Mike Pence Visits Heather Heyer Memorial In Charlottesville

Goofball Mike Pence is back in the news.

Raw Story:

“Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday visited a memorial to Heather Heyer, who was murdered while protesting the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Pence aide Marc Short told CBS News Pence “took a moment today to go down and visit the mall where Heather Heyer was slain, and to sign the wall, where it’s a public plaque in honor of her life and memory.” …

Pence is in Charlottesville for a speech at the University of Virginia.

“The speech for the Young Americans for Freedom at UVA is called ‘How to Save America from the Woke Left.’ When asked how he reconciles that language with the need for unity and commonality in the country, his reply was freedom,” CBS-19 reports. …”

GOP moment!


  1. Heather Heyer came to Charlottesville with the open intent to maimed and injure Native Born White American Working Class Men who were protesting their demographic-race replacement….

    Mike Pence’s allegiance is to Israel….Israel….and Israel……Vote for Donald Trump in 2024….more Hindu Legal Immigrants…more Chinese Legal Immigrants….more demographic replacement….

    Pence gave in on homo marriage in Indianna….

    • @Patrick of Greenport – You have in your unique and concise manner pinned the tail right onto the jackass donkey that is Mike Pence.

  2. “How to save America from the Woke Left” as he honors the Woke Left. Typical Republican duplicity.

  3. Curious that a lot of people talked and still talk about Heather Heyer and George Floyd but no one talk about Aaron Jay Danielson, killed by an Antifa activist in 2020.

  4. I don’t think anyone truly gives a shit about Heather Heyer and they shouldn’t as she was looking to start trouble with people who were voicing concerns about the great replacement.

    She is merely a symbol to legitimately bash our native White population and silence debate about the great replacement. Mike Pence is a reptile, his only loyalty is to the Republican brand name, not on issues or to any person or people.

  5. Murdered?

    Ah, no.

    She died of a heart attack.

    Besides, she was an anti white protestor. No sympathy here.

    • Heather Heyer was murdered by a conspiracy of Ronald McDonald, Mrs. Butterworth and Little Debnie.

        • Yep, life in prison. I don’t know how they proved the intent, because he was trying to get out of there. It must be horrific to have hoards pounding and ganging up on your car.

    • Before shuffling off this mortal coil, she’d been a dozen Krispy Kremes away from death’s door for the last five years.

  6. Pence is an Irish Roman Catholic. Early on he realized Indiana is a Protestant farm state, and if he wanted traction, he better become a Protestant.

    The young boy who was charged with killing Heyer never touched her. That’s a fact. It was an automobile accident that took place in the middle of a street. Too bad the boy couldn’t retain a lawyer like Keith Alexander to defend him. Keith understands the case, the law, and the situation. There are also a number of hot shot Washington lawyers who could have had one last hurrah before retiring to count their money.

  7. I wonder if Pence sat down and had an orange soda with a cupcake and smoked a few Newports with his well-wishers at the monument.

  8. He says that he wants to defeat the woke left while paying tribute to their martyers. When will he be paying homage to our nigga Floyd?

  9. Did anyone else see someone hand Pence some kind of coin on 1/6 after Biden had been confirmed as POUS? He put it right away in his suite pocket. Masonic stuff?

    • I don’t think it was a coin, I think it was 30 pieces of silver. Mike Pence believes he is going to be elected Mr. President in 2024 because of his loyalty to the Republican oligarchs. If he is nominated he could have Pierre Delecto as his VP. Together they are the embodiment of Republican “values” i.e. being total scumbags.

  10. POS Pence visited some holohoax site on the anniversary of the Dresden Holocaust.

    Retardicans are the fake “right-wing” opposition to the lunatic left, but they are both each a wing of the jewish mockingbird.

  11. I’m really stunned and yet, unsurprised, there is a plaque for this nobody. It’s like a nihilist version of meritocracy.

  12. Mike Pence is White Trash. I don’t give a **** if people don’t like that term. It applies here and it applies to many White people.

    It has nothing to do with whether you live in a trailer park or not.

    Mike Pence is White Trash. So is Kevin McCarthy and Sean Hannity. ZOG’s Buttgoys defined.

    If you’re an enthusiast for ZOG’s gene therapy vaccines and ZOG’s Ukrainian misadventure you’re also White Trash.

    If you think supporting the US Military/MIComplex means you are patriotic you are White Trash.

    If you actually have joined the Great Satans military and would sacrifice your life for this Great Evil you’re something far worse than White Trash (I’ll come up with a new term soon for you).

    If you believe all races are the same you are White Trash. If you believe Jews are the chosen people, Israel is a holy nation, or Jews earned their supremacy through IQ/hard work you are White Trash.

    If after all that we’ve seen happen you still are a big fan of the Republican Party and think that the hypothetical Red Wave coming in November will finally change things…..

    You are White Trash.

    Don’t be White Trash.

  13. Heather Heyer and her Bolshevik buddies deserve the Darwin award for playing in the street. Low IQ and a lack of common sense is a fatal combination.

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