Putin and Lukashenko Hold Joint Press Conference

It takes some effort to find out what the Russians are saying and what is going on from their perspective because of the censorship. Lukashenko is warning about a clash of civilizations.

Axios is reporting that Russia is reaping a windfall from higher energy prices:

Note: Russia has been sent into the neoliberal trash bin with Sargon of Akkad. I also discovered at Odysee that Styx has a daughter now.

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  1. It looks like they’re winning the war on economics also. While our economy is tanking with inflation their economy is stable. Gas prices are cheaper and I’m sure the food is too.

  2. Belarus is essentially, effectively, a member of the Federation. A full reunion with Russia has long been planned, but Lukashenko delays it. Belarus is Russia, and so is most of Ukraine.

    Putin’s tragic failure is that, like all late Soviet revisionists, he really believes in the capitalist system (the “magic of the marketplace,” “individual freedom,” etc.) which is the worst enemy of Russia and all “civilisational values.” He cannot have both Russia and laissez faire at the same time. He needs to consistently serve only one, and hate the other. Nevertheless Putin-led capitalist Russia compared to the U.S. Empire is by far the lesser evil.

    • Try to be a little understanding, Merthyr. Hate doesn’t come as easily to most persons as it does to you communists.

      • J.B., I’m paraphrasing Holy Scripture, where it says no man can serve two masters but must love one and hate the other, and where it says it is impossible to serve both God and Mammon. This kind of “hate” is righteous indigation or firm rejection of temptation.

        • Yes, the scriptural trope was evident, Merthyr. I know your entire personality is an elaboration of that righteous indignation, as it’s called. Decades ago, I myself fell out of sympathy with that sort of thing entirely.

          • “Decades ago, I myself fell out of sympathy with that”:

            Moving in the very opposite direction I fell out of sympathy with anarcho-libertarianism (which is evidently your position) long ago, after giving it a brief consideration. Libertarianism and ethno-socialism are two opposite poles, but they do not attract.

            If you are libertarian, how can you also be nationalist?

          • “If you are libertarian, how can you also be nationalist?”

            What is the old Chinese saying, as we’re told, Merthyr? “The beginning of wisdom is the ability to call things by their right names.” I’ll start, accordingly, by resisting your terminology, as you’d probably expect me to resist it.

            There’s nothing anarchic about property law, so, no, I reject “anarcho-libertarian” or even “libertarian” as terms for the political arrangements I favor. Also, I’m not a nationalist, I’m a racist. My concern, as I’ve said here, at Occidental Dissent, is the flourishing of the Aryan. I am not an Aryan myself or am only Aryanized, as I’ve also said, but the Aryan is a breed I champion. One thing I’ve discovered over my years here, at Occidental Dissent, is that Aryans have trouble telling when someone’s on their side, but that’s another subject.

            I don’t understand why you see a conflict between integrism, as I call it—in which there is a right not to spend—and racism or even nationalism, as you say, though I’ve never been sure what nationalism is. I’m pretty sure I could rewrite the Constitution to make America an Aryan integrist state in about twenty seconds.

            Here—I’ll give it a try …

            Article I: This place is for white people.

            Article II: Neither the nation nor any of its states, cities, or other constituent polities shall make, recognize, or enforce law inconsistent with (1) a right not to spend, (2) a right not to be silenced, or (3) a right not to associate.

            Okay–that took more than twenty seconds, but not much more.

            That answers your question, I think. As I’ve said, I don’t see what you find so complicated about it.

  3. I don’t care about intellectual drivel about clash of civilizations. I am just against non-White immigation into White countries.

    Putin doesn’t care about White survival. He is fighting World Wide Nazism. Everyone knows that if you are White, and against our replacement by immigration, you will be called a Nazi by anti-Whites and persecuted, whether you are a Nazi or not.

    Tucker Carlson reports that China is starving its citizens to death deliberately, to protect the corrupt CCP’s grip on power:

    Tucker is saying autocratic Western “liberals” are using the same tactics as China to protect their hold on power, and he is right.

    However, there is no light beween Russia and China. And there is no light between the America First, Dissident Right, Dirt Bag Left (who are Communists) alliance and Russia/China. They call this alliance of the non-white third world/second world against the White first world #OneStruggle. So they are also supporting these starvation tactics.

    Interesting what you posted about energy prices. I’ve been watching the Russian disinfo site, Zero Hedge, writing negative stories about Elon Musk and his electric cars for years. I assume they are doing this, because they want America, and Europe dependent on Russian oil. I also see the same attacks on Musk on so called pro Trump conspiracy websites, promoting Q Anon type nonsense.

    Is supporting Russian interests America First? I don’t think so. Supporting Russia and China, is supporting Russians, and Chinese over your fellow Americans.

