Elon Musk Offers To Buy 100% of Twitter

We’re monitoring the situation.

If this actually goes through, we will invade Twitter and organize and relentlessly push “hate speech,” misinfo, disinfo, malinfo, “far right conspiracy theories” and all the various -isms and -phobias which cause “harm” and “trauma” and which supposedly justify censorship.

If it doesn’t pan out, well, it is no real loss to me because I am over my Twitter addiction. Frankly, I don’t really care at this point because I am happy with a small niche website.


    • Yesterday, they released the producer price index, up 11.2% y/y.
      The PPI foreshadows the CPI, with the CPI being some factor greater than the PPI.
      So, look for even greater price increases in coming months.

    • Nigga please. Gab is a dysfunctional shitshow. It is dominated by simple-minded Jesus, Hitler and Trump cultists. The level of discourse is rudimentary and the site generates no kind of buzz. What few interesting, creative and intelligent people they do have posting there usually don’t stick around very long because it’s pointless.

      I doubt that even Elon the Great can restore free speech to Twitter because there are so many countries where it wouldn’t be allowed. And there is too much entrenched/institutionalized opposition from Big Tech. But then again if he can overcome all of the problems of sending astronauts to Mars then improving a social media platform shouldn’t be too difficult.

      • Spahn… you don’t write like someone who is any less “simple-minded” than those you criticize.

        Men who appreciate the freedom to express themselves (and their ideals) however they please, tend to be attracted to places like Gab. It’s one of the reasons I am there and plan to stay as long as I’m allowed to converse with my friends freely and openly. It’s the free and open discussion of ideals which motivates some white people, those of us who appreciate the clash of philosophies and rigorous intellectual wrestling with each other.

        Government-schooled mouth-breathers, on the other hand, seem to like profanity and spouting off nonsense to the masses, which is largely the motivation of being on Twitter (in my opinion). Maybe just content yourself with parroting the opinions of your betters?

  1. I don’t see it happening, because the people who control Twitter are doing it for political reasons, not for financial reasons, so whatever he offers them they will reject it.

    BTW the establishment are censoring both Bing and Google now, and its not just people like us. I watched a Youtube video where they demonstrated it, by doing a search on a certain topic. Google reported around 1 billion results, so they clicked through them looking for the end, and found the list stopped at 50 pages, which was about 450 results. The results were all establishment approved, and politically correct. No small blogs allowed. Bing was the same.

    So tl;dr, they have made the Internet so controlled, it is like the network TV we left years ago for the open Internet.

        • The various ‘search engine choices’ are in fact mostly repackaged clones of Google or Bing or a combo of the two

          DuckDuckGo riffs off Bing, allegedly with more privacy … people talk about the better results but it’s really mostly Bing

          StartPage riffs off Google, allegedly with more privacy

          There are basically 3 ‘core’ search engines in the West, Google (worst), Bing (often better), and the Russki-linked Yandex (can be better at times, but sometimes a lot of search results in Russia)

          Most of the ‘alternative’ search engines are really Bing, or an alleged ‘meta search’ combining Google and Bing and the slight bits of others out there

          There are supposed search engines saying they are doing their own ‘web crawling’ to make their database but it’s not clear this is happening much beyond tweaking Google-Bing a bit

    • The establishment is not censoring Bing and Google. Bing and Google ARE part of the establishment. They aren’t required to censor results, they do it with enthusiasm.

  2. Would Musk really transform Twitter into a genuine free speech forum? Anyway, the usual suspects seem to think so. It’s hilarious watching them shitting bricks over it.

    • Note that he is saying privacy and anonymity should end, which would actually be worse than the present censorship, and I don’t think he would really end the censorship.

  3. Musk indicates he would end privacy and anonymity on Twitter, which will be even worse than the present censorship. You’ll see.

    • From the perspective of doxxing, I disagree.

      I have no use for Twitter and will never bother with it, never did. But there are a lot of Antifa still using it for doxx shenanigans, most of them under anonymity, so if that is ended, their ability to continue will be severely curtailed and they will be far more easily targeted for legal penalties.

  4. Musk has justified Handy Andy Torba!

    Torba is on his way to billionaire status. Torba has a nice advertising revenue stream, a subscription base, sells merchandise, and gets donations. You can say you knew him when.

  5. Apparently a Saudi prince owns almost 6% of Twitter stock and said he won’t sell.

    Reich is little (no pun intended) more than an NPC gnome at this point; all of his takes seem like they come directly from MSNBC cue cards — he’s impossible to take seriously, a fact of which he is likely completely unaware.

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