1. I’m convinced Stelter was bullied by weaker kids growing up. He hates anyone strong because he is the opposite, weak and afraid.

    • Stelter sounds like a young girl before she goes through puberty. I wonder is it is taking female hormones?

  2. Eva Bartlett is the complete opposite of Brian Stelter, like day and night, white versus black. Eva is a courageous and intelligent true independent journalist I’ve been following for years. She does excellent reporting on the front lines of the war in Syria and genocide in Palestine (including Gaza) – and now she is getting close to the action in eastern Khazarkraine: https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2022/04/08/they-saw-and-heard-the-truth-then-lied-about-it-media-on-donbass-delegation-omitted-mention-of-ukraines-8-year-war-on-the-republics/

  3. I have to be honest. I find Mark Dice less likable than even Brian Stelter. His sleazy scamming of low IQ Boomers and Magapedes while avoiding ever touching anything serious is infuriating. His cringey mediocrity is too much to bear.

  4. His voice is so effeminate that I found it impossible to take on board what he was saying. I mean, does he even have a pair of balls down there?
    The freshman made some valid point. Good on him.

  5. Everybody should read this. This is China. If you want to fag for this as an example to Whitey as a model cohesive society, you may as well see under the rocks where the well polished propaganda of the CCP misses spots from time to time.


    Things you’re never gonna read here otherwise. Make sure you watch the dog get beat to death too.

    • @Ironic,
      Fatal dog beating? That alone tells you everything you need to know about them. Not a spec of decency between them.
      The CCP and Chinese people truly deserve each other.

    • Do you think the U.S. population contains no dog beaters? Ask the ASPCA. There is and always has been cruelty to animals practiced by some of the population. Horses and other draft animals were and often still are cruelly used.

      Zero Hedge is not the greatest source on China, and the CIA’s (and Falun Gong’s) anti-communist Epoch Times is the worst of all. If the dog beating stories flies with the public, Epoch Times will be sure to produce more stories like it.

      I say the Chinese Zero-Covid policy is a noble effort, a GOOD war, and it can be won. It can be won without vaccines by simple rules of hygiene (testing, separation, quarantine) but the U.S. is the main enemy of world health, the main driving force for the constant re-infection of China and the world.

  6. Stelter has been a dutiful agent of regime spin for years. He’ll always have work while the swamp rules D.C.

  7. Never Let Our evil ones know their making a mistake!

    Let them destroy themselves!

    It’s happening very fast for once in our lives!

    May you live in interesting times!


  8. Had to search what the hoo is a “Brian Stelter”. Not surprised, some Jew inside the tamudvision. As a Christian I don’t partake of the sin of watching the Electroc Jew.

    As kosherpedia says, Stelter went to Towson, which is a very heavily Jew college. He married a Jewess, they were married in a Joosh ceremeny, and are raising their spawn as joos.

    Seems like he intended to be a crypto but it failed when the woman came into the picture.

  9. Damn I should have been there!

    This is in my old Chicago university neighborhood where I grew up, the place that made me.

    The 18 year old freshmen that called out B Steltzer did a good job, he’s part of a small Conservative blog, magazine the Chicago Thinker. They’re sponsored by the Federalist Society.

    Kind of limited in a WFB way, they also focus on local and national WOKE Lib stuff when it takes the Palestinian side.

    Really not that much opportunity for us there it s the same old:

    “Those gosh darn liberals, they are biased, big government and socialism doesn’t work – look at Chicago and Baltimore’s failing public schools. Here’s some books about free markets” that sort of thing.


  10. It’s not just him (video):

    linkWATCH The Atlantic’s @anneapplebaum refuse to answer @RealDSchmidt’s question about Hunter Biden’s laptop during @UChicago’s “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference!

    Applebaum is another member of America’s arrogant and incompetent kike pundit class.

    This is the same shitshow where Obama made an appearance (I wonder how much he was paid).

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