1. Another Olga who should be ignored. I for one will not give it a view. These bourgeois consumer-lifestyle-livers should all emigrate to the U.S., their true spiritual home, asap!

    • Then maybe you shouldn’t comment on something you didn’t watch. She bought supplies for refugees from the separatist region and she is a proud Russian who moved back there after traveling and living in the Western world.

    • I like your “take” on this girl. Just another materialistic, cosmopolitan Millennial who’s only interested in stuff like Starbucks and Facebook. She has nothing in common with true Russians like Tolstoy.

  2. The cosmopolitan consumerists’ tastes don’t usually tend toward native folk music:

  3. Real Russians are not like Anglos or Germans, and they don’t want to be. They are Slavs:

  4. I think the dissident right over-estimates the impact of the fall of ussr and wrongly thinks there was a huge pivot to capitalism that survived Borris Yeltsin. Communism by the end of Stalin was so revised that it basically became synonymous with dictatorship. After Borris Yeltsin, Putin basically brought Russia back to dictatorship without calling it communism. Russia continues to ally with the same countries, as the Sino-Soviet split was an infight.

    They do have things like free health care now until Putin in the year 2022. It’s not command line communism, but Putin pretty much undid the cowboy capitalism. It hasn’t been command line communism since the end of Stalin.

  5. God I’m sick of this crap. Even our own nationalists are so demoralized and deracinated that they spend all their time listening to bad folk music in languages they don’t
    speak from other countries and celebrating culture they have no association with instead of participating in their own.

    Its pathetic.

    I could get this on NPR listening to PMC’s celebrate brown savages and their folk music in languages even the natives barely speak and cultures they have no association with.

    We have our own folk music. We have our own culture. Stop novelty seeking and go to a bluegrass festival.

    • “bad folk music (…) We have our own folk music (…) go to a bluegrass festival”:

      It is not bad folk music. Nashville “country” is bad folk music.

      I like old Bluegrass and have been at Bluegrass festivals, but I prefer REAL ethnic. ethno-national, music events that have been observed on a calendar basis for centuries – Cymfana ganu and Eistedfodd.

  6. As an Anglo-American, I can respect, honor, and even have a measure of filial affection for the other Whites in the world, but RUSSIA’S people are not ‘just Westerners with a funny accent.’ As Merthyr has said, THE Rus and the Ukros, ARE SLAVS. And what they are doing in Ukraine, is none of our business. They have to keep American/Western degeneracy OUT OF THEIR LAND, as much as we should be doing, here at home.

    This woman reminded me of all the liberal women back home in the Upper Midwest. SO very patronizing, SO VERY self-righteous, and SO completely disobedient to the biblical construct of FEMALE SUBMISSION. Even as ‘dear’ as she may be, this attitude will eventually lead to Pussy Riot, Lesbians, Baby murder (abortion) and UGLY JEWISH WHORES demanding ‘rights’ for this sex, they never should be given! A recent pic of women who had presumed on God to change their ‘gender appearance’ (many with hormone induced beards, and tattoos, and all with mastectomies (and they were proud of this!?!!!) with the slogan ‘humans bleed’ was the consummate nadir of everything this GOD-DAMNED ideology stands for.

    Sorry, no. Putin is doing what is right, the West is apostate, and deserves to perish. Especially if the BIDEN COUP starts WWIII. Anathema.

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