The Atlantic: The Miracle of Ukrainian Survival

What does our liberal establishment have in store for Ukraine?

The Atlantic:

“This friday, as Passover begins, my thoughts will turn to my late grandmother. Born in Ukraine, she survived the Nazis, the only one in her immediate family to escape the guns of the génocidaires. Each year, at the beginning of the seder, she would stand from her chair, if she could, and recount the story of her flight, never explicitly drawing comparisons to the exodus from Egypt. As she finished her testimony—which, like the seder itself, entailed the ritualistic repetition of details and phrases—she would stare across the table and tell us, “You are my revenge against Hitler.”

This year, I began to think about those words long before the holiday season. They returned to me on the night of February 25, the second day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. …

In Putin’s analysis of the world, a nation’s military strength is an outgrowth of its national character. The mightiest states have traditionalist foundations, a sense of nationhood grounded in religion and patriarchal values, the affection that comes from blood and soil. That’s another weakness he identified in Ukraine: its cosmopolitanism. Ukraine aspires to align with the European Union and its dream of transcending national borders. Its president has espoused tolerance for LGBTQ people; he was an entertainer who once pretended to play the piano with his penis. Ukraine is weak because it is decadence incarnate. …

But Putin wasn’t the only one who viewed this sort of patriotism as an ersatz version of the real thing. Even liberals were uncertain about whether it had any staying power. In that sense, Ukraine has become a demonstration of a universal project. Or, as Zelensky said last week, “Kyiv is the capital of global democracy, the capital of the struggle for freedom for all on the European continent.” Proving the resilience of a benevolent ideal of patriotism potentially serves as an antidote to right-wing nationalism. …”

It is going to be fine.

Ignore the fact that Ukraine is run by Zelensky who was created as the puppet of the Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and that it is a client state of the U.S. State Department which is run by Antony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland. Ukraine under these people like BHL and George Soros is going to be a bastion of traditional values and nationalism in the European Union.


  1. “When Zelenksy speaks of the Ukrainian nation, he is formulating an alternative to the Russian version of nationhood.”

    Yes, Franklin—we’ve noticed.

  2. Patriotism is the antidote to nationalism? Orwellian. Freedom is slavery! Anyway, I think we will see proposals for food rationing soon. Better get your social credit scores up!

  3. Amazing to see Jews criticize Russia’s “blood and soil” identity – when so much of Jewish identity is about “blood” (descendants of Jacob) and “soil” (Land of Israel)!

    Russians With Attitude also just got banned from Twitter. Here’s their Telegram channel, for those interested:

    • It’s not amazing at all. That outlook is only for them, because they know how powerful it is. Any other group with the same philosophy is a threat to them. They want all competing groups to be baseless and rootless.

      • That and Jews claim anything of value not hidden or nailed down. They were clearly making the moves on Ukraine. Slavs are clearly more fun for them to rape and fuck over than Palestinians.

  4. Khazarkraine is surviving (1) because Russia is taking great care and moving very slowly to minimize civilian casualties, and (2) because the U.S. is still pouring in weapons, money, mercenaries (including U.S.-trained and hired Al Qaeda fighters) and trainers, and still supporting the Khazarkrainian proxies (Nudelmanistas) with aerial and electronic surveillance to direct targeting and ambushes, and still has Delta special force boots on the ground fighting Russia in Khazarkraine!

    • I wonder about the mercenaries. When this whole catastrophe started some “Military Contractors” ( Mercs with an air of grandeur) said they were offered contracts but politely said No. Mercs are quite pragmatic about such things, and they said it was a Shit show and you can’t spend it if you’re dead. Also, the fact that mercenaries are not covered under the Geneva Convention and the idea of possibly falling into Russian hands under those conditions didn’t quite appeal to them. Wonder what poor saps they suckered?

  5. I’m trying to understand why some Ukrainians are siding with globalists and declining Western nations, is it because they find Putin’s way of governance repulsive? Is it because they think Russians are ethnically inferior? Is it because of the holodomor? Do they see Russia as multicultural and therefore no different than the broken borders West?

    Is it all of the above? I’m not really a Putin fan because he goes after nationalists but Russia has legitimate geo-political and even security concerns about Ukraine joining NATO, building nukes, and operating bio-weapon labs on Russia’s doorsteps.

  6. Jews carry a grudge literally forever.

    It’s like having a neighbor who hates you and wants to make your life miserable but being unable to move.

    • They are disproportionately prone to mental illness, and I bear that in mind when dealing with the ones with whom I must.

  7. “What does our liberal establishment have in store for Ukraine?”

    It doesn’t matter. Ukraine’s future will be determined by Russia. Not UK/USZOG.

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