Tucker Carlson: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Seeking To Forcibly Silence News Outlet

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

If you watch cable television, you will regularly hear the words of Anne Applebaum coming out of the mouth of Joe Biden in Poland and various panels on CNN and MSNBC.

In one minute, two-faced liberals celebrate the Great Replacement while denouncing you as a “far right conspiracy theorist” for noticing them doing it the next minute. They will loudly proclaim themselves to be “democracy defenders” and toast Zelensky as the new Winston Churchill while ignoring the fact that he has shutdown opposition media, banned rival political parties and has arrested the leader of his political opposition in Ukraine. Justin Trudeau boldly declares that Canada is “standing strong for democratic values and passionately denounces Putin’s authoritarianism while using draconian emergency powers to crush the Freedom Convoy and to muzzle his opposition.


  1. It’s not China it’s Weimar 2.0. China is hosting Anglin’s site after having several domains stolen in our free democracy.

  2. “they toast Zelensky as the new Winston Churchill”:

    I think they are correct. Zelenskyy is just as bad as Winston Churchill.

  3. The Canadians are a bunch of Cucks for electing someone like Justin Trudeau. I would say the same for us regarding Joe Biden but he stole the election so…I don’t think any sane person believes that this senile old pedo fool actually won 80 million votes, allegedly more votes than anyone in the history of the country.

  4. Calling liberals hypocrites is something conservatives have always done, but it never works. Conservatives care about following rules and appearing to be consistent, but liberals only care about getting and wielding power. They have a totally different mindset.

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