Caspian Report: The Ukraine War From Russia’s Perspective

In the United States, we have an unfortunate tendency to look at foreigners through the prism of good and evil, angels and demons, Autobots and Decepticons. It is part of our evangelical Protestant cultural heritage which we share with the UK. This is how we make sense of the world.

The Serbs, Russians, Iranians, Iraqis and Italians have all taken turns being on the good side or bad side of Washington. Saddam Hussein was once one of the good guys. The same is true of Osama bin Laden. The Serbs were the good guys in World War I and World War II when we created Yugoslavia for them and the bad guys when they tried to hold on to it when Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s.

Uncle Joe Stalin was one of the good guys when he crushed the Ukrainian nationalists and expanded the country westward at the expense of Hungary and Poland during World War II. Stalin was one of the good guys after the Holodomor. In contrast, Putin is an evil dictator for fighting Ukraine over Russian speaking areas like Crimea and Donbas. He presides over the smallest Russian realm in American history.

The upshot of the video is how important Ukraine and the Baltic states are to Russia’s security and how unimportant the whole region is to the United States. This should be a European fight. Withdrawing from NATO will force the EU to do some adulting and take responsibility for their own security.


  1. “good and evil, angels and demons, ”

    That’s because the Abrahamic Religions that dominate the West are based on the dualism of Zoroastrianism.

    • Likely right. In Christian tradition, nowadays lost, Satan is the ruler of the world, which is why He could offer Jesus dominion over it.

  2. He is protecting his people and his country

    simple as that he also see the existential threat cowardly hiding behind the Ukrainians we all should be aware of by now

  3. Caspian Report is Azerbaijani, therefore Israeli-influenced or directed. The bias or angle of CR is evident even if one didn’t know that.

    In 1991 not only Russia but the whole world lost tragically due to the personal vanity of Gorbachev and drunken stupidity of Yeltsin and the deception of the Anglo-Talmudists (I used to say “Anglo-Zionists”).

    A great mistake of the Bolsheviks was to make the non-Russian ethnic socialist republics much too large, such as “Kazakhstan” that is majority Russian in the north (giving the Kazakhs the best part of Russian Siberia) and “Ukraine” that is majority Russian in the west and south (giving the Galicians or Ruthenians some of the best Russian land, and even Crimea, thanks to the influence of Kruschev’s Galician wife)

    Belarus and Ukraine SSRs were even used to give the USSR two more seats in the UN. Big mistake. Belarus has intended to return to Russia, but Lukashenko wants to keep it. Ukraine is no less Russian than Belarus. Belarus is a fake nation like Ukraine. The U.S. was never satisfied with the results of 1991. It wants to further slice and dice what is left of Russia to make it impotent for looting, and erase its existence as a nation.

  4. So I’m watching the MotoGP race from Austin, and as always happens, at the end of the race the riders do a slow lap and the marshals (track employees responsible for safety and clean-up during a race) come to the edge of the track to applaud the riders, and maybe get a high five — except this time a group of marshals starts handing out Ukraine flags to the riders.

  5. I would disagree that Europa is “unimportant” to the U.S. Europa is our ancestral home. Russia is no longer in defense mode, the hierarchy wants the Soviet Union back. They are already talking openly about which European nation they will roll next. Russia is not “losing” in Ukraine, they have only committed less than 20% of their forces; they are blooding their troops.

    You can pretend that this will not affect you, but this will, long term. Sorry isolationists, and Putin worshipers, this does not bode well for Europa or the White race at all. Short term for us, this war is a distraction from what the parasites are doing to the U.S. on the inside. Look over there, while we crash the economy, and pull off Kalergi Plan USA, while you do nothing about it. Long term, this helps destroy Western Civilization.

    • Rob, two questions … is country 404 / Khazaria part of “Europa”?
      And … considering the present conflict, who is more representative of the “White race”? the Ukies or Russkies?
      P.S. Sorry, please indulge me one more question … you say “Long term, this helps destroy Western Civilization” … what is western civilization? is it capitalism? liberalism? judeo-christianity?

      • Khazaria, according to the maps, did ironically include the Donbass / Luhansk region, not the rest of Ukraine, despite them trying to remake it there. Most of the Ukrainian people are not jews, but European / Slavic. Who more represents the White race? Most Russians still are mostly European / Slavic also. But, neither Russia or Ukraine will openly represent the White race, and in Russia, White Nationalism is quite forbidden, while in Ukraine, at least some Azov troops were the real deal, despite obvious compromises. Russia’s main virtue is not putting up with the globohomo crap.

        Western Civilization is not capitalism, or liberal delusions, or jew invented religions. Perhaps what made Western people great really is long dead. Obviously no longer proud of who they are, unable to progress unhindered by all manner of internal and external parasites, unable to stand as one people any longer. Instead, most White people who even still know who they are, cling to little atomized groups, unable to remember their origins, not very good at math, and unwilling to unify and face the future.

        As for Russia, make no mistake, the hierarchy wants the Soviet Union back. Vladimir Putin is a good leader, that is true. But he is not your friend, he is still a Soviet. They are just another nwo faction.

        “There is no such thing as a former KGB man” – Vladimir Putin

        “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.” – Vladimir Putin

        • You underestimate how much impact the Mongols had on the Russian genome. You see them all the time. The Russian minister of defence Shoigu is one of them. Although you also see some pure Aryan Russians who rival anyone from Western or Northern Europe.

  6. “Uncle Joe Stalin was one of the good guys when he crushed the Ukrainian nationalists and expanded the country westward at the expense of Hungary and Poland during World War II. Stalin was one of the good guys after the Holodomor. In contrast, Putin is an evil dictator for fighting Ukraine over Russian speaking areas like Crimea and Donbas”

    The Nazis were evil bad guys in the 30s because they killed jews. Today, the Nazis are the good guys because they;re fighting Putin and not killing jews.

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