Tucker Carlson: Frank James Was Aided and Abetted By “Journalists”

My honest reaction to the New York City subway shooting:

Great, just what we need … another mass shooting and/or domestic terrorist attack

The media seems to be slow on releasing his identity. Is this a black shooter?

Oh, was this just a case of TNB on the subway? Is this even worth acknowledging?

Oh, he was another one of those people who don’t fit the narrative. That makes sense.


  1. How shocking it is for Tucker to discover that niggers hate White people. Simply shocking! Apparently, none of his viewers could expect Tucker to know niggers are extremely violent. None of these indescriminate shootings have ever been committed by niggers before. Right? Tucker is a fucking idiot and so are the majority of White people who don’t know that all peoples are racist. It’s normal and natural.

    • “all peoples are racist. It’s normal and natural.”

      It’s instinct, it’s experience , it’s reason, it’s logic, it’s scientific, it’s reality.
      All confirm race.

      • I just don’t care for Shlomos, goat lovers and nogs. Most other cultures have something of value to offer. The caste system in India is kind of functional multiculturalism. Without goat lovers it would work pretty well I think. Brits were a tiny minority in India but had incredible quality of life. I think much higher than today.

      • The jews have succeeded with the narrative that racism = hate. This is a blatant lie. Racism is merely waking up to the reality that Race is real. It is the recognition that the White Race is under attack. It is a refusal to buy into the indoctrination that nonwhites are worthy of veneration merely because they’re not White or that Whites are inferior or ‘racially guilty.’ In this world, where all blacks and browns sure as hell are racist and seek to eliminate White people, all Whites had better shake off the delusion that being race blind is making the world a better place. Far from it. Any rational person comparing this world with that of the 1950s can readily see that Western civilization is falling by every measure, and this is due to the ascension of those nonwhite races who, in fact, do hate us and wish to remove us.

        The White race is dwindling, Our every institution is crumbling, morality almost doesn’t exist, the forces of dysfunction and chaos have been unleashed, the very concept of legitimate law and order itself is being removed, education is geared to the smarts of the dumbest nigger. Nonwhites of all shades are being indoctrinated into shock troops of the New World Order. White cohesion is almost non-existent as homogeneity slips, our founding fathers are increasingly denounced. Does it seem like Whites abandoning race awareness, or being race blind is working?

        • Because Natural Selection is thwarted by modern times. The lower ones get to survive and reproduce, because they live off the better ones. Whites are not what they used to be. Too many whites have no goals beyond drinking beer, golfing, watching football and baseball, listening to pop music and TV, and taking vacations. It’s all about consumption.

          Schools and medicine do everything they can to promote people who can’t do anything. It might sound cruel, but spending money to educate severely handicapped people is a waste of time, since they will live off of us for the rest of their lives.

          Most whites favor race-mixing, and dumb down their offspring, undoing what thousands of years of evolution attained. Most whites are passive and weak. The whites who survive won’t necessarily be those favored by evolution.

          Gee, who wants to sacrifice to perpetuate this madness?

        • Suspect in South Carolina mall shooting on house arrest after judge sets $25,000 bond

          JEWAYNE Price will be allowed to travel from his home to work while on house arrest. The suspect in a South Carolina mall shooting in which nine people were wounded has been released under house arrest and ordered to wear an ankle monitor after a judge set a $25,000 surety bond. In addition to the nine people with gunshot wounds, other people suffered broken bones, lacerations and a head injury that was sustained while fleeing, police said Saturday night. The victims are ages 15 to 73.


    • @DICARLO—–Kyke, blacks do not hate white people, Jew do, your kind kyke. You need to be Moshiached kyke, all the way up to the tonsils. All the way.

      • @ the turd:

        Of course they hate Whites, you fool! There’s not a doubt that niggers hate all White people but it is true that many dumbed down Whites are so stupid, they can’t figure that out. Even a nigger like you.

        As an aside, your pathetic and ASSinine input here, ranting about your jew god, your repeated defamation of White Europeans in almost every dopey post you make, makes me wonder why the comments on OD are first moderated before they are posted. What could be more negative than the things you say? Your comments are nothing but smears and because they are, they should not be posted. You’re not here for conversation, you’re nothing but a classic troll.

          • @ Bobby Brown,

            Why do you invoke the moshiach? You even capitalize its name, thus showing your respect for the messiah of the jews. The same jews that chose Barabas to be released from Pilate’s. custody, and chanted for Jesus to be crucified. Why do you torture the innocent Celts? Only a sociopathic beast would harm those who have cause no harm to you collectively.

            No siree. It is you Robert that wants the moshiach to walk amongst us. The antichrist is your fetish. You doth protest too much, and that was your ‘tell.’

            Enjoy your passover dinner rabbi.

        • @DICARLO—-you are going to love your Big Mo, he is going to give it to you in a way Christ never could. You are not a girth phobe now are you kyke?

        • I have never in my life thought a commenter should be banned — until I came across “Robert Browning”. What an insufferable, anti-White, retarded ‘sperg.

          • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother—–that obnoxious Jew DICARLO is leading you around with a total lie and you are following him. Are you really that stupid that you can’t see how you are being led around?

          • Old Enough To Be Your Mother said: I have never in my life thought a commenter should be banned — until I came across “Robert Browning”. What an insufferable, anti-White, retarded ‘sperg.

            Absolutely!!! Free expression of ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, should never be infringed upon but obvious trolls, who engage in nothing but the jewish technique of namecalling, lies, and personal insult, should never be permitted to disrupt conversation on a White Nationalist site.

            Again, I ask why the comments on OD are first moderated before they are posted when trolls are permitted, over and over again, to emit any bile they please with impunity?

