1. They used plenty of DU (radioactive waste from nuclear reactors) munitions in Serbia (and Iraq) that some places “practically glow in the dark” and leukemia and birth defects are common. The U.S. also can’t wait to try some of the “mini nukes” it has created, which have “variable yield” ranging from just a little less powerful to a lot less powerful than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

  2. Putin has threatened countries with nukes if they get involved in Ukraine. Also when Trump was Prez, he told Putin If he invaded Ukraine he’d nuke the Kremlin.

  3. How could any sane person find a conversation between Penn, who looks something like what Hemingway probably imagined when he wrote The Old Man and the Sea, and Hannity, one of the dumbest and most obnoxious conservatards on the planet, in any way interesting?

    Fucking hell man.

  4. He’s a Jew. Naturally, he wants to annihilate Russians. And everybody else that ain’t “special.”

    • Don’t know if drug and alcohol addled brained Penn is quite so introspective. I’d suspect that to Hollywood who used to love the Russians, it’s the culturally conservative anti gay shit from Russia that is the main impetus for their hate. In a way I can often tell a gentile liberal from a jew in by whether the are hating on the old testament or the new testament in their anti christianity. With homos and gentile leftists its always the old testament.

  5. The media gives some witless actor a platform to spew his hysterically dangerous ideas.

    Why American ppl watch garbage movies and idolize some brainless actor, I’ll never understand.

    • Considering he’s worth over a quarter of a billion shekels , I’d say that’s highly probable

  6. That’s real genius-level thankin’ there, Sean. Lets get into a newkewlur shootin’ match (as Imam al-Dubya might say) with a country who has 200 MT underwater missiles which will send a 4500-foot radioactive tsunami on all the coasts of Chiquitastan. If launched at the FL coast it would literally wash over the state into the Gulf of Mexico. Wonder how far such a tsunami would extend into Alabama? A couple set off in the Gulf would make quite a mess too. Mr. Penn is obviously unencumbered by anything resembling a thought process. Wonder if he’s been hanging out with Hunter Biden?

  7. Why would anyone ever take seriously anything any of the Hollywood types said about anything? They are entertainers by profession and most of them are idiots.

    Sean Penn has a history of supporting one bad Left Wing cause after another and this is just his latest example. Lunatic thinking may be a good thing for an actor or actress to be successful but it’s not so good when applied to serious things like nuclear weapons.

    Sean Hannity is just a moron with a TV show. He sounds like a guy in a bar yelling about politics after he had too much to drink.

    • “Why would anyone ever take seriously anything any of the Hollywood types said”

      Ppl are shallow, the screen is hypnotic.

  8. I remember watching a Star Trek Voyager episode back in the 90s where Chakotay crash lands on a planet that turns out to be a clever holographic training program to manipulate people into joining some guerrilla war. I think it’s season 4 episode 4 titled Nemesis? When you land there is a fake village which you witness get destroyed by “evil” aliens you have to run from where you meet a local who befriends you and eventually you join their war effort. The whole thing turned out to be a hologram but by the end Chakotay was ready to go sign up with the guerrillas and go to war. That seems to be the program the western media is running. This isn’t just some war between two parties, to the astute viewer it’s obvious this is a war against Russia by the US deep state using the Ukraine as a proxy.

    May I ad that my sister used to play with this girl down the block as kids, she was born in the Ukraine but came to the US when she was just a year old. So she has no memories of the place and for all practical purposes grew up as an American in the Chicago Suburbs in the 80s culturally exactly like a John Hughes movie. Yet this girl has been obsessed with the Ukraine her whole life, endlessly ranting about Ukrainian politics on Facebook for over 20 years now. She also celebrates Christmas in January instead of doing it like everyone else here in America, pretty much the same story as how so many jews refuse to even enjoy the Santa Claus, Colored Lights, and Jingle Bells aspect of the holiday and created their fake Hanukkah holiday out of spite. She virulently hates the Russians and for some reason also loved Obama and the democrats despite professing to be a serious orthodox christian and family oriented person. How could anyone who is pro family and pro church vote for those demons? My mom is so sick of her facebook rants we all pretty much agree that if Ukraine is so important to her she ought to just move back.

  9. The West is ruled by evil psychopaths. Sean Penn and Sean Hannity. are just a couple of useful idiots.

  10. One had to figure that Penn would be saying something crazy or stupid, otherwise he would have never been allowed on Hannity’s show. If you looked up chickenhawk in the dictionary they would be a photo of Hannity. To be fair, there are loads of people in the federal government and the news media who have never spent a day in the U.S. military, and yet they’re always ready to send somebody else’s kids off to get blown up in some lousy third world country that 95% of the public cares little or nothing about.

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