    • LOL

      You mean our “fellow Americans” who 1.) support starting World War III with Russia over Donbas and 2.) who see us as their “domestic enemies,” right?

      • Did you miss this part?

        “Tucker is saying autocratic Western “liberals” are using the same tactics as China to protect their hold on power, and he is right.”

        I support the kind of Americans that live next door to you, who can’t pay their bills because of high energy prices. I don’t support the anti-Whites currently in power in America.

        I don’t believe in complicated schemes to trick people into supporting things they would not ordinarly support, if they had all the information.

        I am against non-White immigration into White countries, and forced racial assimilation, because that policy means the end of White people. And thats all there is to me.

        So I am not going to support foriegn powers who don’t care about Whites, against my own country, and call myself America First.

        Your premise seems to be, destroying the American empire will get you something, but I don’t agree. It just means America will be subject to the rule of Russia to a lesser extent, and to the rising Chinese empire to a much greater extent.

        Putin hates nationalism that is not Russian, and China is the same. Both powers are ruthless with their own citizens. so they will be even more ruthless to America when they are on top.

        The British Empire collapsed. Things did not get better for the British. Their country rapidly turned from White, to powerless, multiracial, and soon to be shit hole.

        When the Roman Empire collapsed, things did not get better for the Romans. Their country turned into a trash heap of ruins.

        When the American empire collapses, it will have the same fate.

        I think instead of supporting foriegn powers who wish ill for your country, you should focus on getting power in your own country, and fixing its problems. Does that make sense?

        • Do you support the American Empire? If so, how do you fix a problem like our trade policy or our immigration policy or being lorded over by multinational corporations without addressing the root cause?

        • “Tucker is saying autocratic Western ‘liberals’ are using the same tactics as China to protect their hold on power”:

          Again, Tucker Carlson is lying. Realize that Carlson is feeding you propaganda every night as you hang on every word.

    • “Tucker Carlson reports that China is starving its citizens to death deliberately”:

      Tucker Carlson LIES.

    • “disinfo site Zero Hedge, writing negative stories about Elon Musk and his electric cars”:

      Zero Hedge is correct. Musk is the one who is disinforming you, and scamming you.

      These are the facts regarding “the metal resources needed to make all cars and vans electric by 2050 and all sales of new vehicles purely battery electric [in the UK] by 2035. To replace all UK-based vehicles today with electric vehicles (not including the LGV and HGV fleets), assuming they use the most resource-frugal next-generation NMC 811 batteries, would take 207,900 tonnes cobalt, 264,600 tonnes of lithium carbonate (LCE), at least 7,200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium, in addition to 2,362,500 tonnes copper. This represents, just under two times the total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and 12% of the world’s copper production during 2018. Even ensuring the annual supply of electric vehicles only, from 2035 as pledged, will require the UK to annually import the equivalent of the entire annual cobalt needs of European industry (…) Challenges of using ‘green energy’ to power electric cars: If wind farms are chosen to generate the power for the projected two billion cars at UK average usage, this requires the equivalent of a further years’ worth of total global copper supply and 10 years’ worth of global neodymium and dysprosium production to build the windfarms. There is not enough cobalt, neodymium, or lithium being mined and refined in the entire world today for Britain to meet its green transition goals in the next generation. And Britain has only 67 million people. The United States has 330 million. The world has nearly 8 billion. Do the math”: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/the-coming-resource-wars?utm_source=gnaa

  4. Putin Reiterates Logic Behind Ukraine Invasion, Again Says It Won’t be Over Until It Ends

    The sheer hubris and incompetence is staggering. The entire American order has become completely disconnected from reality, as they focus on grooming children to become trannies while also imagining they can rule the entire world with heinous threats of brutal violence. … The American people are stupid enough to believe this gibberish because they are the same people who are stupid enough to allow their children to be turned into trannies by the American government school system. … Most Americans are decadent and pathetic shadows of human beings, and they deserve everything that is coming to them. … Glory to Russia. May their victory over the forces of evil be swift and decisive.

    I’m agnostic about the invasion itself: I’m not Russian and did not follow events in Ukraine closely (actually I was surprised when Russia invaded) — but I’m 100% sympathetic to the (ostensible) reasons given by Russia for it, and agree entirely with all the criticism of the West and its response.

  5. OT

    Earlier today I was watching a stream of a sporting event from Argentina — before the start, there was some sort of ceremony, part of which seemed intended to honor soldiers who fought in the Falklands War — during the ceremony, a group of men held a banner with ‘Siempre Nuestras’ written on it — ‘Always Ours’.

  6. That backward Slav bastard must’ve been talking about Stalin, right? Because Hitler was right, but he had not ambition to worldwide conquest like the USSR, USA, and GB.

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