MSNBC: The Violent Conspiracy Theory That’s Driving The GOP

In France, a recent poll showed that 60 percent of the French now believe in the Great Replacement. 67 percent are worried it is either happening or will occur. Éric Zemmour just ran for president on saving France from the Great Replacement and the center-right just collapsed there.

I can’t find the poll now, but I recall reading somewhere that either most or some huge number of Macron and Pécresse supporters believe the Great Replacement is happening in France. Pécresse got in trouble for bringing it up. Le Pen and Zemmour combined only won 30% of the vote.

Here in the United States, the Left can’t seem to decide whether to celebrate the Great Replacement as a great thing that is increasing diversity, making the country less White and empowering Democrats or scolding Republicans for taking their own statements at face value. They usually do both. It is a “racist conspiracy theory” depending only on whether you think it is a good thing or a bad thing.

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  1. “a recent poll showed that 60 percent of the French now believe in the Great Replacement”

    Would be 100%., if they had brains.

    • @Arrian have you seen the National Socialist cartoon pre WWII about France. It is a family of wealthy white aristocrats living in a zoo while gorilla looking black people dressed up in the same clothes watch them like circus freaks and toss peanuts.
      The Germans knew this was coming 90 years ago, amazing one hundred percent of the French still dont

  2. I am glad to see that there are smart Whites who seen the truth about this Great Replacement, also known as White Genocide. Too many Whites don’t. I have never seen another race or an ethnic group celebrate their dwindling numbers, except for Whites. There is something very wrong with us as a people when we don’t take our own side.

  3. The French author Jean Raspail wrote the prophetic novel Camp of the Saints. A must read for anyone who likes this website.

  4. Joe Biden stated that it’s a “good thing” that whites will become a minority in the U.S. His policies have consistently worked toward that end. This apparent purposeful action suggests a conspiracy, not a coincidence.

    • One has to be insane, evil, or the most treacherous whore to celebrate the dispossession of your own kind.

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