Zelensky Announces Arrest Of Viktor Medvedchuk

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

In Ukraine, Zelensky has banned opposition media and political parties and has arrested one of his leading political opponents and charged him with treason for escaping house arrest.

Note: Medvedchuk was featured in the Oliver Stone documentary Revealing Ukraine.


  1. He is just one of THOUSANDS of pro-Russian ethnically Russian so-called “Ukrainians” who have been arrested and tortured or killed by the Khazarkraians/Nudelmanlandians in recent years. Even the native, ethnic Palestinians who are perhaps still the majority in occupied Palestine have been treated less badly than the native, ethnic Russians who are still the majority in Khazarkraine.

    • They like tying them up to poles and whipping them. They probably rape the women they tie up, too.

      • They are more likely to rape young women and molest children who identify as Russian or speak Russian – and yes, tree-taping is a popular Bandera recreational activity. There is a “brag” video circulating that they posted of themselves taping an old woman to a tree in cold weather and pouring water over her head to make her freeze.

      • Banderite rapists and sodomites are walking in the steps of Stepan Bandera, who preached homosexuality, and even raped the wife of his closest assistant while he was taking Bandera’s wife to the maternity hospital.

  2. Unlike the U.S. Congress (“our” (s)elected representative) the Italian Parliament members (at least 350 of them) walked out and refused to listen to a Zelenskyy speech: https://mobile.twitter.com/SNMilitary/status/1513730830706880520

    Italy, although a NATO member, is refusing to support the war against Russia.

    India has raised the ire of the U.S. for refusing to support the war. Now, in retaliation, Anthony Blinken says the U.S. is looking into human rights abuses in India.

    The U.S. also overthrew the president of Pakistan because he refused to support the war.

    • We assassinated Paki presidents in the past when they didn’t comply. Shot the entire plane down but we are the good guys, remember?

      • Imran Khan looks Aryan to me. The real Aryans are mostly in the East.

        Pakistan is said to be “an army with a country.” The British divided India into Muslim and Hindu parts (“Pakistan” is the Muslim part) to ensure religious warfare and facilitate divide-and-rule imperialism.

  3. Rumor has it that the controllers of the jewish actor in green screen Kiev really want to arrange a trade with Putin of this guy for the “captured” US Army Lt Gen Roger Cloutier, who the MSM “fact checkers” have determined (i.e. have been told to say) is false Russian propaganda. But if the General and his entourage are still trapped the bowels of the Azovstal complex (maybe with BHL too?) with the Azov neo-nazis, and is about to be captured/killed with them, I guess both could be true, right?

  4. As Scott Ritter noted, they’re in a real big hurry to get somebody out of Azovstal. Helicopters shot down, a ship turned back. Somebody big or incriminating is in there.

  5. If he’s not offed by MI-6, or the CIA, or Dimitri Yarosh, Želenský Will be arrested by the Russians and put on trial for war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

    In short, he’ll either be buried or exiled. But he won’t be “president” anymore, of a country that won’t exist after the stunning and total Russian victory.


    Putin is not gonna be in a mood to negotiate anything. He’s gonna dictate terms of surrender. Then refer Želenský to the Attorney General of Russia.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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