Poll Watch: Joe Biden Drops To 33% Approval

So much for the Emerging Democratic Majority.


  1. Unfortunately, he can’t be ousted by a vote of no confidence. That’s where the do nothing Republicans come into play. Do nothing and say very little.

  2. Meanwhile “dictator” Putin has about 90% approval and a lot of it is very enthusiastic approval. The Chinese Communist Party also has overwhelming popular approval. Macron and Boris Johnson are despised by the majority.

    The one anomaly of the Biden presidency is the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

  3. More great coverage of the reality of trad and based China showing the world how great a model society it is.


    Bad news for the Sinophiles on the Dissident Right.

    In further news running directly counter to the fanboys narrative, Russias flagship in the black sea is all but destroyed.


  4. Quinnipiac is some fake-ass “university” in Connecticut that uses the gimmick of conducting polls as a form of advertising.

  5. I wouldn’t take the volatile Latinos/Hispanics seriously. The important or operative word is “volatile”. Although, I do think that inflation is taking its toll on the Democrats among non-White low income voters.

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