How Marine Le Pen Conquered Normandy

Here in the United States, I have been watching the same trend unfold. White rural and small town America was already boiling over the culture war which has expanded under Joe Biden to dozens of issues. Millions of people were already angry over COVID, inflation and gas prices.

This is why I was dismissive of the Ukraine crisis boiling over. Obviously, it wouldn’t be in the interest of Joe Biden and the Democrats to start a war with Russia, which would only throw gasoline on inflation, gas prices and supply chain issues which voters were already so angry about. I figured that Joe Biden and Antony Blinken would find some way to kick the can down the road until after the 2022 midterms. I repeatedly said that an energy shock in rural America would be like the Yellow Vests on steroids because the United States is such a larger country and Americans have to drive such greater distances.


“Here is a confident prediction about tomorrow’s first round of the French presidential election. In my lovely, peaceful village in the Calvados hills, Marine Le Pen will comprehensively top the poll. President Emmanuel Macron will come third or maybe even fourth. In the second round, Le Pen will win by a landslide.

Nationally, the polls suggest that this strange, long-frozen election will be a close-run thing — much closer than seemed possible two or three weeks ago. New survey data even suggests Le Pen could sneak victory, though Macron probably still has the edge.

My village Culey-le-Patry has no crime, no obvious suffering and no immigrants apart from myself and a couple of other Britons. Nonetheless, Marine Le Pen — far-Right, anti-migrant, anti-EU, enthusiastically pro-Putin until February — will sweep to local victory here in both rounds of the election. The same thing will happen in thousands of villages across France. …

Little by little — it started long before Macron and the Gilets Jaunes — villages like Culey-le-Patry have changed political sides. They used to be the bedrock of the centre-right, Gaullist and soft-Left status quo in France. They have become, almost without realising it, a breeding ground for a tear-it-down populism which seeks to destroy France’s outward-looking, pro-European post-war consensus.

In my conversations, not one person brought up the war. They spoke of the high petrol and diesel prices caused partly by Putin’s invasion without mentioning it directly. An exception was our mayor, Marie-Christine Danlos. “I think people here do care about Ukraine,” she said. “Certainly they do. We are surrounded by the memories and scars of war from the summer of 1944. I certainly hear no pro-Russian feeling. None at all.”

“But in the end most people here are tightly wrapped in their own lives. They live for today and tomorrow. They feel sympathy for Ukraine but they are very, very angry about petrol and diesel prices. They are angry and worried about rising food prices. Who do they hear on TV talking most persuasively about the cost of living and purchasing power? Marine Le Pen.”

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in France is now significantly higher than it was at the height of the Yellow Vests protests. Jupiter is sliding in the polls.

Of course, if you are living in a metropolitan bubble and rely on public transit, or don’t even drive yourself like our elites, it is harder to grasp the impact that this is having on working class and middle class families in both rural France in rural and small town America. You are used to being Ubered around.


  1. Calais immigrant camps are one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. Part of my awakening. No sovereign country would tolerate that.

    • >Calais immigrant camps

      It’s a fucking disgrace — I occasionally rhetorically jab French people I know: If only France had an organized body of armed, disciplined men with logistical support and a command structure, men who could go in and clean up that camp, taking all the residents into custody — Does France have such a group of men? — Does anyone have an idea? — Oh wait! — How about the French Army? — Maybe they could do the job?!

      Does France not have soldiers? — and handcuffs and leg shackles? — transport planes? — then send in the army to round up all the people in those camp, violently suppressing any resistance — then load them, handcuffed and shackled, onto transport planes, and dump them onto some tarmac in North Africa.

      Problem solved.

      I’ve seen interviews with residents of Calais and other towns nearby where they say their lives have been transformed by the camps and the literally thousands of inhabitants — the whole ambience of the area has been destroyed, and they no longer feel safe, especially after dark.

  2. It’s a lot more than high energy prices — as I mentioned, I’ve traveled extensively through rural/provincial France, typically staying at private homes and farmhouses (Chambre d’hôtes) — these are simple, hardworking French people, many struggling — and I can tell you they are fed up with all the regulations and the arrogance of government, particularly/especially the Île-de-France — they are fed up with government making their lives more difficult and more expensive — remember the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests started several years ago when energy prices were lower — those protests were an earlier manifestation of this discontent.

  3. This cucked filth had the chance to vote Le Pen sine 1992. So entirely self made disaster and nobody has right to say that “we never voted for that”

    Now Marine had chance to win but when within 2 months all France problems will be not solved and France will be not turned on the Paradise, Marine becomes most hated person in France.

    Basically like Trump was held responsible for everything but Mr. Biden has always kept his promises to white working class for 50 long years so he had no problems with broken promises.

  4. Its worse in China. They are locking people down again for COVID, and now their people are starving and rising up.

    I came to the opinion that COVID was made up, or deliberately released to suppress restive populations around the world. It conviently appeared, when the Americans were running a color revolution in Hong Kong. Then the Chinese put on the biggest show on Earth. People fainting in the steets. The government welding people into their apartments,. People kidnapped from their communities. Masses of men in Star Wars costumes marching down streets spraying white gas. A makeshift mass grave in New York was also publicized.

    I still haven’t caught COVID, and I didn’t get vaccinated or take ivermectin. Its BS.

  5. It also could be the far-leftist quasi-commie Mélenchon who comes out lucky in the French election on Sunday, with 12 candidates in the 1st round

    The Right is strong, but split 3 ways, amongst Le Pen, Zemmour and mainstream normie-right Pécresse

    Given the economic carnage and a common French feeling of ‘do a protest vote 1st round’, there may be quite a further surge for far-Leftist Mélenchon, who is already doing ok, he’s verbally sharp

    It’s possible that the top two for the May run-off will be Macron and Mélenchon … Macron is widely despised, and weak-Leftist Macron doesn’t have a strong argument against moar-Leftist Mélenchon

    Germany is already far-shitelib-left, if France goes that way too, well, that’s it for the EU

  6. Liberty and Authority are eternal principles and cannot be eradicated on a battlefield. That is the folly of The End Of History.

  7. Nothing from Occidental Dissent about the innocent verdicts of the Michigan militia members entrapped by the FBI Domestic Terrorists.


    I wonder why.

  8. I don’t see any connection between the price of silver, and the price of wheat, corn and soybeans. Unless the Russians demand silver to buy their wheat, corn and soybeans? Russian farmers have made huge strides since 1990!

    • You can buy rubles for silver and then buy wheat or gas or oil. Russia demands payment in rubles and it is up to buyer for what he buys rubles. Sooner or later a lot of people discover this fact and then first gold price goes up and after that any other gold like item price.

      Digital currency will be dead in arrival. After dooming financial system with one fiat money nobody will trust the same people people offering another unbacked worthless money. In Europe we can not even use digital currency. Because of climate change, we destroyed our energy systems and is very difficult to use something digital when there is blackout. Also, in major collapse, our 70 million strong diversity burns infrastructure down or at least steal copper wires. So no electricity, no digital currency.

      So people will demand real physical money. Everybody will need some coins to pay. Gold is too rare and too expensive to buy daily garbage like potatoes or cigarettes. Then the real real fun with silver price begins.

  9. What’s the tipping point when the majority get tired of the corrupt govts and says enough is enough?

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