Mark Levin Is Sick Of The Putin Wing Of The Republican Party

The feeling is mutual.

We’re sick and tired of people like Mark Levin who have squandered trillions of dollars and whose legacy is nothing but a trail of destruction that runs through the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and now eastern Europe. We’re sick of them sowing chaos abroad and neglecting our more pressing problems at home. We’re sick of the “Homeland” being a dumping ground for refugees.


“Why am I telling you all this? Because the idea is stuck with me now to the point where I’m 64 years old. Why? Well, in a strange way, when I look at Ukraine, this is how I see the Russians and how they’re treating the Ukrainians. …

I am ashamed — ashamed at the response of our government, and 50 years from now, maybe 20 years from now, a hundred years from now people are going to look back and they’re going to, say: Why didn’t we do more? Why didn’t we do more? And I’m asking you this question today.

I am sick and tired of the Putin-wing of the media, the Putin-wing of the Republican Party, the Putin-wing of the Democratic Party, I’m sick all of them. They have been lying for weeks, if not months.

I’m tired of the isolationists and those that say: What do you want to do, drag us into a war? Do they not see the pictures? There is a war going on. World War Three has begun. The question is whether it can be contained where it is taking place right now? Whether it’ll spread to Eastern Europe, to NATO countries, whether it’ll spread to the Pacific and Taiwan? Whether it’ll spread in the Middle East with Iran given that this government, this regime is in the process of arming the Iranians with ICBMs tipped with nuclear weapons.

These are grave times. Now is not the time to hide. Now is not the time to be quiet. Now is not the time to pretend that your ideology would keep us safe when it won’t. We should be muscling up the United States military, just in case. We should be muscling up NATO, just in case. We should be arming the Taiwanese on the Island of Formosa before they are attacked by the Communist Chinese. Harpoon missiles, and other weapons, heavy weapons, so they can defend themselves and their freedom.

We should immediately stop negotiating with the terrorist regime in Tehran, ensuring that they’re going to have nuclear missiles that can hit our cities as well as hit anywhere in the Middle East and in Europe. …”

Fortunately for us, it is clear that Mark Levin and his fellow senior citizens are a spent and declining force in the Republican Party who are going to rapidly fade through the 2020s.

Here’s what we should be doing:

  • We should avoid World War III because the idea of fighting Russia over the fate of Donbas is a textbook case of imperial overstretch. In fact, Russia is at its weakest point viz the United States in our entire history. The Russia of the tsars once ruled Alaska and Finland.
  • The fact that Russia is struggling in Ukraine illustrates that the only real threat that Russia poses to the United States is its nuclear arsenal. We’re separated from Russia by three oceans, the European Union and Canada which are more than sufficient natural barriers to collision.
  • We should immediately withdraw from NATO which is an antiquated relic of the Cold War. The European Union has a larger population than the United States and an economy comparable to our own. The European Union is more than a match for Russia. Ukraine seeks to join the European Union. It is an excellent time for the Europeans to take responsibility for their own security.
  • We should withdraw all Americans troops which are stationed on bases outside the Western Hemisphere and the Pacific and especially those in Europe. We don’t need a CENTCOM or an AFRICOM which are pure expressions of militarism and imperialism run wild.
  • The United States already recognizes that Taiwan is part of China. This has been our policy for decades. Neither Hong Kong or Taiwan are worth fighting China over.
  • We should engage in peaceful commerce with Russia as we did through the entire 19th century when we had good foreign relations with the Russia of the tsars
  • We should probably just get rid of the Pentagon and start the process of demilitarizing the United States. We need to severely slash our military budget. The military should be used to secure the border of the so-called “Homeland” which our ruling class has neglected.
  • We need to gut the Deep State. We need to clean house. There is no excuse for avoiding confrontation with it after the Trump years.
  • We need to abolish the “intelligence community.” We don’t need government agencies which are absolutely out of control running around the world and toppling foreign governments or spying on Americans or feeding disinformation to the American people.
  • We need to shore up our civil liberties and constitutional rights which have been eroded by all kinds of natsec bureaucrats through things like the FISA Court.
  • We should abandon the folly of emulating the old British Empire and responsibility for maintaining a “liberal world order.”
  • We should reject both neocon jingos and bleeding heart neoliberal imperialists

This should be the “far right” agenda. This is “fascism” and “authoritarianism” aka returning to our peaceful, non-interventionist, small government, continental, anti-Atlanticist Jeffersonian origins. This is the foreign policy tradition of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan.

Note: BTW, Churchill’s buddy Uncle Joe Stalin crushed the Ukrainian nationalists and reconquered all of Ukraine and kept on rolling into Budapest, Berlin and Warsaw. Churchill himself conceded Ukraine to Russian domination at the Yalta conference.

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  1. A lot of people are sick of Russophobic Jews carrying ancient ethno-religious grievances. Neocon warmongering Jews are a clear and present danger for the survival of the planet.

  2. This is the J snake. The fake conservative, Neo Conservative disguise was just another J snake skin disguise. This J snake will shed it’s skin yet again and come back as something with a new name, it’s still the same J snake.

