FT: Putin: The Disorder The Far Right and Far Left Have In Common

If you hate the Global American Empire (GAE), well, you hate America.


“One oddity of the Ukrainian war has been watching far-right leaders such as Marine Le Pen, Matteo Salvini and Nigel Farage scramble back from their adoration of Vladimir Putin, while their far-left peers tone down the excoriations of Nato. It must have felt similar watching Hitler’s appeasers reinvent themselves in autumn 1939. Today’s far right and far left share an outlook: hatred of one’s own nation, at least in its current incarnation, and the search for a better foreign country to love.

George Orwell saw this first. In May 1945, in his essay “Notes on Nationalism”, he defined “transferred nationalism”: people displacing their nationalist loyalties to another country. The Corsican Napoleon and the Austrian Hitler were case studies. Orwell wrote that in his day, the phenomenon was strongest among western leftwing intellectuals, whose transfer of loyalty was “usually to Russia”. …

By contrast, far-right nationalists who despise their own nations focus on betrayal. They believe that the real country has been sneakily replaced by a fake country full of immigrants and “woke” customs. Recall Trump’s warning to the marchers on the Capitol, on January 6 2021: “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country any more.” In this view, modernity equals destruction. The British philosopher Roger Scruton — “the greatest modern conservative thinker”, according to Boris Johnson — wrote in a “funeral oration” for his own country: “The old England for which our parents fought has been reduced to isolated pockets between the motorways.”

I’m quite specific about what I dislike:

  • Globalism
  • NATO
  • Neoliberalism
  • Oligarchy
  • Militarism
  • Imperialism
  • The Deep State
  • The “intelligence community”

It is true that I hate what America became in the 20th century, but this is because I like what America and especially the South used to be like before that and want to go back to that model.

In my view, this country made a fatal mistake in the Spanish-American War when it turned its back on its own origins and set out to emulate the British Empire. We started to accumulate colonies in the Caribbean and Western Pacific which we had no intention of absorbing as states. We started to build up a military to protect those colonies and to project force into distant parts of the world. It was a hop and a skip from there to intervening in foreign countries to acquire markets and to open them up to American corporations and investors. The next step was intervening in foreign countries to punish and smite evil doers and to impose “democracy” on them and to import Third World immigrants to compete with American workers. The next step after that was to develop “intelligence” agencies to manage and crush domestic dissent and to destabilize foreign countries. And so on it went until we inherited the British Empire and Wall Street replaced London and the responsibility for maintaining the “liberal world order” which serves the interests of a tiny class of oligarchs, corporations and parasites became our duty.

Americans now die in places like Afghanistan fighting the modern day equivalent of the Mahdi in Sudan like their British predecessors. America’s elites have fully absorbed the liberal imperialist outlook and have taken the rest of us along for the ride. We’re now told by our elites that we ought to be willing to fight Russia to the death over the status of Donbas which is a place which couldn’t be further removed from the interests of the ordinary American. This ought to prompt some self reflection on how we ended up here.

As for Russia, there is no reason why we can’t have the same relationship with that country that we had in the 19th century. We are separated from Russia by three oceans, Canada and the European Union. Were it not for our liberal imperialist elites on the coasts, we wouldn’t be in a conflict with Russia over Ukraine. In the 19th century before the War Between the States, the United States was nothing like the autocratic Russia of the tsars. The reverse is true in our times as we have “progressed” from a nation of independent family farmers to a nation of self-censoring serfs and debtors who work for a few dozen corporations. Opposing the neverending foolish crusades and wars in Eurasia of the Global American Empire isn’t the same thing as wanting to be like Russia or transferring ones loyalties to Russia. We want to be more like America before it was blighted by British imperialism.

