Politico: White House “Freaking Out” Over Possible Le Pen Victory

If France finally falls after a twenty year push toward nationalism, it will be the biggest shock to Europe since BREXIT and a huge milestone in the mainstreaming of “far right extremism.”


“The White House has begun to harbor fears that Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN could soon notch his biggest victory of the invasion of Ukraine — in Paris.

There is growing concern within President JOE BIDEN’s administration about the narrowing polls in the French presidential election that show a tight race between incumbent EMMANUEL MACRON and far-right challenger MARINE LE PEN.

A possible victory by Le Pen, a Putin sympathizer, could destabilize the Western coalition against Moscow, upending France’s role as a leading European power and potentially giving other NATO leaders cold feet about staying in the alliance, according to three senior administration officials not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations. …

The worst-case scenario, according to White House officials, would be that Le Pen could win and then pull France from the coalition currently standing alongside Kyiv against Moscow. Macron’s government has already walked a fine line with Moscow, with the French president attempting to play the role of mediator in the days before Putin’s invasion. Since then, France has supported the Ukrainians with weapons and assistance, but they’ve been quiet about it, refusing to release details on what and how much they’re sending.

Washington fears that a Le Pen in the Élysée would upset this delicate balance. Her victory could then prompt other European leaders — some of whom were already nervous about getting tough on Russia — to bail on the alliance as well.

“Her election would be a disaster for Europe and the trans-Atlantic front to support Ukraine,” said BENJAMIN HADDAD, senior director of the Europe Center at the Atlantic Council. “She’s against sanctions and arms delivery, has always aligned on Kremlin talking points on Ukraine or NATO. Her platform includes leaving NATO military command and a series of anti-EU blocking measures that would de facto amount to a Frexit down the road, though she has taken Frexit off her program this time so as not to spook voters.” …”

I still don’t believe that Marine Le Pen is going to win.

Daily Mail:

“How all of chic Metropolitan France chortled. She was already trailing badly in the polls. This embarrassment would hole her below the waterline. Their man would now cruise to victory. Another five years in the Elysee Palace for the centrist incumbent beckoned. …

It was a huge strategic mistake. It reinforced his aloof and arrogant image, which led critics to dub him Jupiter, the imperious and icy supreme god of Roman mythology, when he ascended to the presidency.

This has also played into Le Pen’s hands. While Macron has Putin on speed dial, she has been campaigning tirelessly in the small towns and villages of what is called peripheral France — the places far away from the pro-Macron metropolitan centres that are populated by people who feel ignored by the political elite and left behind.

It was from these areas that the famous ‘gilets jaunes’ or ‘yellow vest’ protesters (named after their high-viz jackets) emerged in 2018 after Macron’s enthusiasm for all manner of green initiatives resulted in an increase in duty on petrol and diesel.

I remember speaking to one at a rural roundabout who summed up the metropolitan/small town divide perfectly: ‘This increase in duty has been imposed on us by a Parisian political establishment that can commute to work on the world’s finest public transport system. We have to use our cars. There is no public transport here.’

Now that small-town France is in the grip of a much worse cost-of-living crisis, very similar to but not quite as bad as Britain’s, Le Pen is exploiting it for all it’s worth. …”

Watching Jupiter get knocked off Mount Olympus to the horror of the likes of Joe Biden and Fareed Zakaria and David Rothkopf and the Apollo worshipping Eurofag crowd on Twitter … I am not getting my hopes up. That’s a thought too good to be true!


  1. Even if they win it won’t make much of a difference on the outcome of anything of real importance.

    • Chaos hysteria and infighting brought down many systems in history. Gorbachev and Yeltsin , also their angry opponents were all lifetime members of communist party and never had real job outside party apparatus.

      Yet Soviet Union was blown up. So voting matters. Also every other thing what causes mess and infighting, matters.

  2. Much ado about a trifle. Like Trump she claims to be the best friend Israel could have, and never fear, Talmudism will keep her and other far-rights in line.

    • >Like Trump she claims to be the best friend Israel could have, …

      You won’t find a populist party on the Right in Europe with serious electoral ambition that doesn’t do the same — it’s no different with with the AfD in Germany — any attention to the question of the Palestinians, settlements, etc pales in comparison to fealty to Israel — you just have to accept this for now — a young woman on the Right in France, Thaïs d’Escufon, put out a relevant video today (in French but with English subtitles), where she encourages people to vote, even though many are convinced it makes no difference:


      As the elections approach, we systematically hear speeches from people on the right who justify abstention. It’s always the same catchphrases that come back: “it’s useless”, endorses the system” or “change will not come from the ballot box”. It’s time to clarify some things to put an end to these defeatist refrains. … .My goal is not to convince you that abstention is “wrong” or “immoral” or “a lack of respect for those who died for this right”, not at all. What I want is for the right to understand that, whatever we think of the current political system, there is no good strategic reason not to vote.

      People here might find her interesting — if not, she’s nice to look at.

      (She does speak English fairly well — to see/hear her, watch some of her other videos, or look up Martin Sellner’s channel on Bitchute.)

      Though largely taboo (in fact it has replaced Social Security as the ‘third rail’ of American politics), on the political fringe in the US you will still find far more discussion of Jewish power and influence than you will in Europe — citing WWII as the main reason might seem simplistic, but that does not mean it is incorrect.

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t think the white house has anything to worry about. France doesn’t take stats on people’s racial background, so there’s more dieversity there than people are aware of, meaning more votes for the anti white side. Of course, they may suprise me, and I hope I’m wrong. It’s why leftist parties love immigration so much. They’d rarely win on the back of white votes only.
    They have it all worked out.

  4. In the many years that Marine Le Pen has been the leader of her father’s party, there can be little doubt that Western/ZOG intelligence agency assets have collected compromising” information on her should she ever come to power.

    Ms. Le Pen could be fake opposition too. She has walked back so much of her father’s political platform that she, and FN are no longer the “White supremacist and anti-semitic” party of yore.

  5. I am not getting my hopes up. That’s a thought too good to be true!

    I know, I know. I want to say “stranger things have happened”, but then I’m not entirely sure they have.


    They’d rarely win on the back of white votes only.
    They have it all worked out.

    Quite true, not that it required any great genius to figure that out.

    Then again, maybe it did, since the mainstream right have not not managed to work out how badly their support for immigration hurts them at the polls (not in terms of turning off whites, but in deluging the electorate with overwhelmingly leftist votes).

  6. I wouldn’t get too worked up about this. But I always enjoy watching those Atlantic Council types getting upset when they feel threatened by “nationalist” figures like Mizzz LePen.

  7. Could she be anything but better than Macron? Then who gives a shit if she is also a philosemite just like Macron?

    I don’t understand this caved in head logic of some of you people.

    It was the same argument against Trump. Oh, he has a Jew son in law. He went to israel. He likes Jews. So what? Biden is SURROUNDED by and aligned with Jews, and the worse shitty anti White ones to boot. Why was this a convincing argument for deliberately kneecapping Trump, effectively helping elect this disaster Biden?

    Nobody likes Jews. But if you gotta have one Jew lover or another, then its not a deciding factor now is it?

    Is Le Pen perfect? Doubtful. Better than Macron? Without a doubt.

    Neither Trump or Le Pen or Putin or any of the other more conservative/nationalist leaders can stop our civilization from declining. Its too late for that. But they can blunt some of the damage its doing to working class people.

    To me, thats all the argument I need to support them over Biden/Macron in the short term while we work in states to build parallel institutions to replace the failing national system long term.

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