    A lot of these J Neo Conservative Zionists jumped ship after the second Bush Jr term and went to formerly honest Liberal places like the Atlantic Magazine – the Atlantic Magazine was my favorite political and cultural magazine in the early 1990s.

    Now it’s total ZOG, Black hate White people, bomb Iraq, bomb Syira, now bomb Russia.

  3. I have Jew fatigue as well as Boomer fatigue. Levin represents both. As this pillar of support fades our occupational government with become more autocratic by necessity. One day it will just simply collapse.

    • “Conservatives” will soon be a dying breed. The ones who think the real war is between the Democrats and the Republicans.

  4. London is pissed. That uppity Irish Mick Joe Biden refused to meet Zelenskyy in Kiev. Boris had to go instead. Get ready, you are going to hear Hunter, Hunter, Hunter until it is ringing in your ears.

  5. “This is “fascism” and “authoritarianism” aka returning to our peaceful, non-interventionist, small government, continental, anti-Atlanticist Jeffersonian origins. This is the foreign policy tradition of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan.”

    We haf to give the old Union states their own government(s), too. The New England Moral-Political Paradigm/Puritanism, is incompatible with the republican form of government. People in the North, especially the Northeast, never understood, and never accepted it. They only acceded to republicanism, in order to buy time for their takeover of the United $tates®. If we keep them in a political union with us, we’ll be right back where we are now, within a century. You can have Yankees, or you can have a republic, but not both.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  6. I would add to your list a key foreign policy.

    The de-nuclearization of Europe, remove all foreign nuclear weapons and the dissolution of NATO.

  7. Levin is really advocating for his Rootless Cosmopolitan people here under the guise of some grand scheme of peacekeeping by waging war. His tactic is an old one: mix up a bunch of unrelated bad causes such as Taiwan, NATO, Iran, Russia etc. when he only cares about Our Greatest Ally. He wants Iran destroyed and perpetual vengeance against Russia, a new hatred and an ancient hatred both dressed up as existential threats to the U.S. when they are nothing of the kind.

    This has been the neo-conservative line since they jumped on the Ronald Reagan gravy train in the early 1980’s after the Democrats were discredited and the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the Ayatollahs. Iran then ceased being an American puppet and became an enemy of Israel. Let’s not forget, the neo-cons were ardent supporters of Saddam Hussein before they were implacable enemies of Saddam Hussein and celebrated war against Iraq twice. They will turn on a dime against the U.S. and in support of China if they believe that is where the winds of change are blowing.

  8. Slava Russaya!!!!…No apologies…..

    Say yes…to operation Z….

    Levin=The Israeli Fifth Column…In other words, a filthy disgusting tapeworm parasite….


    These scum destroyed the Western World, not just the USA etc.



    DUMB SHIT TRUMP stil relies on them, HEY TRUMP WTF ?

    Grow a brain!

  10. Everywhere I go I see all sorts of comments, the peeps behind them with great potential,
    but a lot of time has passed and we have newer people interested, many are younger,
    many were born back then and just learning now, it is not possible for them to know
    who the ” neoconservatives ” are and their history.

    NEO CON ARTIST 101 , Back To School

    911 , Wars , etc , reading ANTIWAR.COM , American Conservative .com , CHRONICLES MAG

    Pat Buchanan , Paul Craig Roberts , Ron Paul

    Early 2000’s , George W Bush Admin period .

    Since then, the menace has further corrupted and destroyed.
    Back then we even had US Generals speaking out and being
    called ” anti semitic ” on 60 Minutes. And it goes on …

    • Israel’s got nukes. If you’re sick of Russia then you and your fellow jews can bite you off a piece of Moscow and see how it works out for you. No more gentile blood for Israel.

      “Never again” is now for us,and that’s what it means to us. No more Brother Wars on behalf of Israel and no more having our peaceful,good,and affable natures used against us by jewish tricksters.

  11. All these jewish guys have anecdotes about how as boys they were being constantly picked on by gentile bullies until they finally punched one of ’em in the nose. I’m guessing 99% of those stories aren’t true but they demonstrate the hostility that jews have for us.

    Levin is an unrepentant bloodthirsty jew warmonger but so far his kind have been unable to sell the gentiles on fighting yet another war for their hostile alien masters.

    • Tell the nasty man that we’re going to dock the tribute we yearly pay to his country Israel until we recoup the trillions we squandered in our mid-East wars for his country.

      (I know it would never happen, but if he believed it would, he’d fill his britches with gefilte fish.)

      Lavine and his ilk are the ones who create “anti-Semites”.

  12. Of course Churchill conceded Ukraine. The purpose of the war wasn’t to save anyone. The purpose was the gutting of the German people.

  13. Had about 30 seconds of toilet-vision forced upon me today. It was long enough to hear some media whore refer to Putin’s actions in Ukraine as a “genocide”, and then describe the New York shooter as “a dark-skinned man”. Oh, you mean not WHITE ??

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