1. Putin probably has more functioning WMD’s than we do. This playbook doesn’t work anymore. Biden is like a little kid playing adult dress up.

  2. “It says a lot that this isn’t a scandal.”

    “We’re so used to “journalists” lying and spreading state and corporate propaganda”

    The American people are so mentally lazy they swallow the slop from the zog coporate trough, instead of foraging on their own.


    • No better than domesticated animals. You put it in front of them and they just eat it up.

  3. It’s U$ZOG that still maintains chemical weapons. Everybody else got rid of theirs.

    Look for the Theodore Roosevelt administration to dispatch gunboats to the Yangtze River, and to change national nuclear weapons policy and doctrine to allow for first strike, first use, in case of war, both real and imagined. But especially when their big, fat egos are threatened by impending defeat.

    They’re just itching to pull the brass trigger on Russia, and probably on China, too. But especially on Russia.

  4. Rules for propagandists include: “Lie first” (before someone else does, putting them on the defensive) and “Be honest when you lie” (freely admit SOME of your lies to make it appear that they are the only lies you have told).

    So these propagandists “honestly” admit to spreading a FEW lies about Ukraine war, in order to cover up or give the vast majority of their lies credibility – much like the New York Times does a story once in a while about some Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians, in order to cover up all their omissions, giving the impression that there are only a few of these “mistreatments” (crimes) being committed.

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