Apostolic Majesty: How the Ukraine Became Ukraine (1187-1992)

I’ve been brushing up on my Ukrainian history.

In doing so, I have been reminded why I care so little about the current imperial war between the United States and Russia over Ukraine. The war is currently being fought over the Eurasian steppe which has been like the interstate of Eurasia for thousands of years. This region of Ukraine has a history that is separate and distinct from other regions of Ukraine and has been dominated by nomadic cultures.

At various times, the Pontic-Caspian steppe has been dominated by the Yamnaya, or the ancient Aryans who spread out across Europe during the Bronze Age and brought their Indo-European languages with them. Then it was the Iranian-speaking Scythians and Sarmatians along with Greeks and Romans during Antiquity. Then it was the Huns and Germanic-speaking Goths who roared through there. Then it was the Byzantines again along with Slavs from the north and Turkic-speaking Avars, Bulgars, Pechenegs and Khazars in the Early Middle Ages who moved west through the Eurasian steppe. Then it was the Cumans, Circassians, Mongols and the Tatars in the High and Late Middle Ages and the Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Era. The Cossacks and finally the Russians eventually moved in and took over the area.

Why on earth should Americans be so invested in who controls the western Eurasian steppe? In light of history, this is a matter of great importance to the security of Russians and Europeans, but what does this have to do with us on the other side of the world in the Western hemisphere?

Note: It has nothing to do with us. It simply ensnares us in an endless conflict with Russia over the European Union’s eastern border which it is more than capable of defending by itself. It is a mistake on the same level as guaranteeing the territorial integrity of the Baltic states.

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  1. A very interesting line of thinking.


    On the possibility that their lockdowns are being done maliciously like a sickout, to hurt Western economies reliant on China, unwisely, for supply of stuff is something I hadn’t considered, as its a decidedly short sighted tactic guaranteed to cause capital outflows as supply chains are reorganized to make them shorter and less vulverable. Shortsightedness isn’t a typical characteristic of the High Yellow peoples.

    In the end it really doesn’t matter, because anything that reduces our dependence on China for anything is a win for Whitey. China has never been a reliable economic partner, and can never be while their goal is revenge against Whitey for their century of humiliation.

    All relations with the Chinese should be viewed in a strictly transactional way, and always with a great deal of scrutiny.

    Russians should beware, now that they’ve sold their souls to the CCP and are now totally at their mercy economically.

    • It matters, because the world is 90 days away from starvation. I know you guys don’t like these people but this video hit home for me, because prior to the COVID scamdemic, I was paying $80-$90 a week for food. Now I am paying $130+.

      It’s All About to Come CRASHING DOWN. Prepare Accordingly

      I got a feeling the West is about to become poor, and everything our governments did, both conservative and liberal, is what did it. Mass non-White immigration, shipping all our industry out to Asia, endless wars, degradation of the education system, systemic corruption, etc.

    • Others said it is to lock down the CCP party members in Shanghai from attending the national party congress to vote on more terms for Xi. Xi is from Shanghai and they know him personally and are said to not like the guy. Or it could just be Chinese inertia on their bad covidian policies that nobody can chart a new course on. It’s really stupid to keep these lockdowns after we see this virus is endemic and not the doomsday virus we first feared. All it does is hurt society in a futile effort. Biden must have been lucid again with the Oldtimer’s Disease drugs for the last few days and knew how unpopular the mask crap is by choosing to let the thing expire with that court ruling, but now the senility is fogging back up and the little girls around him are just itching to appeal that judge and force those massively unpopular masks back on transit passengers. The whole thing is just the kind of weak, know it all pricks who would be purchasing indulgences 500 years ago forcing covidian lockdowns, gender theory, anti racism, green energy boondoggles, etc on us.

      The Ukraine is one of several regions of the world rich in Molisols, one of a dozen or so soil types and the premier soil for growing food. Other major regions are Argentina and the Central US. These are the prime regions any King would want to control for a powerful nation state. Generation Bastard may think they have a future partying to rap and 40s, but some world power is eyeing enviously the prime real estate of the soils of the midwest and will put generation Bastard to the sword like Joshua to the Caananites and take it for their own people if they don’t get with the plan that life isn’t the stupid shit being taught by the teachers union.

  2. I don’t have time to watch it all, but I will. Based on the first 20 minutes I did see, I think it is a good, solid history, not more Ukrainian history propaganda. Good selection.

  3. Henryk Sienkiewicz, 19th century Polish novelist (he wrote Quo Vadis?), wrote With Fire and Sword, part of a trilogy about the mid-1600’s struggle between Poland , the Cossacks and Tartars in the Ukraine. I didn’t exactly read it…I read the Classics Comics version…and it covers a lot of the history in the YouTube video. Yes, it’s very messy and inconclusive, and hard to tell who’s killing whom, with the Poles trying to control a very unstable situation. Bogdan Hmelnitski , Cossack chief, is a bogeyman of the Poles, and the king of Poland has as much success against him as the Ukraine government seems to be having against Putin. The Polish royalty was about as effective controlling their nobility as Trump was controlling ours.
    There is a Polish movie of the novel on Youtube. History junkies should like it.
    If anyone remembers the Yul Brenner film Taras Bulba, it touches on the history. Ukraine is always a good place to fight a war.

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