        • “There’s not a doubt that niggers hate all White people”

          Take a stroll in a blk neighborhood, you’ll find out.

          • “There’s not a doubt that niggers hate all White people”

            Take a stroll in a blk neighborhood, you’ll find out.

            We regularly witness niggers that are violent, aggressive, compulsive, extremely hateful, are low in intelligence, mental stability, law abidingness, mental health, and IQ and yet with all these negative traits, they still have a very high opinion of themselves including a high assessment of their own intelligence.

            Blacks engage in bad behavior in spite of the influence of the White man, and NOT because of the way they are treated in a White society. It is simply their nature to work against White civilization, and to kick against every restraint on their violent behavior fair minded Whites have tried to put in place. They view Whites who want to live in normal, peaceful, communites, as indulging in White privilege. Niggers simply want to live and act out, in their own way, and we should let them; just not around us.

            Niggers openly hate Whites, and once they get their stuff, they want Whites gone, but if they are successful in chasing Whites off, who will pay for their EBT cards? — Only proving once again long-term planning has never been a black attribute.

      • Brad,

        I don’t believe in banning or silencing anyone but this anti-White POS has to go. He hates Whites, especially if they’re Irish Catholics. When called out on his anti_Whiteness he just responds with more Anti-Whiteness. He is a cancer and no one here likes him. He is a troll and probably works for the ADL.

        • AMEN! Ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. With Browning, there is no dialogue or argument. He’s not avoiding the argument, he’s not even a part of the conversation. There is no purpose to his postings other than to stir shit, namecall, and be as rude as can be. He just attacks and insults for absolutely no reason other than his mental defect.

    • @DICARLO,

      Carlson grew up in a neighborhood in California that gentiles nicknamed “Hebrew Heights.” He bragged to Adam Corolla that it was he that got Rachel Maddow her job at MSNBC. He also called 9/11 truthers wackos and “conspiracy theorists,” thereby selling ZOG’s narrative.

      Cucker is playing 6,000,000-D chess with his audience and winning.

      • @November — Carlson lies by ommission, oh so well. The jews pay very, very, well for controlled opposition. White normies love to watch FOXjews who repeatedly explains to them: we will promote homosexualism, racemixing, feminism, and anal sex as the highest values globally, as a mask to establish tyranny, decadence, and degeneracy thoughout the world, because this is what jew democracy is, and of course because “that’s who we are.”

  2. The Democratic Party Voting Bloc will always be openly about race…

    Tucker Carlson is delusional if he thinks this will ever change…

    What are the consequences for Native Born White American Working Class Folks if they are not openly openly race?

    • I’m genuinely surprised that the New York Times, the greatest dim-bulb in all of the flickering gaslight media, didn’t describe the negro shooter Frank James as a “Confederate Bushwhacker”. As for Tucker’s cluelessness along with the five-second memories of his audience, this is nothing new. Anyone remember Colin Ferguson, the killer on some NY train to Long Island? He left six dead YT’s as I recall. At least the Confederate Bushwhacker left no dead.

      Read the whole article to get some idea of how pozzed the system was already in 1995 (when he was tried). The wife of one of those killed is such a shitlib moron she ran for Congress (an was ‘elected’) on a platform gun control. Ferguson is still eating and receiving free medical care at taxpayer expense someplace in far upstate NY. I’m a little surprised Fredo Cuomo didn’t release him when he let all the other thugs and killers out of jail back in 2020.

      • . Anyone remember Colin Ferguson, the killer on some NY train to Long Island?

        DC snipers, also.

  3. Tucker wriggled his way out of that one and not for the better. He’s not exactly wrong that the media does indeed incite violence but Tucker kind of paints this piece of shit criminal as a victim and that he’s just another stupid nigger that can’t be held accountable for his own actions because of a systemic cause (the media drove him to do this). Does this mean systemic racism does indeed exist but precisely opposite of what we’re told? So I’m sure there will be zero “hate crime” charges, even though the scumbag LITERALLY says he hates and wants to kill Whitey, I’ll even bet they’ll give him special treatment to get out of an attempted murder rap. I also don’t recall convicted hate criminals Chauvin or the McMichaels & Bryan having explicit declarations and screeds of animus towards blacks or anyone.

    • @Black Label – EXCELLENT analysis! The one jew-media account that I read described his hate-Whitey screeds as ranting about his “mental illness” and an entire laundry list of other real or delusional grievances he had. At the very, very end of the list they included “and racial issues”. Racial issues! Not “racism”, or hate, or ant-White animus. The article concluded that his motives were a mystery. The levels of delusional coddling these Blacks receive! They are the most psychologically “fragile” creatures on earth.

  4. “The media seems to be slow on releasing his identity. Is this a black shooter?”

    NYT did everything to conceal his racial identity.
    NYpost ran his face on the front page and racially identified him in the article.

    Now, NYT is doing everything to deflect this as ‘GUN CRIME’.

  5. Blacks have a propensity for violent crime because 1. Lower IQ and 2. Higher testosterone. A dangerous combination.

    • He and Billy the Kid. Never got along.

      Billy didn’t much like man boobs. And Frank wore his bra all wrong.

    • Perhaps, he took the name Frank James because he wanted to sully it by his violent action. Too bad he did not change his name to Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt.

  6. The FBI knew what he was planning and did nothing. There are other instances of blacks shooting up places and it barely makes the news.

  7. After his violent attack on White in the NYC subway, the negro shooter Frank James was seen enjoying the food at the famous Katz Deli .

    We should demand that jews be called out for adding and abetting anti-White terrorism both domestically and internationally.

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