There is a reason why some Americans are instinctively suspicious of a global military presence, a vast standing army, the “intelligence community” and the Pentagon managing the news cycle, the FISA court, bureaucrats overruling the president, endless wars in far flung parts of Eurasia, the corruption of the military-industrial complex, moral crusades to punish evil doers abroad, “journalists” misrepresenting foreign conflicts, entangling alliances that jeopardize our own security, and so on. We’re not comfortable parading around the world in the skin of the old British Empire.


  1. “The old England (…) has been reduced to isolated pockets between the motorways”:

    Well said. I find the old Penn’s Woods (“New Wales” is what Penn called it) colony and state to be much the same as old Britain – isolated shrinking pockets of “the way it used to be” scattered between widening highways and expanding cosmopolitan developments. I am a conservative in this sense: against unnatural, unnecessary commercial development for the sake of greed.

  2. I have no allegiance to Hillary Clinton…

    I have no allegiance to Bill Clinton….

    I have no allegiance to Joe Biden

    I have no allegiance to Kamala Harris…

    I have no allegiance to the Bush Family…

    I have no allegiance to Surgically mutilated Transgender Freaks…

    I have no allegiance to Donald Trump..

    I have no allegiance to Anthony Fauci….

    I have no allegiance to La Raza…

    I have no allegiance to the Black Congressional Caucus….

    I have no allegiance to Hindu “Americans”

    I have no allegiance to Chinese “‘Americans”

    I have no allegiance to Pakistani Muslim “‘Americans”

    White Genocide is very very real…..very real…

    The Civil War was not worth it….

  3. Sometimes I feel like I live in a different world than the rest of America. I own a 5 bedroom plantation style house built in the 1930’s with half an acre of land in a low income town in North Georgia. People here don’t talk about what’s going on in America, they talk about money, the cost of groceries, and sometimes about the crazy homeless people and drug addicts that wander about from time to time.

    I’m a grocery manager so day in and day out people talk about the cost of groceries or local gossip. When I go home it’s like our own world and we’re talking about maintaining the property and what’s for dinner.

    When I go on the computer I read about the world turning gay, war, corruption, broken borders, grooming of children in schools. It’s enough to make your blood boil. But sometimes I realize what’s going on in the rest of America is not happening in my community. Some places in the South are still too conservative to go full on Woke.

    No shits given for what the twitteratti, politicans or what the tiny Woke minority think. And I don’t think the Russians give a shit either.

    • You’re somewhat deceived. I guarantee your public schuls are woke. They might be hiding it but all public edumacation is controlled at the federal level by Jews – both through the federal agencies and via the teacher unions. As Vox Day has stated for decades now: Home school of die. Kids in your little island of sanity (for now) who access Faceberg, Tik-Tok and all the rest are getting a full indoctrination. The doctrine of woke is also rapidly infiltrating churches. Southern Baptists now worship the magic negroes. Only a matter of time before they go full tranny.

  4. There is no going back. The future will be quite different than the 1800’s. I am 100% certain that ZUS will not even survive. Too diverse, too big, too degenerate. It will break up into smaller nations. Russia will be a great power. Texas will flourish as a nation. USA will be a bad memory. There is no going back.

    • Only boomers think America can be restored to its post WW2 greatness. But the reason for that greatness was because every other industrialized country was pulverized in the war. Those countries eventually rebuilt and modernized their economies while America chose to abandon its aging factories and become a nation of consumers and debtors instead. So like you say there is no going back.

  5. I don’t think you are allowed to wear political patches in uniform but than again that might have changed too. She is what is wrong with the west and the military.

    • You aren’t, that’s why she’s doing it sitting in her car. Her and her ilk getting obliterated by the Russian equivalent of a JDAM would make my day.

  6. “White rage”, a book/religious text only for a special kind of decadent delusional fart-sniffing stupid.

    Your points are spot on. Not to seem utopian but I think taking a wrecking ball to that list of mutual dislikes would make all our lives better. Ending all or 95% of immigration would be the only thing I would add.

