Here’s what he said:

      >I was wrong about the COVID lockdown.

      I’ve addressed this topic with the proprietor of this blog (whatever his name is) before — I tired of that, and of hearing his squishy excuses, some time ago.

      But barring specifics, I’m left to conclude he was ‘wrong about the COVID lockdown’ because he’s not totally reliable on the issue of personal freedom — he’s susceptible to the government using a pretext to rob you of your basic personal freedoms — to impose what amounts to military discipline on a civilian population (without openly declaring martial law).

      And who knows what the pretext will be next time? — a precedent has been established: people will comply, even people who have recognized the malevolence of TPTB.

      Please note: I am not a libertarian — I believe government has a role to play, e.g. to prevent swaths of the country from being economically devastated by ‘free trade’ — but for me, and many others, the COVID measures went way too far.

  10. “It’s easy to stop COVID, you just need a competent government. The American empire doesn’t have border controls”:

    You also need a real nation, and the right economic system, to accomplish that eradication. The U.S. is an empire and has no intention or ability to anything more than protect the “health” (profits) of the elites’ big businesses and banks. The U.S. might not have been the original source but was definitely the biggest spreader of the disease to other countries – the U.S. is proven by genetic studies of mutations to be the original source of infection for all of Latin America, most of Africa and the Middle East, and some parts of Europe and Asia. Life expectancy is falling in the U.S., while it is rising in the most socialist nations that have real, functioning public health systems, universal free health care, and the ability to eradicate a highly contagious disease.

  11. Straight states vs Gay Sexually Perverted states.
    Call to Arms

    I was kicked off a forum (made a non-poster against my will I assume) four or five years (or maybe more) ago for denouncing homosexuality. Those people mostly up in the North and out West (and some northern transplants in the South I assume) were outraged at my comments and I had an equally powerful reaction totally opposite to theirs and thought their opinions were the most vile that I had ever read. I think they were all going nuts because one of their star posters was a homo who was an elite who had written many books and was an authority on some of the subjects the forum covered — one of the moderators told me as I was being “vaporized” from the member list.

    I also wrote a letter to the editor to my local newspaper about 25 years ago that was published condemning homosexuality and one homo called in the middle of the night but couldn’t get up with me until the next day and threatened to come over and attack me. I warned him that I would have “something” waiting for him. He never showed up.

    Maybe we ought to invade the North and force “abolition” against sexual perversion on them — a moral crusade like the Yankees claimed they were having 160 years ago over slavery. I am sure that would make things just a little bit more exciting at this time.


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. That honesty about the Cootie 19 mass hysteria gives credibility. A track record of seeking truth over time is all political dissidents have now.

  13. Prediction: The “courts”, including SCOTUS, are going to find all of these stop gap laws “unconstitutional”. The bigger question none of our politicos are asking: WHY should anyone take seriously the perverts who are pushing this evil nonsense? “Conservatives” never will ask.

    Going directly after our children this way is the latest addition to the pursuit of White Genocide.

  14. Back in the mid-90’s, there was a large picture of two males kissing on the front page of The Crimson White, the student newspaper of the University of Alabama. It was in conjunction with some gay pride event.This was still in the pre-trannie days. A copy had found its way to my workplace.

  15. Jen Psaki condemns Alabama

    Well I heard Ms Psaki rant about her
    Well I heard ol’ Jen put her down
    Well I hope Jen Psaki will remember
    A southern man don’t need her around anyhow

    Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet home Alabama
    Lord I’m comin’ home to you

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