Jimmy Dore: Twitter Censoring Ukraine War Coverage

Elon Musk needs to make his move on Twitter.


  1. “Anyone who is saying Twitter’s ban violates the First Amendment doesn’t know Twitter is a private company and the First Amendment protects individuals against government.”

    That’d be a real powerful argument if the government hadn’t hauled Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg before Congress repeatedly in 2016 and 2017,told them who,what,and when to censor and they hadn’t then censored those exact people and expressions,exactly when the government told them to do it. I’ve had enough of the “muh private company” nonsense.

    Besides,anyone on the left using “muh private company” as a defence accepts and applauds the government telling businesses who they can hire and promote,telling landlords who they must rent or sell houses to,telling businesses what kind of bathrooms to have in them,and mediating spurious sexual harassment claims made by spurned women sleeping their way to the top of companies.

    No one gets to use “muh private companies” anymore. Now that the taboo is broken,it is broken. If the government can force individuals to go to school with blacks at bayonet point,it can force Twitter to platform right-wingers. Period. End of discussion.

  2. Just watched some disturbing footage of Ukrainians getting killed by a Russian tank. Fuck the people protracting this.

    • Protracting it? The U.S. fully intends to win the war, and says it’s really just getting started. This war is already very expensive and will be the most expensive war ever, making the Indochina war and the War on Terror (so-called) look like great bargains. If you’re against it you may be guilty of sedition.

      • I agree that’s the plan. Subdue Russia and issue a new (((currency))).

  3. Interesting how Sean Hannity was a big defender of this corporate freedom junk. Limbaugh was too, come to think of it, when they assumed corporations were on the conservative side.

    • They never assumed these corporations were conservative. They’re just commissars whose job it is to keep the heard in line.

  4. As if there is any real separation between the government and Big Tech. The Regime can outsource its tyranny to (((private))) corporations as a workaround it’s constitutional limits.

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