    • Yes…end ALL immigration. We can’t afford more 3rd worlders, and White countries can’t afford to lose any more of their people. I would make exceptions for South African Whites and similar refugees.

      • Even if they truly closed the borders tomorrow, the damage is done. There are too many of them here, living off of us, reproducing at alarming rates. People say the answer is to have more white kids, but that will just make more slaves to produce more money to support nonwhites. The system is against whites, and until the system changes, it’s just whites having more kids to be subjugated.

        Whites never overpopulated their nations. Never. Even when whites in the US had big families, it was never overpopulated. Merkel’s idea that Germany’s birthrate is too low, shows she thinks what third world nations do, is the goal.

        We are at the point, where unless someone did something drastic, there’s no turning back. We are on the road to oblivion.

  7. The countries problem starts with the original colonist, and the mindsets that the US runs on is carried by ziggers to this day. The problem is the people themselves, and anglos have either always been self-hating traitors, or willing to do any kind of evil for the current power to feel satisfied with themselves. The US might be a goblin state now with a very small percentage of the original american blood, but the mentality has stayed around and will continue to do so until the the US is glassed from space.

  8. If the liberals want conservative Whites to fight their imperial wars for them, then they must give us something in return.

    As a start, for each war there should be given agreed upon land parcels reserved for the exclusive use of Whites Americans, similar to the reservations American Indians were given to prevent their extinction by assimilation, so we can hold our religious cermonies in privacy and peace, and build untaxed casinos.

    Secondly, as a world minority, we require special laws protecting us from racial hatred perpetrated by roch and powerful anti-White groups. A couple of ideas I have been thinking about are the following:

    If an individual or organization targets Whites as a group for collective critcism, our representative organizations should be entitled by law to collect 10% of that person or group’s income for that year. If they have no income, then 10% of their existing wealth. If they have no wealth, and are living off someone, then 10% of their supporter’s wealth.

    European preservation organizations will also require special editorial control over the listings in all major Internet search engines, and social media in the United States, to ensure that organized hate speech targeting us as a group does not occur in the United States, or in any other country we reside in.

  9. Harry Vox @ Bitchute Unsafe_Space explains all. Watch and learn what the jews have been doing to us before and after our own un-civil and other unconstitutional wars.

    Amerika is gone…..

    Do what you can now for your families, friends and yourself. and be God fearing, judgment is coming with a big bang or silent bang.

  10. I disagree with Isolationism. Americas destiny was to be the Aryan Empire that Germany tried to be: A new and better Rome that would colonize the world like we did in North America, rather than ruling over Brown People like the British did. We had the power and instead relinquished our title to become the strongest Jewish Golem.

  11. his is the person who will guide the drone that will kill you, anon.

    Simply put, the bitch needs to get on the next plane to join the “foreign legion” in Country 404. As a merc, she will not fall under the Geneva Convention rules if captured – and plenty are being killed before they even get to the front. Good riddance.

  12. “The nativist promise is that the betrayal can be reversed, that one day it will be bright, sunny 1955 again.”

    “Oy – they want to take us back to the Bad Old Days. That’s not just wrong, it’s impossible!’

    It wasn’t impossible for a mere handful of kikes to betray their White host nations, then open their borders against the will of the vast majority.

    If they could do that, we can do the reverse – IF we get our shit together.

    “But for now, if politically correct globalists are erasing one’s nation, then nativists need to find another country to love — a country that has remained pure, white and martial, where nobody is allowed to oppose the Leader, and where men are still men, and women mere women.”

    No one loves Russia because it’s “pure”, or because Putin is pretty much its dictator; it’s because he & they are at least fighting Uncle Shmuel & itz filthy globohomo imperialism.

    Written by Simon (((Kuper))).

    Surprise, surprise.

    • The entire “right – left” paradigm is obsolete. The terms derive from the physical positions of the 18th-century French Estates general relative to the King. The real divide now is between Globopedo (rootless cosmopolitans) and nationalists, also an economic caste division.

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