Fareed Zakaria: Will Putin Hinder Rightwing Populist Leaders?


Let’s see.

Yeah, it doesn’t look that way to me.

Jupiter is only up 3.2% with 98% reporting.


    • With retards like this leading America First, it won’t matter if they wake up.

      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
      “There is only one race.

      The human race.

      Skin color, hair color and texture, height, weight, different features are all just identifying features that make us each unique.”

      America First = Respectable Conservatism 2.0, but dumber.

  1. The French have no good candidate to vote for.

    Meanwhile, Pakistan is getting a Juan Guaido. The Empire won against Pakistan today. It’s also a strike against China, Russia, Afghanistan and Iran.

  2. This Fareed character looks like a dried up piece of old shoe leather. He needs to go back to Pakistan and start humping goats again. I don’t care what he has to say about anything.

  3. I sometimes wish this website would inject more humour into it’s content via cartoons, or some funny, very on point, contributers. Humour cuts through, and sends a message in a way people find educational and entertaining.
    The truth is best served up with a dollop of laughter.

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